Dharma's Gift
Girl holding Revolution sign at a protest

Welcome to the Revolution!

You don’t need another hero.  You just need to know the Way.


The House of Karma

All around us we can see where the system is failing.  Education is unaffordable and does little to prepare for survival in the material world.  The justice system has failed to hold the entirety of the population to the same standards, punishing the impoverished.  The monetary system is unsustainable.  The housing system results in large populations of unhoused people.  The medical system is inaccessible to over 50% of the population.  And suicide is the leading, number one cause of death in the United States.

The House of Dharma Needs You

The geldrbaryn only target their greatest threats.
Photo by Ian on Unsplash

Do you feel crushed under the weight of an unjust system?  Do you play by all the rules, act on the advice of self-help gurus, practice the law of attraction like a maven, and still find that you don’t have the basic resources needed to live a quality life?  Is time an unobtainable object always lingering just beyond your grasp?  Does it feel like you are under psychic attack? The geldrbaryn only target their greatest threats.  If they are targeting you, then somewhere lingering within the depths of your soul, is one hell of a badass Jedi.  Remember who you are and why you are here.  The House of Dharma needs you.

Revolution Rising

Grim, Elpis, and I are here to assist you in remembering your mission, activating your dharma, finding your freedom tribe, and monetizing your mission.  Together we will rise and thrive.  We will create an orderly, fair, just, self-governed world that requires no rulers. If you are reading this, the time has come.  It is time to wake up, turn around, and claim your sovereignty.  Join the revolution.  Take my hand, and walk your way.



Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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