Dharma's Gift
A red heart nebula in starry space.

In the Beginning

Fire ⚶ Air ⚶ Water ⚶ Earth

In the Beginning, a God is Born

In the beginning, the Goddess desired and whispered her wish. 

The breath of the Goddess fueled the tiny spark of desire. 

The tiny spark became a roaring flame. 

As the flame grew, the breath of the Goddess grew into a great wind. 

The Goddess saw all that had manifested from her tiny spark of desire and cried great tears of joy. 

From the raging inferno, ashes fell into the sea of tears, and they became clay.

The Goddess beams, heart full and pounding, rhythm echoes through the blackness and vastness of the void.  The heartbeat is alive, it is electric, it is the God!


Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash

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