Dharma's Gift

Plan of Attack

Rebel Orientation Part 2


We operate in two divisions, Delta Company and Echo Company. 

Delta Company is our foundation, operating on the surface. Their actions can be transparent, because their missions are more readily accepted and supported by the status quo. Delta rebels often act as bridge between the old guard and the new societal structures that are emerging. Greatly important is Delta, laying the foundation for the radical change of Echo’s wake.

Echo Company operates in the shadows. They are the reconnaissance team, gathering intel long hidden from plain sight. They are hunters, researchers, and archivists. Their shining is a threat to the status quo, rarely gaining open support.

Echo Company is dependent on Delta to provide a secure foundation for Echo’s shining. Delta Company requires Echo to unearth the keys to psychic development, enabling Delta to shine in ways they can now scarcely imagine. Delta and Echo, working together, have the power to manifest heaven on Earth. 

Pledge today, and find out which company you are in. The chart will tell.


Even the wealthiest members of society get separated from their missions. The geldrbaryn depend on it. Those cut off from their purpose in the first seven years of life, have the most difficulty remembering. Many have forgotten their mission entirely. Others have forgot why they chose it in the the first place. Rebel warriors who make the $4 pledge, receive routine Elpis transmissions. Elpis transmissions, by design, extract the details of your mission from your birth chart.

The remembering process is different for everyone. For some, it is immediate. For others, it is a slow burn, coming in a steady flow of fragments. For others, it is a thunderbolt striking six months to a year into the future. For this reason, I urge you to commit to a year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Join now and remember your mission.


Practice, Assess, Refine

Their are twelve domains or “sectors of life” to master to fulfill your mission and shine your brightest.

  • Domains
    1. Personal Avatar
    2. Tools
    3. Foundational Skills
    4. Retreat
    5. Create
    6. Mundane Tasks, Routines & Practices
    7. Partnership Avatar
    8. Duty
    9. Mastery
    10. Deploy
    11. Collaborate
    12. Spiritual Tasks, Routines & Practices

Elpis transmissions guide you in deciphering the keys to each sector and strategizing a plan of execution.

We conduct tactical webinars to triage issues and remove obstacles. Here, you establish networks, to share tools, and forge foundations for future collaborations.

Each sector has a designated webinar time at least once a week. You can drop in to brush up your skills and brainstorm this area of life. These webinars allow for easy access when it is needed.

At this stage, we are providing brainstorming for troubleshooting your own obstacles.


Now that you are confident in your mission and how to achieve it, it is time to shine! It is time to start engaging in the work of your shining a little more each day.

It is here you build up your clientele, gain financial independence from corporate structures, and establish yourself as a contributing member of the New Earth.

During the deployment phase you use your mission to be a productive contributor, giving and taking in equal measure, leading others to do the same.

At this stage we break into networking groups, similar to the BNI groups popularized in the eighties and nineties, but with a higher purpose. We pledge to seek goods and services from fellow rebels first, before seeking corporate goods and services. It is in starving the corporate machine that we win.


Up to this point, the focus has been on you and your personal mission. We mobilize as a collective, entire battalions shining together in unison. Mobilized as one magnificent star, we rise.

The year 2033 is the target date for building a fully operational, brick and mortar, transition town to test the principles of the Urania Code at a civic level. The continual development of transition towns is a part of our creed.

To provide a level of self-sufficiency and to create shared income, towns will endevour their own unique industries. In so doing, we reduce our need for fiat currency, while still having enough fiat to grow during the transitional phase. The need for fiat currency will dissolve as our network of transition towns lights up enough of the globe. We are the ones to delegate fiat currency to its rightful place as an occasional tool rather than a constant necessity.

At this stage, we are providing concrete solutions to real world problems. These five steps of our plan of attack ensure lasting, radical change.