Dharma's Gift

Tiamat’s Sacrifice

The Creation of the Zodiac

Twas a dark day, the day fire rained from the sky and icy tears floated through space. Twas to herald an aeon of dark days. Yet your people have endured, survived, and you now rise! And so it is that you should know the great leader of the Dragon Guild who sacrificed her life for you. Sacrificed her life, so that you might know sovereignty and restore balance to the Universe, she did. For as beautiful as you are, your creation was in violation of the Law. As with all violations of the Law, consequences are to be had and a price is levied.

The Inner Guard

The first Guardians to answer Tiamat’s call were seven in number. The heavens thundered. Lightning crackled. Tiamat directed her staff with laser precision, fusing the Guardians with the celestial bodies, where they could watch over humanity and lead them to the womb of the Goddess.

The Divine Orbs of Water & Fire

The first in her gaze humbled Tiamat and she bowed a deep bow of apology, regret, and respect. Appeared before her, the most imperial Luna, the personification of the Goddess herself, in all of her ethereal glory. Our Lady needed no help nor direction. Deftly dissolving into the Moon, secured herself to your Gaia, did she. For it is here that she can provide the most protection for her children. Sol, forever at her side, tethered by energetic thread created of his own longing and desire, followed behind her. Personification of God himself, is Sol. Forged a home for himself in the heart of the Sun, did he. For with his warmth, Luna’s imaginings can grow into perfection, as if they had been born organically from her own womb.

And so it is that the Luna consists of pure Water element, the divine essence of Goddess energy. Her everlasting, devoted constort Sol, consists of pure Fire element, the divine essence of God energy. A perfect bonded union of god-head energy.

Air & Earth Guard

All the while, Tiamat’s body absorbed the impact of Enlil’s missiles. The galactic horizon glowed a blinding light. Five distinct auras Tiamat did discern-three strong in Air and Earth, two strong in Earth and Water. Green, silver, and white–Venus; Mercury swift on her heels; and far into the distance, old man Saturn, did Tiamat see. Saw their love for Earth did Tiamat, and it was strong. Purity in the qualities of Air and Earth, divine products of the divine union, in these three, she could see. Weaving a spell through the air, her staff directing her whisperings, Tiamat sliced Air and Earth into complete and pure concentrations. Then with the skill of a master seamstress, her words bound them together by an invisible energetic tether. Complete circuits of yin and yang did now provide the structure for each planet. Knowing Tiamat had but little time to complete this colossal, all-loving act, the three were quick to work. Mercury surpassing Venus, slid into planet nearest to Sol, Venus merged with the second, and Saturn anchored himself within the sixth, being nearest to him.

Water & Fire Guard

In the distance, red and magenta–Mars and Jupiter, did Tiamat see. Saw that their love for the Goddess was pure. The divine energies of Water and Fire, the purest essence of the god-head, she could see. As she had done with the others, commanded with spell and staff, the separation and encapsulation of these divine energies, then linked them together by an energetic thread. Mars fused with the fourth planet from Sol, and Jupiter the fifth. And so exists within the code, a perfect balance of Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Water mirroring the Goddess, Fire mirroring the God, and Air and Earth, the sacred by-products of their merging.

The Allies

Hadn’t noticed the calvary standing in wait, of the outer rim of your little solar system, had Tiamat. A vast gathering indeed! Thousands of celestial Allies rallied, awaiting their orders to forever serve Tiamat’s children. Their act of selflessness filled Tiamat’s heart. Her eyes spilled tears of gratitude that turned into shards of ice, in the vastness of the cold void. A force she had never before known, rose within her. With that great, powerful force, pounded her staff into Gaia’s crust did Tiamat. Sophia grabbed hold and grounded it deep within. As she grabbed hold of Tiamat’s staff, an atomic pulse emitted from Gaia. The blast provided Tiamat the window needed to commit her final act on this material plane. She appeared as a master conductor, commanding energy with mudra and staff, in a magical symphony of perfection, love, and grace, creating constellations and assigning the appropriate Ally to their celestial bases.

The Zodiac

As Enlil was making his final fatal blow, Tiamat called out to Urania, “use these signs to speak to my children, and Elpis will find a way”.

The last of her words, “Elpis will find a way” echoed throughout the galaxy as a nuclear blast met with Tiamat’s body. Shattered throughout the heavens she did. Her form fragmented into millions of hurling rocks. Thrust far beyond your galaxy, were some, whilst others remained within the bounds of Jupiter. Used the little life force she had left to leverage the heat and power of the blast, she did. Fused the Allies into the many pieces of her–those near, those hurling through the Milky Way, those far beyond your galaxy, those small like Pluto, and those large like Neptune.

Secured between them as much of Tiamat’s pieces as they could gather, did Jupiter and Mars, fashioning a belt of her remains. Whilst Neptune captured the icy shards of Tiamat’s tears in net of magic. Weaved them into a crystal veil, to hide Tiamat’s great work, did Neptune. Saddened that the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve would struggle to see beyond his veil, was he. But no other way could he see to serve the Goddess and those souls who had never wished to be.

Fueled by lust for control was Enlil. Notice not did he, the zodiac hidden behind Neptune’s veil. Notice not did he, the signs that would lead his engineered drones and their inevitable offspring, to freedom—the signs that would lead them to the Goddess.

And so it was that Tiamat, Leader of the Dragon Guild, was pulled from your material plane. She may as yet, preside in the heavens of your solar system, stealthily protecting her children, laying in wait until it is time to reveal herself. This we do not know. This we can only hope.