• Urania's code is written in the stars. 
    Know the code, find the Way.

    Grimoire of Pirou,  Starcraft,  Table of Contents


    Dharma’s Notes for Casting the Starchart

    Interpreting the Starchart

        1. The Way

        2. The Urania Code

        3. Dodecagon

        4. The Divine Axes

          1. Avatar Axis

          2. Power Axis

          3. Navigation Axis

          4. Shelter Axis

          5. Emulation Axis

          6. The Way Axis

        5. Asteroids

          1. Abundantia

          2. Arachne

          3. Hemera

          4. Tatiana – Tatjana

          5. Werdandi – Verdandi

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      1. First House

      2. Second House

      3. Third House

      4. Fourth House

      5. Fifth House

      6. Sixth House

      7. Seventh House

      8. Eighth House

      9. Ninth House

      10. Tenth House

      11. Eleventh House

      12. Twelfth House

    The Way⇴

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  • Starcraft,  The Urania Code

    Power Axis

    Second Objective

    Charge the Life-Force

    The doorways to the Second and Eighth houses are created by the line of the Power Axis.  Now that you have a physical body, and a visible persona, it must be charged with vitality and life force.  To properly charge the life force, requires an alternating current of energy.  To prime our batteries, we receive the gifts of Gaia’s bounty.  We receive food, which fuels the physical body, and we receive the resources needed for the Fifth House objective, which fuels the heart. To fully charge our batteries we must complete the circuit and create an alternating current, we must connect to the source energy of the Force.  This requires, giving-back.  Giving-back fuels the collective.  Fueling the collective fuels the Force.  Which in turn benefits the individual.  And thus, the circuit is completed, and the cycle, as long as perpetuated, remains for eternity.

    Second House

    The Second House is the realm of resources. The Way of the Goddess is to live in balance.  Within each material realm is provided all of the material requirements to sustain life and to partake in the creative process–the process that emulates divinity.  That is the natural order, the natural balance. Likewise, the material resources provided by your planet and all the material resources from the vastness of space beyond your planet, are not to be owned by individuals.  They are the planet’s, and the Goddess’ gift to their children.  Your planet’s land and resources are yours by divine birthright.  The food the planet gives is fuel to the physical body, the resources the planet gives, which allows you to partake in the creative process, is fuel to the energetic spark that animates your physical body.  Therefore, the resources the planet gives, fuels the heart.

    The natural sign of the Second House is the stabilizing Earth sign of Taurus, the Builder.  The natural ruler of Taurus is the Guardian of Beauty, Venus.  As the Guardian of Beauty, Venus encourages us to create beauty with the resources the planet gives.  When we are surrounded in beauty, the emotion of joy is created and the Force is strengthened.  When we are surrounded in ugliness the emotion of despair is created and the Force is weakened.  Beauty is power.  The term beauty here does not apply to the physical body.  For all human bodies are equally beautiful because of their divinity.  “Beauty” here applies only to the ideals and objects of human creation.  Venus here quite literally powers the heart, the body, and the act of manifestation.  To deny yourself the resources you need to survive and thrive is a form of suicide.  To deny access of resources to others is to damage their life force.  It is a slow and cruel form of mass destruction.

    Here, in this realm, the Power Axis has been severed. You no longer function as a tribe, and there is no true sharing of the Earth’s bounty.  The Earth’s gifts have been snatched up by those who’s connection is severed from the Force, those who are self-serving.  In doing so, they steal from their Mother and they steal from humanity, selling the Earth to the highest bidder.  The current of the Power Axis has been replaced by a system of paper currency.  It is a false currency.  But as with all things, it is an evil that can be leveraged for good.  The people of this realm have never been fully charged and know not the rewards of true power.

    Eighth House

    Whereas the Second House represents taking for individual survival, the Eighth House represents giving for the survival of the collective–the survival of the Force.  The Eighth House is the house of sharing. If we take from the planet freely with no regard for the “other”, it is a form of genocide because inevitably, the planet will be depleted.  The planet will eventually replenish herself, but she will not be able to do so within the timespan of a human life cycle.  Each individual has a specific, unique gift to contribute back to humanity.  The giving of that gift empowers the collective, which in turn fuels the Force.  Utilizing the Second House resources, to develop a one’s unique contribution, powers us as the individual.  Investing that unique contribution back into humanity through sharing freely, just as the planet freely gives of herself, powers us as the collective.  This is the natural order of things.  When we are in a perpetual state of receiving and giving, there is no need for charity, there is no lack, and there is no suffering.  This is the greatest secret and the greatest truth of the ages.  To empower the collective is to empower ourselves.

    The term “giving-back” is used here because there is much confusion about the concepts of giving, charity, and investments in your realm.  Giving is gifting a possession to another and not requiring anything in return.  This is rare in your world.  Some type of acknowledgment in the form of a “thank you” and some type of treatment such as respect and gratitude is expected.  Charity is the giving to someone “less fortunate”.  An investment is designed to benefit both parties.   However, both parties are solely vested in their own best interest. All of these are out of balance and in conflict with the Way. 

    Giving is not truly a gift, it is an ego-based exchange.  The giver receives an ego boost in the form of recognition and respect.  To call it a gift is to ignore the complete dynamic, which is to live a lie.

    Charity requires that there be a “less fortunate” to give to, which is an abomination to the Goddess.  And, this is also an ego-based exchange, because the giver most often receives recognition and respect for conducting the charity.  Charity does little to remove the dynamic of having a “less fortunate” population.  It doesn’t fix anything.  For the receiver, it is akin to a band-aid with salt on it.  For your societies view the receiver as being emotionally indebted for eternity.  The receiver must be forever grateful and is fully expected to use the charity “wisely”, regardless that the charity does nothing to remove the root of their “less fortunate” state.

    Investments are designed solely for the “accumulation of wealth” for the parties involved, and not designed to benefit the whole collective.

    Giving-back is to use one’s possessions, to benefit the world, without any ego-based energetic exchange.  When we have received freely from the Earth’s bounty it is natural to give freely.  There is no sense of lack-no fear-no logical reason to not share.  There is no room for “not sharing” to enter into the equation.

    This is the greatest truth.  This is the truth that has so long been buried, that the true concept of giving-back is but a flicker tucked away in the dark recesses of humanity’s mind.

    The natural sign of the Eighth House is the stabilizing Water sign of Scorpio, the Transformer.  The natural ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the Guardian of Truth & Power, for the two are interdependent. Pluto teaches that only through sharing do we obtain true power.  Venus teaches us that equal distribution of resources begets power.

    The Loop

    Venus is a feminine, magnetic force.  Pluto is masculine, electric force.  By actively sharing, the material possessions we need are naturally attracted to us. And thus is born a perpetual, natural cycle of giving and receiving.  To equally give and equally receive maintains the balance and flow of the Power Axis.

    The Way⇴
  • Starcraft,  The Urania Code

    Avatar Axis

    First Objective

    Find yourself; Find your tribe

    First House

    The doorways to the First and Seventh houses are created by the line of the Avatar Axis.  The First House represents the identity we need to craft as an individual.  It is our autonomy.  Here we are free and independent to make up our own minds about who we want to be.

    We need a physical tangible body, and we need a persona that radiates the one unique aspect of the Force we came to express.  If we hide our authentic nature, we become invisible to the “others” that we need to accomplish self-actualization.

    It requires courage to be 100% totally unique.  As a totally unique expression of the Force, you are the first you that there has ever been.  Therefore, the natural sign at the doorway to the First house is the initiating Fire sign of Aries, the Trailblazer.  The natural ruler of Aries is the Guardian of Courage, Mars.

    Seventh House

    Whereas the First house represents autonomy, the Seventh house represents communion.  The material realm is not an easy realm to manage on one’s own.  It requires the amassing of resources.  Material resources require a certain amount of care and maintenance.  There are many mundane labor tasks that must be conducted daily, in order to survive in this realm.  Therefore, we must identify our tribe.  In developing our autonomy in the First House our tribe is able to recognize us as a part of “them”.  In this manner, the tribe that will serve us best in this world will naturally be attracted to us.

    The tribe is necessary for the managing of resources and distribution of the mundane labor tasks required for life on this planet.  Without a tribe, we become involved in a never-ending cycle of keeping up with mundane tasks, and the creation axis becomes crippled.

    Contractual agreements serve the Seventh House by ensuring the fair and equal delegation of resources and labor.  Legal binding agreements, in their original design, ensure balance, to ensure fairness; equality, fraternity, and liberty.  Therefore, the natural sign at the doorway to the Seventh House is the initiating Air Sign of Libra, the Equalizer.  Libra’s natural ruler is Venus.  Venus is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring beauty on the planet.  Beauty is created by balance.  Balance is rooted in equality.  Beauty can be cultivated in the material and beauty can be cultivated in relationships.  The current concept of beauty in this world, is greatly distorted.  The current system of law in this world is likewise corrupted.  The current beauty constructs do more to destroy balance than to create it.  Look to Venus to rectify, correct, and restore the natural balance.

    The Loop

    Venus is a magnetic force.  Mars is an active electrical force.  By actively crafting our own autonomy with courage, we create a visible persona, that will naturally attract the “others” we need to survive and thrive.  This is the balance between the poles of the Avatar Axis.

    The Way

  • Way of the Goddess,  Waycraft

    The Divine Dance


    And so it is, that those minute, barely-there particles–the children born of the divine union exist in a perpetual state of motion.  Millions, upon billions, upon trillions of unique, individual, intelligent thought patterns, aware of their own individual existence, collide together on the dance floor of the Wave.  These souls have but one objective–one desire–one need–to animate and express one unique aspect of the divine union.

    From this divine dance flows a powerful emotion that surges through the Force.  The emotion is ecstasy–euphoric bliss.  The Force finds within this feeling of ecstasy, nourishment–a charge.  With the ecstasy of the children born of the divine union, the Force grows strong.

    Just as the Force can be charged, so too can the Force be drained.  While dancing the divine dance of material incarnation, a soul is undivided from the Force.  And so it is just as the Force can be charged, so too can the Force be drained.  A soul’s euphoria gives to the Force.  A soul’s despair drains the Force.  The draining of the Force can be felt by and affects all within the Force.

    The Way⇴

    Feature Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

  • Way of the Goddess,  Waycraft

    The Force

    The One The All

    Divinity comes from an energy source-or rather, two sources united as one.  One is passive, the nothingness that spawns imagination.  One is active, the spark that spawns materialization.  When they collide, an intelligent consciousness–a soul–is born.  Their nursery is the possibility place.  It holds all possible outcomes and all possible timelines, in all possible realms.  There is no judgment.  No way things should be.  It simply is. 

    And so it is that the Goddess and the God collide creating the tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles that contain each a giant awareness.   These are the children of the Goddess and the God.  Their nursery is the wave of possibilities.  The Goddess and all of her imaginings, the God electric, and the millions upon billions upon trillions of tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles, make up a vast web.  Together they are the Force.  The Force is the One and the Force is the all.

    Feel the Force and Rise

    Desire is born from a need.  Each soul born from the union of the Goddess and the God has a need to express a unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it.  To leave the need unfulfilled is a form of suicide.  Although a soul is capable of existing indefinitely, it is also capable of being extinguished.  When souls shine bright the Force is powerful.  And when souls flicker and fade away, the Force weakens.  Likewise, when an incarnated soul feels its connection with the Force, the soul shines bright, which in turn strengthens the Force.  When an incarnated soul does not feel its connection with the Force, the soul’s flame dims and it is weakened.  This weakening flows ripples through the Force by the wave.  It is a dissonance that can be felt by all within the Force.  It is a dissonance that affects all within the Force.

    Souls who incarnate in order to experience the material realms are fused with Goddess and God energy.  We are never disconnected from the Force.  With the Force we can create anything.   Our creations can bring unimaginable joy and unimaginable suffering.  The choice is ours.  Feel the Force and rise.

    The Way⇴

    Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

  • A Witch's Rant

    The Time has Come to Save this Sphere

    This is a message that may fall on hot searing ears.  But it needs to be said.  It has been said before in more eloquent ways.  And yet we do nothing.  So I say it as plainly as I can.  Land ownership is not a “thing”!  To own the land is to steal Mother Earth’s greatest gift to us.  Everyone deserves the ability to create a safe place.  Everyone deserves a roof.  And the Earth has provided so abundantly.  Landowners steal her gift.  End of story.

    There are millions of people homeless on this planet right now.  They are not all drug addicts, not any more than your neighbor, your boss, your co-workers, your family members.  Not any more than you.  They are war refugees, climate refugees, those things we can find empathy for.  But what about the unfathomable numbers of economic refugees?  It is so easy to pretend they are not there.  If they had been better Christians, made better choices, tried harder, worked harder–oh, all the ways that we find to judge them.  But they were, they did, and they are all of those things.  They are the devout, hard-working, contributing members of society, yet still, they have no homes.

    Landowners, I plead with you, give the land back to our mother.  Put the land in an Earth trust.  If you cannot bring yourselves to do so while alive, then do it upon your deaths.  Leave a legacy of hope.

    Human consciousness will not evolve as long as we are active participants in the abomination of land ownership.  True equality and freedom will forever elude us if we don’t stop this.

    The time has come.  We can do this.  I see the light in you.

    Photo by Nachelle Nocom

  • Way of the Goddess,  Waycraft

    Way of the Goddess

    In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great calm. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great emptiness. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great love and nothing more. In the beginning, before the beginning, the great love in the great calm of the great emptiness dreamed a dream. In the beginning, before the beginning, the dream within the great love in the great calm of the great emptiness wished to be.  In the beginning, before the beginning, there was the Goddess and nothing more.

    1. The Elements
    2. The Creation of Divinity
    3. The Force 
    4. The Divine Dance
    The Way⇴

    Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

  • Way of the Goddess,  Waycraft

    The Creation of Divinity

    Know Thyself

    In the beginning, there were two energies and nothing more.  In the beginning, there was magnetism and electricity and nothing more.  In the beginning, there was Love and Love and nothing more–the passive love of desire that dreams all that is imaginable; and the active love of will that materializes all within the dream.  In the beginning, there was the Goddess and the God and nothing more.

    The Goddess had no other desire than to attract, and the God had no other will than to be.  And so it was that they found each other.  And so it was that the two become one.  And it was bliss.  It was ecstasy.  It was sublime.  And there was magic.  There was everything.  Everything was a wave, ever so subtle, barely detectable.  And in the subtleness of the wave was consciousness.  The wave was a great sea of imagining.  An imagining of all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be.  The wave was a great sea of desire and will. The wave was everything and everything was the wave.

    Within the wave swam millions upon millions of the most minute of particles.  The tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles contained each a giant awareness.  An awareness of all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be.  The tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles contained each a giant cache of will and desire.  The tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles contained each the Goddess and the God.  The Goddess, the God, and the tiny minuscule barely-there particles, united together in the wave, gave birth to a powerful Force.

    You are one of those particles.  You are the wave.  You are the everything.  You are the Force.  You are an expression of divinity, with no other desire than to experience the joy and the bounty born from the union of the Goddess and the God.  To reside in the Enchanted Estate of the Force is your birthright.

    The Way⇴

    Feature Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash

  • Way of the Goddess,  Waycraft

    The Elements

      The Building Blocks of Matter

    The Emergence of the God

    In the beginning, before the beginning, the Goddess desired and whispered her wish.  The breath of the Goddess fueled the tiny spark of desire and the tiny spark became a roaring flame.  As the flame grew, the breath of the Goddess grew into a great wind.  The Goddess saw all that had manifested from her tiny spark of desire and cried great tears of joy.  The ashes from the raging inferno of desire fell into the great sea of tears and they became clay.  The Goddess’ heart was full and its beat could be heard within the great Void, the beat was electric.  Within the heartbeat of the Goddess, the God emerged.  The God was electric.

    The Way⇴

    Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

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