• Way of the Goddess

    Sacred Pride

    The English Oxford Living Dictionaries first definition of “pride” is:

     “A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.”

    The third definition listed for “pride” is:

    Consciousness of one’s own dignity;

    definition 3.1 is:

    The quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.

    Definition 3.1 is quite contradictory to the other two definitions.  This last explanation of the word “pride” is more closely related to “arrogance” than “pride”.  Arrogance is the opposite of pride.  Arrogance is born of the pain of NOT using your divine gifts to your best ability.  It is born of the pain of forsaking one’s divine gifts. And so it is that the sacred gift of language has been defiled.  This play upon words has locked us into the spell of not using our gifts to our full potential.  If we do not each individually embrace the power of our divine gifts, then humanity will never blossom into a thing of beauty.  We will forever be slaves to the dark ones.  The time has come to awaken the way of the Goddess—to embrace our gifts and allow them to SHINE. Words are spells—gifts from the guardian’s.  Be mindful of them.  Be enchanted.

    Consult:  Arachne:  Pride of Persia

  • Asteroids,  Starcraft

    Asteroid #407


    Arachne weaves the way of the Goddess into our DNA.  She teaches us to wield our divine gifts with courage, confidence, and pride.  If she shows prominent in the birth chart, she may be showing the native where and how to use their divine gifts to create something enchanting for humanity.  Those who walk strong in Arachne’s energy may be destined to create a new Earth.  These natives are wise to track the orbit of Arachne to leverage her energy to the fullest.

  • Chapter 1

    The Alchemist’s Daughter

    Annie Spratt

    “Once there was a time I believed there was a big man in a white robe who lived in the big blue sky.  His city streets were paved in gold.  Surrounded by walls made of every precious stone known to man.  Everyone had their own home.  The size determined by the measure of good deeds done on Earth.  Then, one day I realized, it don’t matter what happens in the next life.  Fact is, we’re here now.  Now we can choose to dwell on the despair and sufferin’ that’s all ‘round us.  And in doing so, become a part of it.  Or not.  I choose NOT.”

    Dharma Archambault

    Earth 1978

  • Dreamscapes


    I awoke from a foggy slumber with shadows of the spirit realm lingering–flickers of a long and complex message rich in detail.  Too many details for my waking mind to grasp onto.  I am greeted by the morning sun and the screech of the winged messenger as I walk beneath its perch.  What was the dream?  It is surely a communication from the Guardians.


    The beautiful child born of fire spinning in circles courted by two lovers—one born of flesh and one born of spirit.  She openly claims to love the one born of flesh but her words do not coincide with her actions.  For she steals away with the one born of spirit every chance she gets.


  • Asteroids,  Starcraft

    Asteroid #151


    Roman Guardian of overflowing riches.  Our Lady Abundantia ensures that Gaia is able to provide for all of her children.  Her cornucopia is always overflowing with Earth’s bounty.  If she shows prominent in the birth chart, she may be showing the native the smoothest path to the plentiful harvest. Those who walk strong in Abundantia’s energy may be destined to show the children of Gaia how to maintain the flow of abundance in their own lives.  These natives are wise to track the orbit of Abundantia to leverage her energy to the fullest.