Dharma's Gift


Rebel Orientation Part 5


You must do the things you think you cannot do.

― Eleanor Roosevelt

The usual sources don’t turn up any known etymology for the word “goal”. Etymonline.com presumes it is most likely related to the Old English *gol, *gal, or gælan, meaning obstacle, barrier, or hindrance. Goals carry some inherently bad mojo. But a “target” is a different matter. Targets are designed to be hit. They derive from the Old French “targe”, literally meaning “light shield”. It is not enough to set goals. We define targets, carry them in our consciousness always, and never miss our mark.

  • Years 1-7
    • Operations, yearly deposit- $222,000
    • Capital Fund, yearly deposit- $222,000
    • 7 year accumulated Capital Fund – $1,554,000 plus interest
    • Draw from the Capital Fund to set-up a brick & mortar headquarters
    • Draw from the Capital Fund to build the first transition town.
  • Years 7-14
    • Operations, yearly deposit – $444,000
    • Capital Fund, yearly deposit – $222,000
    • Franchise Fund, yearly deposit – $222,000
    • Draw from the Franchise Fund for the establishment of our first satellite location.

Targets will be reviewed and adjusted as needed. Progress will be posted on this website as funds are received.