The Urania Code

Decipher the Code ~ Know the Way

“I, Urania, guardian of the sun, the moon, and the stars, guardian of all the celestial bodies, give to the children of Gaia, the code that holds the key to their truth and their destiny.  Follow the path I have illuminated in the heavens and it will guide your way.”

At the dawning of humanity, the geldrbaryn infiltrated the mind of the sons and daughters of man–the collective mind.  They used their cunning and trickery to coerce humanity to disconnect willfully from the Force.  At the heart of the deceit, was a distortion of the sacred cycle of life.  And so it was that the false cycle of death and rebirth was accepted and the house of karma was built.  The constructs of death, linear time, and the veil between the worlds are currently in the grip the geldrbaryn.  They are the gatekeepers of the house of karma.

The way of the Goddess is to overcome our enemies by leveraging their negativity to create a positive end.  This creates an alchemical reaction that quite harmlessly, yet powerfully, transmutes the malignant into the benign.  And so it is that the code I present to you here, holds the construct of linear time in my service.  Be vigilant in documenting the exact linear time of each human infant’s birth.  It is the key to breaking the spell of the veil and remembering the Way.  Only the sons and daughters of humanity have dominion over the geldrbaryn and the power to destroy them.


The Way⇴
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