The Way

Urania felt a powerful pull on her heartstrings as Sophia’s aching plea echoed out into the cosmos, “Who will save my children?  They are lost and wandering.  For ages upon ages, they have wandered, lost in a labyrinth of their own making.  Will any among you–can any among you light the way that will lead them to the Garden?”  Urania made haste, swiftly swooping to Sophia’s side.  “I will lead the way sister.  I will hide the keys to the Garden within the stars, and with these stars, I will light the way. “

The Urania Code

The Divine Axes

The Sacred Dodecagram


Keepers of the Keys

Mars – Keeper of the First Key

Venus – Keeper of the Second Key

Mercury – Keeper of the Third Key

Moon – Keeper of the Fourth Key

Sun – Keeper of the Fifth Key

Mercury/Chiron – Keeper of the Sixth Key

Venus – Keeper of the Seventh Key

Pluto – Keeper of the Eighth Key

Jupiter – Keeper of the Ninth Key

Saturn – Keeper of the Tenth Key

Uranus – Keeper of the Eleventh Key

Neptune – Keeper of the Twelfth Key

The Asteroids

We the asteroids play a vital part in the Urania code.  We fine-tune your skills and gifts to a precise definitive purpose.  We also provide comfort and guidance. We are your spirit guides.  Know us.

Abundantia – #151

Arachne – #407

Tatiana ~ Tatjana – #769

There are over 200 asteroids to be added here.  Check back often.  I am getting them posted as quickly as I can.