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Note from the Author

I have struggled with just how much of my truth to divulge on this site as I have a keen awareness that much of it will cast me in the light of delusion.  I have rewritten this page more times than I can remember in an attempt to make the truth more palatable.  Sometimes I bypassed the truth altogether and presented the site as pure fiction. 

My intention is to plant the seeds of dharma;

to have those seeds take root and grow, with the vigor of the dandelion;

until there is no longer room for the seeds of suffering to take hold. 

May all your days be enchanted.

For many years I believed that the Earth experience was a school, contrast necessary to learn right from wrong, suffering a necessary and valuable part of life, and the idea of spiritual warfare simply a fable constructed to provide the necessary “suffering”.  In 2016, a very real and undeniable encounter with the other side shattered all of those beliefs and cast the idea of “truth” in a new light.  Here is the thing about “truth”, it is highly subjective.  Take a table for example.  I ask you is the table solid?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, you can not walk through it; if you bump into it, it will hurt; and you can use its surface as a solid object to sit things on.  But from an atomic perspective, there is nothing solid about the table.  The table is merely millions of particles jumping around as if in a giant mosh pit. Their closeness in proximity and bumping into one another, give the appearance of solidity, but it IS an illusion. Despite this illusion, and the fact that we are aware of the illusion, in common daily usage, we refer to the table as a solid and interact with the table as a solid, because that is the only perspective from which we are able to experience it. If nothing else, this work will act as a portal to a new perception.

That experience in 2016, compelled me to consider the idea of spiritual warfare and its merit. If it is real, we need to be doing something about it. If it exists, we cannot see our enemy and prove their existence. And we cannot afford to waste a precious lifetime fighting a non-existent foe.

The word geldrbaryn means “the castrated and barren ones”. And yes, it’s a word I made up, from the Gaelic root words; castrated and barren. The idea of an invisible entity that thrives on human suffering is an ancient idea. The language used by the ancients to describe them, lends power to them. Hence, why I crafted my own term.

Whether the geldrbaryn exist as an entity, I do not know. Perhaps the root of our suffering is just a by-product of the ruling class, consistently behaving both, badly and ignorantly (for thousands of years), enacting harmful laws without review, at least not for the cause of the common good. If this is the case, the geldrbaryn are an evil archetype. Regardless, the people are suffering due to circumstances beyond our control. The more good I do, the more obstacles present themselves, even though I wield all the laws of attraction expertly. So what gives?

That fateful day in 2016, I had proclaimed to the Universe, that I was done with astrology, I was done with spirituality, I was done with the so-called secret, I was done with it all. These things simply didn’t work. From that intense moment of despair, was born a series of dreams. Several entities came forward, giving to me information, about people and things previously unknown to me. There was Giordano Bruno; the mythology of Sumer; and the astrology of Chaldea, just to name a few. From these dreams and the rabbit-hole of research that resulted, emerged a new perception of astrology. Were these entities real or imagined, I do not know. And it does not matter. What matters is they told me about real things. Real things, which can be used in a simple and practical ways, and result in a happier life.

If a spiritual war is underway, this material will help you to build energetic shields of resilience and protection. If this so-called war is non-existent, and instead is a natural by-product of millennia of bad human behavior, this material will still empower you to craft a more fulfilling life for yourself, and will still make you more resilient. It will do so without stealing huge amounts of your time and your money. It will require some reflection, some effort, lots of grace, but it will also be fun. If your time spent here does not feel like play, something is wrong. There are as many paths to self-fulfillment as there are people in the world. This work is not going to resonate with everyone. If you don’t find your time here fun, give yourself permission to move on.

It is important, to not take myself, yourself, and this work too seriously. Yes, the world is on fire. Yes, I am serious and resolute in saving it. But if we get caught up in the seriousness, we cut ourselves off from play. It is in the playing that we find our creativity. It is our creativity that will set us free.

I would love to be able to tell you that this is an easy path to an easy life. It is not true. I do spend large amounts of time doing something I love. That makes me resilient in the “bizarro” world, we now live. I have navigated some harrowing, terrifying, life-threatening experiences, and have lived to tell the tale. I have watched those most precious to me fight for each day of life they live. Each day is just a little easier than the day before, and each month I have just a little more security than the month before. Each year, those in my care a a little stronger than the year before. I have watched my clients do the same for themselves and their loved ones.

What I do know is this. When enough people live by the values and principles contained within this newfangled astrology practice, the world will change for the better, in ways we can scarcely imagine. The power is in the collective.

So for those of you who are sure this is the work, of someone who has clearly “gone ’round the bend”, surrender to a magical journey of empowerment. This work is a blending of fantasy and great truths–a reworking of our mythology and creation stories, that are more empowering and no less true than the original tales.  It is an inventive, trailblazing approach to the art of astrology and its function in our lives. The information herein is presented with integrity and for the common good. Whether or not you find the information to be fact or fiction, does not deter from its ability to empower you.  This is my remembering.

Dharma Archambault

Earth 2019

This site is dedicated to the little Raven that pulled my lost and wandering soul from the abyss and nurtured the ancient yew back to life.  You are the love of my life and I am eternally grateful.


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