Dharma's Gift

Transition Time

Rebel Orientation Part 4

Grace Required

We revolt to claim our own freedom. We revolt to delegate money to its rightful place. On the battle front, we must fight fire with fire.

Money is waged against us; and money is required to defeat our foe. No government or charitable foundation is going to fund our cause. The funds must come from us; and they must be sustainable. We have two main advantages:

  • We are frugal. I’d wager, every rebel who has found their way here, knows how to stretch a dollar to its max. Our frugality is as natural as breathing–a necessity of survival, as the working cogs of the corporate machine. So yes, we need money, but far less than our opposition would need to achieve the same result.
  • We outnumber them. Large monetary contributions are not a requirement to our success. We have the small contribution of many at our disposal.

The future we gift, to those who follow, will be the result of how we navigate this transition time. Most difficult are the choices we face as rebel warriors. Now is the time to release judgments and criticisms, for each decision, each transaction, is fraught with unintended consequences beyond our control. Knowing this, it is our duty to grant grace to ourselves and to others.



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