Dharma's Gift


Book Front Matter; Section A

  • Vintage Asian File Cabinet for Organizing Papers

    Numbering System

    The following is the structure to the civic code contained within the Grim. It contains five parts; a Book abbreviation; a Section alpha-code; a two digit Chapter number; a three digit Page number; and a WordPress Post number. As time progresses, our understanding will expand and technology will advance. The needs of the people and the planet will change. Numbering the code in this manner allows for the organic growth of the Grim. Example: ßFM§A.01.001.4542 Books ßFM§A.01.002 The Way⇴ Photo by Nuno Silva on Unsplash

  • Urania's code is written in the stars. 
    Know the code, find the Way.



    Dharma’s Notes for Casting the Starchart The Way The Urania Code Dodecagon The Divine Axes Avatar Axis Power Axis Navigation Axis Shelter Axis Emulation Axis Ascension Axis Asteroids Abundantia Arachne Hemera Tatiana – Tatjana Werdandi – Verdandi The Way⇴ Feature Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash