Dharma's Gift


Rebel Orientation Part 1

Time ⟡ Security ⟡ Value

You have arrived and I am grateful for it. And what led you here? Many of you will say it is for more money, more equality. I wager, regardless of what you think the reasons are, they can be distilled down to these three; time, security, and value.

Money can buy us all of these things, or at least the illusion of them. We want time to interact, exchange, research, explore, craft, perform, and partake in all the things laid out on this material plane. In doing these things we want respect. Respect is the sign that we are valued. And none of these things can be achieved without a secure and safe environment in which to be.

In this world, these things are just out of reach for the majority. Something we are always chasing in the never-ending hustle, the plutocracy needs from us, in order to live beyond their means. Dave Ramsey, as well meaning as he may be, can kiss my arse. We the masses are not living beyond our means. We are scarcely surviving. It is the plutocracy that is living well beyond ALL of our means. They have taken more than is just, and they are dependent on our suffering in order to sustain it. How dare we be shamed by financial gurus into thinking that we should live with less than is equitable and the fault is squarely on our shoulders.

That line of thinking stops here. You are the new ruling class. There is nothing common about the common people. We are extraordinary beings whose light is dimmed by a plutocracy terrified by the pure and simple concept of sharing. My job is to restore the masses to their full shining! It starts with you.



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