Book of Shadows

Dharma's personal Book of Shadows

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    Money Mate

    The geldrbaryn have targeted the starseeds in the area in which we are most vulnerable.  The part of the earthwalk in which we have no knowledge, no past experience to draw from, and no ability to comprehend.  This is the concept of money.  Entirely unnecessary and a non-sensical waste of time and energy in the perspective of a starseed.  However, an exchange system of currency is an integral part of this earthscape’s culture and has been since before the recorded history.  We as starseeds must learn to master the concept of money in one lifetime, this lifetime.  Until now, the geldrbaryn have been quite successful in keeping the currency flowing to a select few while allowing only miniscule amounts to trickle down to the masses.   They have had many lifetimes to condition the natives of this planet for poverty.  If we are to win this war, we must take control of the geldrbaryn’s most powerful weapon.  Money!  We must learn how to attract it, recondition the natives for prosperity, and redistribute the wealth.  This is an essential directive that must be met if we are to build a self-governed earth that requires no rulers.  When the new earth is ushered in, the need for money will cease.  It will die a natural death.  But as long as we live in a world where money is necessary, whoever is in control of that money will control the world.

    Like all things, money is just an energy game.  It starts with self-value and self-respect.  Secondly, it requires that we stop seeing it as an enemy and an oppressor and instead see it as our friend, our compatriate, and our mate.

    Most of my life, the people closest to me either reinforced the idea that I somehow wasn’t capable of having significant amounts of money, or vilified money altogether.  This set me up at the start for a downright crappy relationship with the green stuff.  I grew up loathing it, so of course, I never had any.  This negative conditioning, coupled with a deep seeded feeling of unworthiness left me standing at the bottom of an energetic money pit.  Self-loathing was at the core of my perpetually overdrawn bank account.  After I got to a place where I genuinely liked myself and consistently practiced self-care and self-respect, I crafted a few spells to repair my relationship with money of which this is one.

    I love money & money loves me,

    together we’re as happy as we can be.

    She wants me to rise, she wants me to lead,

    through all odds finds her way to me.

    Money makes me free, money makes me strong

    like a moth to a flame ‘cuz she believes in my song.

  • The Time has Come to Save this Sphere

    This is a message that may fall on hot searing ears.  But it needs to be said.  It has been said before in more eloquent ways.  And yet we do nothing.  So I say it as plainly as I can.  Land ownership is not a “thing”!  To own the land is to steal Mother Earth’s greatest gift to us.  Everyone deserves the ability to create a safe place.  Everyone deserves a roof.  And the Earth has provided so abundantly.  Landowners steal her gift.  End of story.

    There are millions of people homeless on this planet right now.  They are not all drug addicts, not any more than your neighbor, your boss, your co-workers, your family members.  Not any more than you.  They are war refugees, climate refugees, those things we can find empathy for.  But what about the unfathomable numbers of economic refugees?  It is so easy to pretend they are not there.  If they had been better Christians, made better choices, tried harder, worked harder–oh, all the ways that we find to judge them.  But they were, they did, and they are all of those things.  They are the devout, hard-working, contributing members of society, yet still, they have no homes.

    Landowners, I plead with you, give the land back to our mother.  Put the land in an Earth trust.  If you cannot bring yourselves to do so while alive, then do it upon your deaths.  Leave a legacy of hope.

    Human consciousness will not evolve as long as we are active participants in the abomination of land ownership.  True equality and freedom will forever elude us if we don’t stop this.

    The time has come.  We can do this.  I see the light in you.

    Photo by Nachelle Nocom

  • Invoking the Guardians

    It was a typical foggy morning on the moor.  The sound of the surf, blasting into the sheer cliff walls of limestone, made its way through the dense fog to Dharma’s cottage door.  It was the tiniest of cottages, and its thick stone walls were quickly warmed by the glowing fire in the hearth.  At least one fire was lit there every day in Brigid’s name.  On chill foggy mornings as this, Brigid’s flame made the cottage a warm and cozy cocoon.  Dharma could see glimpses of Jaime’ proudly parading about the meadow outside of her small window.  Her relationship with the giant, breathtaking Simurgh was still new.  Dharma didn’t yet have a firm grasp on just how to work with a familiar and had never expected one so magnificent to heed her call.  For now, she was comforted by Jaime’s presence and was enjoying their daily mental conversations.

    But on this morning, as she sipped the fragrant French espresso and savored the rich pain au chocolat, her mental conversation was taken over by a different voice.  This voice was not the blast of love and warmth that came from her familiar, Jaime’.  No, this was a kind voice, yet it had an underlying steely and steadfast resolve.

    “And so, Dharma, what do you remember about invoking the guardians?  For the past several moons, you have been asking me over and over in your mind.  Has it come to you?  What have you learned since you made your leap over the great waters and crafted a new life in a new country?”

    Dharma gazed out the window and pondered this question as Jaime’ bent her massive dragon-like head to graze a bit.  Looking back in her mind’s eye, Dharma could see that she had learned much in this regard.

    “It’s not what I had expected.  It’s not as if a luminescent form comes knocking at your door with a bottle of wine in their hands and says, “Hey, how’s it going?”  But if you lay a plate out for dinner, light a candle in a guardian’s name anointed with their favorite essence, and invite them in, they will join you in the conversations one has in one’s own mind, just as you are doing with me now,” replied Dharma.

    “And is that all one has to take into consideration?  What you have recited to me is no more information than what is offered by the proliferation of magick books that you so often complain of as being inadequate.  What is missing?”

    Dharma paused for a moment, and just as she took that one small simple moment to breath, the realization of what was missing hit her hard and fast.  It was a concept that had consumed her during the past frenzied months of traversing continents.  “It’s the veil, the veil controlled by the geldrbaryn.  When you first came to visit me the veil was so thin.  You could show me a visual of yourself and speak to me clearly in the dreamscape without hardly any symbolism.  That is how I knew clearly your identity.  You are Circe, guardian of magick and you were able to emblazon that fact clearly into my brain because the veil was so thin at that moment.”

    Circe prodded, “Think Dharma, what was it that made the veil so thin that November?”

    Dharma was on a roll now, the clear direct answer to every question she had posited on the subject was illuminated in a moment of divine awareness.  “It’s the energy!  Everything is energy, just like Tesla said.  It was in the natal chart–you, Tara, Minerva, Brigid, and Demeter–your asteroids were all transiting my natal Sun in the star chart that November day, and you all came through together into my dreamscape!”

    Circe was pleased.  “Yes, the star chart is an energy map.  When a heavenly body is merged with a guardian’s spiritual essence and is orbiting in transit of your natal planets and significant points, we—the guardians—are able to pierce the veil more easily.  The veil is thinnest at the natal Sun.  Yet there is still more to consider.”

    “Yes” Dharma beamed.  “You, Minerva, Brigid, and Demeter were all with me the day I was born.  Minerva was conjunct my sun, Brigid was conjunct my Venus, Demeter was conjunct my North Node and you were conjunct my Part of Fortune.”

    “Tara was not with you on the day that you were born, was she?  Yet she facilitated the event, she was the driver of the white van in the dreamscape–she brought us through the veil.  Why was she able to do this?” queried Circe.

    “It all goes back to energy,” Dharma exclaimed.  “All those years ago, a full 18 years in earth time—I practiced a daily devotion to Tara.  I lit incense in her name and chanted to her daily for at least a year solid.  It created a bond between us, didn’t it?  I thought it was a silly waste of time, but it created an energetic bridge between me and Tara.”

    “Yes, but it is not offerings that brought Tara close to you. What do you think it was?”

    “Respect”  boomed Dharma.  The offerings have never made sense to me.  Why would someone devoted to our well-being require offerings?  It goes against the natural order of things. But, I must say, when we make the offerings we are actively showing respect.”

    “Yes,” Circe’s voice was strong and direct.  “There is NO magick without respect, for respect is the seed for all magickal work.  And that, my dear girl, is why the geldrbaryn have worked so hard to strip this world of it.   They have distorted the concept of respect to the point that the sons and daughters of man scarcely grasp its most rudimentary forms.  There are much better ways of showing respect than giving offerings and those ways are buried in your memories, Dharma.  You thought you weren’t a witch, you thought your spell to remember didn’t work.  And what do you think now Dharma?  Are you a witch, do you remember?”

  • The Alchemist’s Daughter

    Annie Spratt

    “Once there was a time I believed there was a big man in a white robe who lived in the big blue sky.  His city streets were paved in gold.  Surrounded by walls made of every precious stone known to man.  Everyone had a home of their own.  The size determined by the measure of good deeds done on Earth.  Then, one day I realized, it don’t matter what happens in the next life.  Fact is, we’re here now.  Now we can choose to dwell on the despair and sufferin’ that’s all ‘round us.  And in doing so, become a part of it.  Or not.  I choose NOT.”

    Dharma Archambault

    Earth 1978