Dharma's Gift
Spotlight shining into a dusky sky, with an overlay of faint astrology symbols.

Perception & Relativity

The Great Mystery

Falls under the great mystery, does the Way of the Goddess.  Limitless its bounds.  Forever evolving and expanding.  Forever lying beyond your capacity to grasp.  Never know the great mystery will you.  Accept this truth you must.  Important to know it is, only to the end that it facilitates your shining.  Further pursuit impedes that which is most important.  Basic and simple is the Way of the Goddess.  Grasped by all it can be, no matter of age, status, upbringing, and education.  If it were not, value to few would it bring.  Elitism has no place in the Way of the Goddess.  Equally does the Goddess love her children. For their desires are one and the same, to illuminate one unique aspect of her imaginings.

Astronomy, Astrology & the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Science absolute is your astronomy.  The pursuit of knowledge of what is.  Limited by what is not known.  Not so is Urania’s code.  Urania’s code is just that; a code, a cypher, a system of symbols conveying a message.  Must be discernible and accessible to all, Urania’s code.  And so it is that the perception of the stars and the heavens, from where you are standing, are the basis of the code.  Perception is the key.  And so it is that Urania’s code can be deciphered by all, simply by observing the heavens from their own perspective.

The Wholly/Holy Trinity

The Goddess ∞ The God ∞ The Force

To know the Way of the Goddess is to know the Source.  Not one is the Source, the giver and sustainer of life.  Three is the Source.  Cyclical is the Source.  It is a not a thing that is.  No, indeed.  It is a cycle that perpetuates.  The God energy electric, the igniting force of all that is; added to the Goddess magnetic, the void of pure imagination; results in the Force, the One, the all of pure consciousness.  A Divine union of source energy, forever linked in the spiral dance.  You, a stream of consciousness from the Force, desires to illuminate an aspect of the Goddess’s dream, and the God energy ignites it into being.  This is the cycle.  Incarnate into a world of free-will, co-creator, God/Goddess you are.  And so it is that the cycle of creation is no longer under the domain of the beautiful and pure imaginings of the Goddess’s dream.  It is now co-created by humanity.  Worlds of beauty or ignorance; worlds of joy or suffering, which will it be?  Yours is the choice.  You the autonomous may seem small and insignificant.  Of most importance it is to remember, of you there are two.  It is in you, the collective, you the Force, that your power lies.  Requires a tipping point in the collective, it does.  You will not determine the fate of your world alone.  Honor the Force you must.  Of the great mystery and the Way of the Goddess, this is all that must be known.


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