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The Grim; Volume UC-the Urania Code; Section A; Chart Calculation

  • Stars & Stargates

    Portal Post 2459687.4333912 360° of the Shining To know the Urania code is to know the power of the 3, the 6, and the 9.  No ordinary numbers are these.  These are the numbers of the cosmos.  These are the number of creation.  You are stardust, and so it is, that these are the numbers of your shining.  Twelve rays and twelve stargates, and the billions of stars of your planetary collective these are the foundations of the Urania code. As Above, So BelowAs Within, So Without Powerful words are these. The key to remembering they are. Everything in the spiritual realm, a tangible correspondence it has. Comprehend and experience…

  • Quote on a stunning night sky highlighting the Milky Way over a lunar like landscape with rock formations resembling the remains of an ancient settlement.

    Urania’s Code Preamble

    I give to the children of Gaia, the code that holds the keys to their truth and their destiny. Follow the path I have illuminated in the stars and you will remember the Way. Urania The Forgetting The Goddess Weeps You are here.  Incarnate you are.  Neptune’s veil you have passed through and the great forgetting rests upon you.  Within this world and this timeline–this particular possibility within the field of all possibilities, the forgetting is strong.  The balance is lost.  Basking in the glory of the bounty of the divine union, should you be.  What is this suffering and chaos?  It is an abomination!  The Goddess weeps. Neptune’s forgetting…

  • Star Chart Calculation

    I have tried several different ways of calculating the star chart and have found that the time-based systems seem to work the best.  In fact, the time-based systems have proven incredibly accurate and successful when used with Urania’s code. I currently calculate charts using the Tropical Zodiac and Placidus House system.  And I find that it works for both hemispheres and the poles. The star chart is meant to be a code–a precise, accurate, efficient form of communication.  It is not meant to be some abstract ideology to be theorized through the ages.  It is a message that is delivered in exactly the same way for everyone on the planet,…