The Divine Axes


Your desire to be, born of the emptiness of the Goddess has propelled you onto the path of a great journey.  As with most great journey’s, so to will this journey require a certain amount of specialized gear and equipment.  To acquire these all that is needed is your own awareness of them. The six axes lie exactly 30 degrees apart and when combined, make up the circle of your unique resonance–a very specific, unique, aspect of the the One.  Making the shape of a 36o degree circle, this equipment and gear is designed to be used together and to work together, one building upon the other.  Each axis consists of a starting point and an ending point.  The starting point represents what is needed by you as an individual and the ending point represents what is needed by you as part of the collective.  The starting points generally fall into the bottom half of the circle and the ending points generally fall into the top half of the circle.  Within the circle, each point of the axis is at opposites ends to one another.  Therefore, what we need as individuals is at opposition to what we need as a part of the collective.  The Way of the Goddess is to achieve balance between the two oppositions and live within the center of the circle.  The gear you need is:

  1. Avatar
  2. Power Source
  3. Communication & Navigation System
  4. Security System
  5. Emulation System
  6. Vehicle