Dharma's Gift

Funding a Revolution

Rebel Orientation Part 6

We are funding this revolution $4 at a time. Numbers are as important as our mythos. Archetypes, numbers, words–they all carry layers of meaning, layers of energy, and layers of power. Four is the number of strong foundations and three is the number of divinity. Four three’s are powerful indeed. Four by 144,000 is enough. The money raised here carries the energy of strong foundations and will be used with the wisdom of the goddess.

Proposed Funding Sources

  • Donations
    • One-time, single contributions of $4.44, the number of strong foundations.
  • Directory Listings
    • The Google algorithm is a tool against us. It no longer provides the functionality for which it was designed. The future of web navigation will be in curated, niche, directories. Easy to find goods, services, and information, from non-corporate, quality producers. A bypass of all the time consuming, AI produced, advertisement laden, low quality web pages, proliferating top page search engine results. And no feeding of the algorithm required.
  • Merchandise
    • Sensibly priced tools, puzzles, cards, gifts, t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • Pledges
    • A committed monthly pledge of $4.44
      • A pledge of allegiance;
      • Enlistment to the Elpis Brigade.
        • The Elpis Brigade is a group of volunteers that pledges to learn Urania’s code and apply it to their lives;
        • Act as beta-testers for our courses, giving feedback on course design and delivery.
  • Excess revenues from transition town enterprises.

Proposed Funding Allocation

  • Operations
    • Salaries, operating expenses, taxes, etc.
  • Capital Fund
    • Funds to build brick and mortar transition towns.
      • It is here that we can test the principles of Urania’s Code at the civic level.
  • Franchise Fund
    • Build interconnected satellite locations; a unified collection of transition towns and cities.

Proposed allocation of funds is subject to change as the organization grows. My pledge to you is that we will never ask for large sums of money; we will never spam your inbox with advertising; we will never operate solely for the sake of making money; we will never sell this site; we will honor your time; we will honor your shining; and executive decisions will be made in accordance to the principles of the Urania Code.