Dharma's Gift
Hummingbird on wire, sitting next to a dangling skeleton key.


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a tiny, minuscule, barely-there particle sprang from the Force into a world of suffering and chaos.  Saw the dissonance in the Force, it did.  Desired to attune the dissonance with the frequency of the Goddess, it did.  Refused to follow the forgetting, it resolved to lead.  The it was a she—a misunderstood she, a ridiculed she, an incarnate she.  Suffering was imminent, and yet, she was happy.  Suffering was all around her and yet, she was joyous.  Suffering prevailed and yet, she shined.  Indeed, misunderstood, was she.  “Oblivious to the suffering all ‘round us”, they would say.  Oblivious she was not.  Refused to follow the forgetting way, it was.  Refused to follow the way of descension.  Suffering as she saw it was a choice.  A choice when made in unison, produced devastating consequences. Refusing to participate, she stood steadfast in her joy.

A Sky-walker Rises

Inevitable was the suffering, avoided it could not be, but transmuted, it could be.  Wielding the power of hummingbird, she found joy in the sorrows, she found joy in the suffering.  Perfect she was not, for incarnate she was.  Prey to the sins of man embraced her humanness, she did-loved herself anyway.   When wronged she allowed herself to feel.  Anger, rage, disgust, judgment, hate, indifference, forgiveness, love.  When wronged, behaved badly she did, when wronged, forgave she did.  An endless cycle forever leading back to love, forever leading back to joy, forever leading back to the Force, forever leading back to home, the home that was, that is, the womb of the Goddess.  First mockingly, in the end reverently, the “happy leader” she came to be known.

A curious thing is the magic of hummingbird.  Requires the shining, it does.  Leads to the way of ascension, reveals the tesseract, and guides you home to the Force.  And so it was, a lifetime of practicing hummingbird magic revealed the portals to the alchemist’s daughter.  To the tangible world, no longer was she tethered.  The vastness of the Goddess’s dream opened up to her.  All the worlds within worlds, their infinite timelines, infinite possibilities, could she access, for the corridors between these worlds she could see.

The Alchemist’s Daughter

The Alchemist Daughter

And so it is, walks through space and time, she does.  Walks the portals between the worlds.  Always materializing as the alchemist’s daughter, for strong in hummingbird magic is the alchemist.  Lingering in the forgetting worlds, she leads.  Those who follow feel the touch of hummingbird’s joy.  Those who follow let go of suffering.  Embracing joy, every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day, they practice.  Forgive themselves, when they fail, they do.  And so it is that the forgetting worlds become remembering worlds.  The Force grows strong.  Glows with the bright indigo of pure love does the Force. Wars, fascism, racism, and all manner of crimes against humanity cease.  Goodwill, cheer, joy, and abundance flourish.  The shining prevails.

A Fracture in the Force

And then it happens.  A dissonance reverberates through the Force like a tsunami.  Worlds collide.  Timelines collapse.  A sonic boom of suffering deafens the heartbeat of the God as the voices of 100,000 human souls cry out in shock and anguish. The Goddess weeps.  The world is the Milky Way galaxy.  An earth-scape timeline marked as Julian day 2431673.469066.  The world is your world.  The day is August 6, 1945.  Sophia’s plea echoes through the blackness and the vastness of the void.  The Guardians rally to her call.  But the recruitment of volunteers proves a long and tedious task.  Know not the gravity of the event do they, and know the improbability of success.  And so it was, a scant motley mix responded to that first call.  Teachers, scientists, programmers, mechanics, astrologers, witches, shamans, energy healers, soothsayers—these were the first wave of volunteers.  One amongst them was an alchemist’s daughter. 


Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash

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