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The Grim; Section - Way of the Goddess; a creation story for ascension

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    Before the Beginning

    In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great calm. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great emptiness. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great love and nothing more. In the beginning, before the beginning, the great love dreamed a dream. In the beginning, before the beginning, the great love dreamed, and wished to be. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was the Goddess and nothing more. Click To Tweet ßWG§A.01.001 The Way⇴ Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

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    In the Beginning

    Fire ⚶ Air ⚶ Water ⚶ Earth In the Beginning, a God is Born In the beginning, the Goddess desired and whispered her wish.  The breath of the Goddess fueled the tiny spark of desire.  The tiny spark became a roaring flame.  As the flame grew, the breath of the Goddess grew into a great wind.  The Goddess saw all that had manifested from her tiny spark of desire and cried great tears of joy.  From the raging inferno, ashes fell into the sea of tears, and they became clay. The Goddess beams, heart full and pounding, rhythm echoes through the blackness and vastness of the void.  The heartbeat is…

  • Consciousness

    The Wave of Consciousness

    The Union of the Goddess and the God In the beginning, there were two forces. In the beginning, there was magnetism, and then electricity. In the beginning, there was Love and Love; the magnetic love that dreams all that is imaginable, and the active love that desires the dream to be.  In the beginning, there was the Goddess and the God. The Goddess had no other desire than to attract, and the God had no other will than to be.  As so it was they collided; two great forces fusing as one.  BANG! It was bliss.  It was ecstasy.  It was sublime.  There was magic.  There was everything.  Everything was a wave,…

  • The Force

    The Force

    May the Force be with You The Goddess, the God, and the tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles, united together in the wave, danced.  The dancing vibrated a Force.  The Force permeated the whole of the cosmos. You are one of those particles.  You are the wave.  You are the everything.  You are the Force.  You are an expression of Divinity, with no other desire than to experience the joy and the bounty born from the union of the Goddess and the God.  To reside in the Enchanted Estate of the Force is your birthright. Click To Tweet The Goddess and all of her imaginings, the God electric, and the millions upon billions…

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    The Divine Dance And so it is, that those minuscule, barely-there particles–the children born of the divine union–exist in a perpetual state of motion.  Millions, upon billions, upon trillions of unique, individual, intelligent thought patterns, aware of their own individual existence, collide together on the dance floor of the Wave.  These souls have but one objective–one desire–one need–to illuminate, one unique thread of the Goddess’s dream. The God feels the yearning, and sends forth an electric charge to the tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles.  The wishing and wanting builds to a crescendo, and voila–incarnation.  The shining begins. Click To Tweet ßWG§A.01.005 The Way⇴ Feature Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

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    The Way of Ascension

    The Crooked Tongue Desire vs. Lust The way of ascension you must know.  Not what you have been told are your desires.  In your world, desire has been confused with lust.  Desires are not to be stamped out and squashed. Desire is the key to incarnation, it is.  Lust is born from a want.  Desire is born from a need.  Each soul born from the union of the Goddess and the God has a need to express one unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it.  A form of suicide it is, to leave the need unfulfilled.  When souls shine bright, powerful is the Force. When souls…

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    Perception & Relativity

    The Great Mystery Falls under the great mystery, does the Way of the Goddess.  Limitless its bounds.  Forever evolving and expanding.  Forever lying beyond your capacity to grasp.  Never know the great mystery will you.  Accept this truth you must.  Important to know it is, only to the end that it facilitates your shining.  Further pursuit impedes that which is most important.  Basic and simple is the Way of the Goddess.  Grasped by all it can be, no matter of age, status, upbringing, and education.  If it were not, value to few would it bring.  Elitism has no place in the Way of the Goddess.  Equally does the Goddess love…