The Way

Within this world and this timeline–this particular possibility within the field of all possibilities–the balance has been lost.  Instead of basking in the glory of the bounty of the Divine union, humanity is using their Divinity to create suffering and chaos.  It is an abomination. The Goddess weeps.  The Force is fractured.

From the moment of birth, the people of this realm are actively entrained to disconnect from their original intention–the intention of expressing one very distinct, unique, and pure essence of the Divine union.  To courageously and proudly shine the light of that essence, is one’s purpose and destiny.  To disconnect from that destiny creates a fracturing from the Force.  The soul is weakened and the Force is weakened.

People of this realm, you are not alone.  The beings of the unseen realms, light the path within the stars.  All of the details of each human’s original intent is embedded in the stars.  The star alignments at the moment of birth contain every aspect of an individual’s true mission.  Each transit is steering you back toward your true path.  To know your star alignments is to know the Way.

The Way⇴
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