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Book of Shadows

Dharma's personal Book of Shadows

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    Money Mate

    The geldrbaryn have targeted the starseeds in the area in which we are most vulnerable.  The part of the earthwalk in which we have no knowledge, no past experience to draw from, and no ability to comprehend.  This is the concept of money.  Entirely unnecessary and a non-sensical waste of time and energy in the perspective of a starseed.  However, an exchange system of currency is an integral part of this earthscape’s culture and has been since before the recorded history.  We as starseeds must learn to master the concept of money in one lifetime, this lifetime.  Until now, the geldrbaryn have been quite successful in keeping the currency flowing…

  • The Time has Come to Save this Sphere

    This is a message that may fall on hot searing ears.  But it needs to be said.  It has been said before in more eloquent ways.  And yet we do nothing.  So I say it as plainly as I can.  Land ownership is not a “thing”!  To own the land is to steal Mother Earth’s greatest gift to us.  Everyone deserves the ability to create a safe place.  Everyone deserves a roof.  And the Earth has provided so abundantly.  Landowners steal her gift.  End of story. There are millions of people homeless on this planet right now.  They are not all drug addicts, not any more than your neighbor, your…

  • Invoking Arachne

    These are the sacred elements appointed to Arachne.  Using these elements will invoke Arachne’s energy and presence. Essence:  Wild Orange Crystal:  Kimberlite Number: 8 Totem: Spider Consult:  Arachne:  Pride of Persia

  • The Alchemist’s Daughter

    “Once there was a time I believed there was a big man in a white robe who lived in the big blue sky.  His city streets were paved in gold.  Surrounded by walls made of every precious stone known to man.  Everyone had a home of their own.  The size determined by the measure of good deeds done on Earth.  Then, one day I realized, it don’t matter what happens in the next life.  Fact is, we’re here now.  Now we can choose to dwell on the despair and sufferin’ that’s all ‘round us.  And in doing so, become a part of it.  Or not.  I choose NOT.” Dharma Archambault Earth…