Dharma's Gift

The Gift of Dharma

His Holiness the Dalai Lama tells us that karma is the “holding” of suffering and that dharma is the “not holding” of suffering.  All it takes is a slight shift in perception to see the simplicity of it.  We see karma as inevitable.  It is a Universal law.  What we put out comes back to us.  Everything has an equal and opposite reaction.  This is true.  However, when someone sends negative energy to us, we don’t have to react with negativity.  What we have forgotten, is that Universe gave us a built-in kill switch for karma.  The kill switch is dharma.  We hold the trump card.  We have the power to override the Universal law.  We hold the power to break the cycle.  We can simply turn our backs to that negative force.  Disengage.  In those extreme cases where we are forced to interact, we can leverage the negative energy coming at us, in a positive and powerful way.  This is not easy.  In fact, it’s incredibly difficult, in the beginning.  It takes practice.  Put in 10,000 hours of practice, and it becomes quite effortless—a reflex.

The Power of Dharma as a Reflex

And just imagine, for a moment, a world where everyone simultaneously made the conscious choice to “not hold” suffering.  Take a moment to let that sink in.  It is entirely plausible.  It is a simple choice, and when made collectively, has massive, powerful, and positive repercussions.

The easiest way to achieve dharma is to do the work that we set out to do prior to our incarnation.  We all entered into a contract with the Divine before our incarnation.  We incarnated for a reason.  The Divine worked with us to find the exact formula of zodiacal alignment, genetics, location, etc.—all of the conditions necessary to facilitate our goals which we detailed in the pre-birth contract.  When we are actively engaged in that work, we naturally vibrate at a higher frequency.  Vibrating at a higher frequency, means we are less prone to illness.  We are happier and more content.  As a result, we are much less likely to be the cause of suffering for those around us.  Instead, it is natural to choose to be positive, loving, gentle, and kind.  In other words, it is natural to “not hold” suffering.  This is the by-product of pursuing our soul’s greatest desire and longing.  Our soul’s greatest desire and longing is to fulfill the pre-birth contract.  It is the same for everyone.  There are no exceptions.  The only thing that truly matters to any of us, is fulfilling the contract.

If only we were able to enter into this world as fully actualized human beings, but we are not able to do this. The birth process requires that we pass through the veil of forgetfulness.  Our conscious mind no longer remembers our other-worldly existence.  Our conscious mind effectively tunes out everything that is not in the physical realm.  The adults around us reinforce this behavior by operating under the belief that only the physical realm is real, and therefore only the physical realm is in focus.  As they teach the infants in their care, they only address the physical realm.  Furthering the disconnect, children are urged to pursue “practical skills” by even the most well-meaning adults.  It is a very positive development, that more and more, we see this trend diminishing.  As we rise in consciousness, more emphasis is placed on nurturing skills that we enjoy.  However, many souls on this planet have endured great abuse; physical, emotional, and mental.  Many people have buried their desires so deeply in order to survive, that knowing what makes them happy is quite elusive.  And even if they knew what would make them happy, they don’t feel as if they deserve it.  This is for all those souls who have forgotten who they are.

Each soul is as valuable as the next.  The person who washes our windows is every bit as valuable as the doctor who delivers our babies.  In the eyes of the Divine, there is no difference.  Each soul is equal.  Each soul is valid.  Each soul is deserving. Claim your dharma.  Rise!

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