Dharma's Gift

Money Mate

The geldrbaryn have targeted the starseeds in the area in which we are most vulnerable.  The part of the earthwalk in which we have no knowledge, no past experience to draw from, and no ability to comprehend.  This is the concept of money.  Entirely unnecessary and a non-sensical waste of time and energy in the perspective of a starseed.  However, an exchange system of currency is an integral part of this earthscape’s culture and has been since before the recorded history.  We as starseeds must learn to master the concept of money in one lifetime, this lifetime.  Until now, the geldrbaryn have been quite successful in keeping the currency flowing to a select few while allowing only miniscule amounts to trickle down to the masses.   They have had many lifetimes to condition the natives of this planet for poverty.  If we are to win this war, we must take control of the geldrbaryn’s most powerful weapon.  Money!  We must learn how to attract it, recondition the natives for prosperity, and redistribute the wealth.  This is an essential directive that must be met if we are to build a self-governed earth that requires no rulers.  When the new earth is ushered in, the need for money will cease.  It will die a natural death.  But as long as we live in a world where money is necessary, whoever is in control of that money will control the world.

Like all things, money is just an energy game.  It starts with self-value and self-respect.  Secondly, it requires that we stop seeing it as an enemy and an oppressor and instead see it as our friend, our compatriate, and our mate.

Most of my life, the people closest to me either reinforced the idea that I somehow wasn’t capable of having significant amounts of money, or vilified money altogether.  This set me up at the start for a downright crappy relationship with the green stuff.  I grew up loathing it, so of course, I never had any.  This negative conditioning, coupled with a deep seeded feeling of unworthiness left me standing at the bottom of an energetic money pit.  Self-loathing was at the core of my perpetually overdrawn bank account.  After I got to a place where I genuinely liked myself and consistently practiced self-care and self-respect, I crafted a few spells to repair my relationship with money of which this is one.

I love money & money loves me,

together we’re as happy as we can be.

She wants me to rise, she wants me to lead,

through all odds finds her way to me.

Money makes me free, money makes me strong

like a moth to a flame ‘cuz she believes in my song.