• Starcraft,  The Urania Code

    The Dodecagon

    As Above, So Below

    The astrological chart is based on six axes, resulting in 12 points or poles to form a dodecagon.  The dodecagon is formed by four intersecting equilateral triangles.  Within the dodecagon is a reflection of divinity and a reflection of humanity.  It is the symbol of our sameness.  It is a symbol of our unity.  Four represents stability and strong foundations.  It is all that we need.  It is born from the “three”.  The “three” is the Goddess/magnetism; the God/electricity; and the Force/the all.

    Twelve is the number of polarity.  Polarity is a term that has come to be interpreted as “two things in direct contradiction to one another”.  This is not accurate.  Polarity is derived from the Latin, polus meaning “an end of an axis”.  This misuse of language will cause great confusion in interpreting the astrological chart.

    Individual consciousness lies at one end of the axis.  The Force lies at the opposite end of the axis.  They are both YOU.  You are an individual unique expression of the Force.  And you are a part of the collective that makes up the Force. There is no contradiction.  Both have the exact same objective, to emulate divinity by taking part in the creative process, manifesting joy.

    The six points that lie at the bottom half of the astrological chart represent the individual.  The six points that lie at the top half of the astrological chart represent the others that make up the Force.

    What is important to remember is that the individual does not exist without the other.  We cannot exist and live an animated, material life without the others of the Force.  Likewise, we cannot serve the others and the Force without first attending to our own individual needs.  It is an alternating current of energy–not in contradiction, but instead in constant service.  This is the key to understanding the aspect of the opposition in the astrological chart.  We are in service to the one distinct resonance of the Force that is us “the individual.  And we are in service to the entirety of the Force that is us “the all”.

    Each axis has a magnetic pole and an electric pole.  The magnetic pole is grounded to the Earth and draws on the magnetic charge of the Earth.  The electrical pole is connected to the Force and draws on the charge of the all.  When one pole is activated energy flows toward the opposite pole.   When the opposite pole is activated, the energy switches direction and flows back.  Therefore, the opposition, when activated properly is a kind of loop. It is an oscillating exchange of energy similar to an alternating current.  To effectively understand the aspect of the opposition in the astrological chart, we must simply maintain a back and forth exchange between the “I” and the “All”.

    Urania’s code holds the balance that is the Way of the Goddess within the dodecagon.  The dodecagon reduces to three, and three is a magic number.  Three holds all that there is and all that ever will be.  It is representative of and a constant reminder of our origins.  One is the Goddess–magnetism; two is the God–electricity; and three is the Force–the all.

    The four equilateral triangles that make up the dodecagon, represent the four elements.

    1. Fire
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Earth


    The Way⇴
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  • Starcraft,  The Urania Code

    The Divine Axes

    Your desire to be, born of the emptiness of the Goddess has propelled you onto the path of a great mission.  There are six distinct objectives that must be met.  Each objective contains an aspect of “self” and an aspect of “other”.  To meet these objectives, you must be aware of them. The six axes create 12 points and result in a perfect 360-degree circle.  However, based on the time of birth, the 12 points are not always equally spaced.  These spaces are the “houses” of the astrological wheel.

    This circle represents your unique resonance–a very specific, unique, aspect of the Force.  The objective required for each house must be met for the effective operation of all of the other houses.  They are dependent on one another.  Each axis consists of a starting point and an ending point.  The starting point represents what is needed by you as an individual; the ending point represents what is needed by you as part of the collective.  There is “you” that exists as an individual.  There is “you” that exists as the Force.  Both are you at every moment of every day.  You can express a unique aspect of the force but you cannot separate from it.  The Force is you, always.  The six axes provide you with everything that both aspects of yourself need.  Your individual needs are not in opposition nor contradictory to your needs as part of the Force.  They are simply connected.  The Way of the Goddess is to keep the balance between the two.

    The line of the axis is the doorway to the house it creates.  This doorway is often referred to as a cusp.  Some houses may have two cusps and therefore two doorways.  The sign on the cusp of an astrological house shows us where to look for its Key.  The Key opens the door allowing us access to what we need.  To be able to find the Keys, we must first know the natural rulerships.  The natural rulerships are the code that shows us where the keys to your houses have been hidden.

    1. Avatar Axis
    2. Power Axis
    3. Navigation Axis
    4. Stability Axis
    5. Emulation Axis
    6. Practice Axis


    The Way⇴
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  • Keepers of the Keys

    1st Key

    The Key of Sacred Identity

    From the Latin, idem, meaning “the same (as above)” is born the modern English word identity.  In claiming your identity, you claim your sameness with the Divine Union.  Identity is often interpreted as a distinguishing quality which sets us apart from the collective.  This is a half-truth.  Identity is also the part of us that is the “same as above”.  It is a distinct quality of the Divine Union that you desire (or have a sacred need) to express in the material realm.

    The dark ones will do everything in their power to disconnect you from your sacred identity.  Claiming your sacred identity gives you a powerful energetic connection to the God and the Goddess.  When that connection is fragmented or severed, it not only drains your life force, it is also a drain on the Force.  There is no other reason for you to be in this realm.  Without your sacred identity, you will be lost and the Force will be weakened by your absence.

    Courage is required to claim Sacred Identity.  And so it is that we have entrusted the first key to our most courageous warrior, Mars.

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  • Asteroids

    Tatiana ~ Tatjana

    Asteroid #769

    Welcome students and seekers!  I have called you and you have found me.  And that was your first lesson.  Well done!

    To Seek is to Know

    Gather round, hear my tale, and you too shall know.

    I am Tatiana, daughter of Rome.  As a child, each morning, the scent of sweet jasmine woke me from my slumber, my feet were greeted by the cool comfort of marble floors, my skin caressed by fine gauze and silks, my face refreshed with cool, clear water, and my eyes brightened as the frescoes of my ancestors, lifelike, reminded me of there presence guiding me through the coming day.  A privileged life.  As a child, I thought this is life on Earth–beautiful, wonderous perfection.  As I grew, I began to accompany my father on excursions from our villa.  Just outside our garden gates, was a very different world indeed.  The cool comfort of the marble floors turned to cold, steely blades in the gnosis, the knowing.  Luxury came at a price I was not willing to pay–being unafflicted and uncaring of my neighbors suffering.

    Our servants whisperings in the marble halls, spread into our kitchens, their prayers into our food, their offerings into our dressing chambers until their knowing had become our knowing.  My father embraced the knowing, I followed him and became a teacher of it.  Rome, in its quest for power, had made many enemy’s.  The men, women and children whose suffering supplied our marble, silks, fresh water, cornucopias of wine and food, and fine art.  Enemy’s that now surrounded us.  We had borrowed from the devil for the glory of Rome.  In extolling the unbearable price, our traditions, religions, ceremonies, and rituals became distorted, ugly, vile, and despicable.  We were a people who knew only the opulence created of suffering.  While are bodies grew fat on cakes and wine, our spirits were starving just as the beggars outside our gates.  As I recall, the time was about 230 years, after the Nazarene walked the Earth. Little did we know at the time, his words were echoes of an ancestral remembering.  A remembering of the Guardian’s quest to protect and elevate humanity.  It was his words that were carried in the whispering of the halls.  And it was his words that I taught.  And it was for his words, that I died.  We had no care for tradition, pomp, or ritual.  Our souls’ were much too hungry for that.  With our enemies surrounding us, ready to make us pay our due for the unbearable price, we were desperate for salvation.  Salvation came in the words of the Nazarene.  The gnosis allowed me to meet my death with joy, grace, and peace.

    I am a devoted daughter of Sophia and remain within the spiritual realms of the earth plane to bring comfort, stamina, and focus to seekers.  Salvation is in the seeking.  And now I will tell you one of the greatest secrets of all.  What we think we know today can turn into something quite different after the shadows of the storm have passed.  There is no end to the knowing.  It grows, evolves and changes.  It is born as an infant, helpless, grows strong and independent in its playing, mellows into aged wisdom, turns into the eagle ascending on the thermals, seeing the world from an entirely new perspective.  And from the new perspective, nothing is known and the knowing is an infant once more.  To hold too tight to our religious beliefs and dogma is to know regret.  Not until we make the ascension can we see all that there is to see and know all that there is to know.  The seeing and knowing does not come all at once, but instead unfolds in layers with each plateau along the ascent.


    I know your suffering for I have suffered.  I will comfort you in times of trauma and persecution.   I will give you the stamina to endure and the focus to comprehend.  Seek me and your quest will bring forth the fruit of enlightenment.

    The peoples of Russia and Ukraine have embraced me and kept my memory alive, generation after precious generation.  They have made me their patron saint of students.  This act of love and respect has endeared me to their rich culture and hauntingly beautiful lands.

    To invoke my presence bring this culture into your homes and call me to you.  My essence is the oil of the Siberian Fir.  This hardy, majestic spirit never quits giving to those who live in the cold boreal forests.  It sustains and shelters through the long, harsh spell of winter.  Its precious oil brings calm in the face of trauma and sparks a focused and clear mind for the seeker.

    My crystal is Ukrainian beryl which holds the same energy of calming and focus as the Siberian Fir.

    The music reminiscent of Russia and Ukraine is delightful to my ears.  And their art and architecture are delightful to my eyes.  Singularly or combined these things will draw my presence near.

    Seek. Rise. Know.

    Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

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  • Dreamscapes


    Dharma awoke into the murky blue mists of the dreamscape.

    Standing before her, she sees a beautiful young girl with long flowing yellow hair. To one side of the girl is an immaculately clean bathtub overflowing with crystal clear water. And to the other, is a tiny house perfect in its order and beauty.  Behind the girl is a clothesline filled with towels of all types, bath-towels, tea-towels, and dishcloths.

    The girl before her echoes a thought into Dharma’s mind.  “I am Tatiana and I am here today as your sister.  What is it that you see around me?”

    Dharma walks up to the tub and surveys the room to see if there is any damage from the overflowing water.  As she looks around, the water starts to recede.  She goes to the clothesline to grab a towel but can see that these towels are still very wet and would not be of much use.  Looking back, Dharma can see that the carpet around the tub has already begun to dry out.  Deciding that this problem is taking care of itself and does not need her attention, Dharma turns her focus to the tiny house.  An overwhelming longing takes hold as she makes her way through the small space.  Dharma wonders if she could make this a home for herself.  As she turns to make her way back out of the house, her gaze falls upon a half-eaten brownie alongside a half-empty cup of coffee.  Her heart falls as she realizes the house is already occupied.

    Just as she is getting lost in this emotion of longing and loss, she turns to Tatiana and inquires, “Sister, what does it all mean?”

    “The flooding of the water is your emotional state.  You have recently suffered under the weight of “not enough” and you are teetering on the edge of an emotional outburst of despair.  I bring you a flood of water to wear away at impossible obstacles and blockages.  I see your suffering.  I am here to give you comfort and courage.  We are sisters, Dharma, because we both gave up marital unions and family life to lead the people back to source and to remind them of their own divinity.  I suffered greatly for that action.  Those influenced by the geldrbaryn tortured me and made me a Martyr.  It was because of a benevolent woman who carried my name, that the students of the Ukraine and the Soviet States adopted me as their patron saint.  I am Tatiana, patron saint of students.  My blonde hair represents a student’s ideas coming to life and being noticed.  In the face of my trials, the financial hurdles you see are as insignificant as the ants under your feet.  These burdens are taking care of themselves as we speak, one simply must have patience as the towels dry on the line.  For a fledgling businesswoman, the ZhouGong tells us the towels are to herald your success.  They also represent the money that serves you and your daughter.  Just be patient, keep up with your efforts, have the confidence and crystal clear thinking of pristine waters, continue to let your life-force flow freely to express clearly your gifts, and the clothesline will do its’ work.   The tiny house you long for is not inhabited by another human being, it is inhabited by an abundance of joy and sweet emotions invoked by the brownie and the comfort and companionship embodied by the coffee.  I urge to keep moving forward with your current work Dharma, and the comfort and security of a tiny house that is filled with an abundance of joy and companionship will be yours.  I leave you now to your work little sister, take comfort for I am here.”

    Dharma woke, the dreamscape flooded into her mind’s eye and she was totally aware.  She jumped up to calculate where Tatiana fell in her own chart if there even was an asteroid Tatiana.  And there, in her massive asteroid guidebook, she found it–asteroid 769, Tatjana.  It had to be her.  She was retrograde in the birth chart side-by-side with Eros retrograde as well holding the seventh key.  And today she was linked to retrograde natal Pluto beholding the sixth key of daily work and activities.

    For the first time in many, many moons, she remembered.  She could see the dreamscape and decipher the code it contained. “Jamie!”  Dharma cried out in her mind.  “I remember, its coffee and brownies for breakfast–I remembered the dream!”

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  • Magickal Ingredients

    Pink Peppercorn

    Schinus molle

    Rulership:  Venus & Mars, united as one

    Number:  11

    Magickal Properties:  Protection through Coyote Medicine, Positivity, Sustained Action, Attraction of Complimentary Energies, Guidance to Divine Purpose

    As the flocks of Simurgh flew over the arid slopes of the Peruvian Andes, my seeds lit upon the ground and took root.  I flourished in these majestic highlands.  Venus blessed me with her beauty and grace and it was my beauty that initially attracted the sons and daughters of man to taste of my fruit.  My limbs, flowers, and berries are delicate and graceful.  And my aroma is quite intoxicating.  Venus was not content to keep me to herself and she called Mars to me, enticing him to lend me his powers.  For in me she saw a great will to live in a place that despite its haunting beauty was fraught with all manner of calamity.  What appears as delicate and fragile is actually, bold, strong, courageous, and active.

    And so it was that I became to have a dual purpose and nature.  This duality allows me to be a great trickster and coyote walks beside me.  Man uses me as black pepper, the piper nigrum, which truly is ruled by Mars and Mars alone.  But I fooled man, for I am not even remotely related to the piper nigrum.  Man is not the only species to be tricked by me.  The moths that love to feed upon nigrum’s branches, relish mine as well.

    Respect me and I will show you how to trick and outwit your opponents, overcome hardship, and lead you to your true calling.  My energy works by attracting, initiating and sustaining action.  I am evergreen and never rest.  I can attract to you, your most complimentary mate and inspire you to initiate contact.  Ask, and I will attract to you the memories of a time before the veil—the memories of your pre-birth desires.  And I will give you a most powerful urge to initiate down the path of their manifestation.  I will soothe your nerves, allow you to fixate on a focused goal, and give you the energy to pursue it, all at the same time.

    For mundane purposes, I can be useful as an insecticide diluted and sprayed around plants and the home.  My resins have been used to heal small ulcer-like wounds and to set bones.  My essential oil, mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the affected area can comfort those with sore muscles and menstrual cramps. My aroma can brighten the mood and energize those who suffer melancholy.  Sprinkle my crushed berries onto food for a uniquely floral, peppery kick.

    My essential oils contain limonene which can be quite toxic to your four-legged friends and small children. Keep me far out of reach.  Never diffuse me or bring me into direct contact with household pets, infants, sensitive children, and pregnant or nursing mothers.

    Respect my strength, use me wisely and I will serve you well.

    Aromatic Description: The smell of black pepper with citrus and a hint of floral undertones.

    Warnings:  Potentially toxic to dogs, cats, children, and unborn children.  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.  When using any new essential oils it is wise to conduct a skin patch test on the inner forearm before extended use.  Monitor the use of all essential oils. Allergies and sensitivities can develop at any time.

    Active Compounds:

    RIa compound %

    918 α-thujene 0.1

    923 α-pinene 0.2

    931 camphene 0.3

    953 sabinene 0.2

    959 1-octen-3-ol 0.1

    968 myrcene 4.1

    976 3-octanol 0.1

    984 α-phellandrene 26.5

    997 p-cymene 3.8

    1007 limonene 8.6

    1011 β-phellandrene 12.4

    1048 terpinolene 0.1

    1091 linalool 0.5

    1132 α-campholenal 0.1

    1154 camphor 2.1

    1168 borneol 1.8

    1180 terpinen-4-ol 0.1

    1197 α-terpineol 0.1

    1238 nerol 0.2

    1286 bornyl acetate 0.4

    1282 thymol 0.5

    1329 benzyl butyrate 0.3

    1343 α-terpinyl acetate 0.8

    1371 hexyl hexanoate 0.2

    1384 1-tetradecene 0.6

    1396 β-elemene 0.3

    1443 γ-cadinene 0.4

    1452 bicyclogermacrene 4.1

    1467 germacrene A 0.3

    1475 δ-cadinene 1.9

    1497 elemol 10.8

    1509 germacrene B 0.8

    1528 spathulenol 1.4

    1547 caryophyllene oxide 0.1

    1593 1,10-di-epi-cubenol 3.8

    1611 α-eudesmol 6.1

    1648 β-eudesmol 4.2

    1656 α-cadinol 0.1




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    Retrieving the Invocations

    Dharma felt something tugging at her mind as she traversed the dreamscape.  It was nagging, it wouldn’t go away, its persistence pulled her back and she could see the dreamscape disintegrating before her.  She felt the soft warm fur of Jaime’s massive dragon-like head nuzzling her from her slumber.  Dharma would’ve been angry if it weren’t for the powerful force of love that oozed from Jaime’s aura.  That blanket of love was just as inviting and warm as any dreamscape.

    “Dharma, love.  It is time to go into the portal.  We need to find the invocations from Danu’s grimoire.  You must wake up now.”

    Dharma looked over at the smoldering hearth.  Brigid’s flame was barely hanging on as an ember and the cottage was cold and damp.  Dharma would much prefer to stoke the fire and snuggle back under her warm blankets until sunrise.  She could hear the west wind howling.  While finding a portal sounded exciting, braving that wind while crossing the pitch black moor, took quite a bit of the thrill out of it.

    “Can’t it wait ’til after breakfast.  The wind may settle after the sun breaks.”

    “No,” Jaime’ gently replied.  “The veil is thinnest now.  If we wait we won’t be able to get through.”

    Dharma yawned.  “Very well, I’m up.”  So this is what it is like to work with a familiar, Dharma thought to herself.  They get to boss you around and tell you what to do.

    Of course, Jaime’ heard every thought, and with that one, gave Dharma a playful head-but to the rump, to get her moving.

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  • Conversations with Circe

    Invoking the Guardians

    It was a typical foggy morning on the moor.  The sound of the surf, blasting into the sheer cliff walls of limestone, made its way through the dense fog to Dharma’s cottage door.  It was the tiniest of cottages, and its thick stone walls were quickly warmed by the glowing fire in the hearth.  At least one fire was lit there every day in Brigid’s name.  On chill foggy mornings as this, Brigid’s flame made the cottage a warm and cozy cocoon.  Dharma could see glimpses of Jaime’ proudly parading about the meadow outside of her small window.  Her relationship with the giant, breathtaking Simurgh was still new.  Dharma didn’t yet have a firm grasp on just how to work with a familiar and had never expected one so magnificent to heed her call.  For now, she was comforted by Jaime’s presence and was enjoying their daily mental conversations.

    But on this morning, as she sipped the fragrant French espresso and savored the rich pain au chocolat, her mental conversation was taken over by a different voice.  This voice was not the blast of love and warmth that came from her familiar, Jaime’.  No, this was a kind voice, yet it had an underlying steely and steadfast resolve.

    “And so, Dharma, what do you remember about invoking the guardians?  For the past several moons, you have been asking me over and over in your mind.  Has it come to you?  What have you learned since you made your leap over the great waters and crafted a new life in a new country?”

    Dharma gazed out the window and pondered this question as Jaime’ bent her massive dragon-like head to graze a bit.  Looking back in her mind’s eye, Dharma could see that she had learned much in this regard.

    “It’s not what I had expected.  It’s not as if a luminescent form comes knocking at your door with a bottle of wine in their hands and says, “Hey, how’s it going?”  But if you lay a plate out for dinner, light a candle in a guardian’s name anointed with their favorite essence, and invite them in, they will join you in the conversations one has in one’s own mind, just as you are doing with me now,” replied Dharma.

    “And is that all one has to take into consideration?  What you have recited to me is no more information than what is offered by the proliferation of magick books that you so often complain of as being inadequate.  What is missing?”

    Dharma paused for a moment, and just as she took that one small simple moment to breath, the realization of what was missing hit her hard and fast.  It was a concept that had consumed her during the past frenzied months of traversing continents.  “It’s the veil, the veil controlled by the geldrbaryn.  When you first came to visit me the veil was so thin.  You could show me a visual of yourself and speak to me clearly in the dreamscape without hardly any symbolism.  That is how I knew clearly your identity.  You are Circe, guardian of magick and you were able to emblazon that fact clearly into my brain because the veil was so thin at that moment.”

    Circe prodded, “Think Dharma, what was it that made the veil so thin that November?”

    Dharma was on a roll now, the clear direct answer to every question she had posited on the subject was illuminated in a moment of divine awareness.  “It’s the energy!  Everything is energy, just like Tesla said.  It was in the natal chart–you, Tara, Minerva, Brigid, and Demeter–your asteroids were all transiting my natal Sun in the star chart that November day, and you all came through together into my dreamscape!”

    Circe was pleased.  “Yes, the star chart is an energy map.  When a heavenly body is merged with a guardian’s spiritual essence and is orbiting in transit of your natal planets and significant points, we—the guardians—are able to pierce the veil more easily.  The veil is thinnest at the natal Sun.  Yet there is still more to consider.”

    “Yes” Dharma beamed.  “You, Minerva, Brigid, and Demeter were all with me the day I was born.  Minerva was conjunct my sun, Brigid was conjunct my Venus, Demeter was conjunct my North Node and you were conjunct my Part of Fortune.”

    “Tara was not with you on the day that you were born, was she?  Yet she facilitated the event, she was the driver of the white van in the dreamscape–she brought us through the veil.  Why was she able to do this?” queried Circe.

    “It all goes back to energy,” Dharma exclaimed.  “All those years ago, a full 18 years in earth time—I practiced a daily devotion to Tara.  I lit incense in her name and chanted to her daily for at least a year solid.  It created a bond between us, didn’t it?  I thought it was a silly waste of time, but it created an energetic bridge between me and Tara.”

    “Yes, but it is not offerings that brought Tara close to you. What do you think it was?”

    “Respect”  boomed Dharma.  The offerings have never made sense to me.  Why would someone devoted to our well-being require offerings?  It goes against the natural order of things. But, I must say, when we make the offerings we are actively showing respect.”

    “Yes,” Circe’s voice was strong and direct.  “There is NO magick without respect, for respect is the seed for all magickal work.  And that, my dear girl, is why the geldrbaryn have worked so hard to strip this world of it.   They have distorted the concept of respect to the point that the sons and daughters of man scarcely grasp its most rudimentary forms.  There are much better ways of showing respect than giving offerings and those ways are buried in your memories, Dharma.  You thought you weren’t a witch, you thought your spell to remember didn’t work.  And what do you think now Dharma?  Are you a witch, do you remember?”

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