• Hemera

    Asteroid #9671

    Good morning and bright blessings from the dawning of a new day!  I am Hemera, daughter of Chronos.  I have come with my sister Nyx to teach you to keep time in balance and harmony with the land, Sophia, and the Way of the Goddess.

    Time is of your own making.  It does not exist as everything in the great Goddesses dream is being dreamed at once, in the present.  Time is constructed by you and is in your service.

    All good things are birthed from the great void of emptiness and silence–the womb of the Goddess.  Construct your calendar days in a manner that allows for the powerful do nothing times.  Employ timekeeping practices that respect the ebb and flow of the seasons.  If your time constructs are out of harmony with the present you can never reach the Enchanted Estate.

    If you allow time to be your master and adhere too strictly to your calendar schedules, despite what is happening in nature and in the collective, heartache and suffering will follow.  Declaring do nothing times when storms are brewing is wise and prudent, whether these storms be in the natural realm or in the realm of the collective intelligence.  The workings of nature and the collective do not follow your calendars.  They cannot be scheduled.  Be mindful of the subtle and not so subtle signals from the magical hidden realms.  Heed their warnings, retreat into the womb of the Goddess and you will be rewarded with a vivid and fruitful imagining that will manifest sweetness.

    If you find yourself in a place of suffering that is too much to bear, I give you the promise of a new day.  Retreat into the arms of my sister Nyx, let her darkness calm and comfort you.  Wake rested to a warmer and brighter new day.  Honor the Way of the Goddess as best you can despite your circumstances.  Keep your eyes focused on me and each day will be a bit brighter and warmer than the last.

    This present time is not easy.  It takes great courage.  Each time you feel the rays of the Lion King, remember I walk beside you, my heart is with you.  Namaste’ precious ones.  Take comfort and rise.

    Photo by Thanh Tam

  • Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

    Werdandi – Verdandi

    Asteroid #621

    I have been a riddle through the ages.  You know my sisters Urd and Skuld well.  We are the guardians of the timeline.  Urd’s past no matter how painful can always be used for growth–a tool to be treasured.  Skuld’s future no matter how painful the present and past, can always be a beacon to summon courage-a lighted path to follow.  Ah, but what of the present?

    The present is scarcely understood in a world controlled by the geldrbaryn.  They have employed very clever ways to coerce you into ignoring the present.

    There is a reason that a gift is also referred to as a present.  The present is the most precious of gifts in all the universe.  When you ignore the present, you forfeit the present.  The present is the gift of manifestation. the gift of being.  Rob someone of the Goddess’ gift, by causing suffering to their present and you will seal your own fate.

    When my light shines upon you, it is to remind you that you have a gift to give.  A gift that will bring balance and joy to humanity’s present.


    Feature photo by Annie Spratt

  • Tatiana ~ Tatjana

    Asteroid #769

    Welcome students and seekers!  I have called you and you have found me.  And that was your first lesson.  Well done!

    To Seek is to Know

    Gather round, hear my tale, and you too shall know.

    I am Tatiana, daughter of Rome.  As a child, each morning, the scent of sweet jasmine woke me from my slumber, my feet were greeted by the cool comfort of marble floors, my skin caressed by fine gauze and silks, my face refreshed with cool, clear water, and my eyes brightened as the frescoes of my ancestors, lifelike, reminded me of there presence guiding me through the coming day.  A privileged life.  As a child, I thought this is life on Earth–beautiful, wonderous perfection.  As I grew, I began to accompany my father on excursions from our villa.  Just outside our garden gates, was a very different world indeed.  The cool comfort of the marble floors turned to cold, steely blades in the gnosis, the knowing.  Luxury came at a price I was not willing to pay–being unafflicted and uncaring of my neighbors suffering.

    Our servants whisperings in the marble halls, spread into our kitchens, their prayers into our food, their offerings into our dressing chambers until their knowing had become our knowing.  My father embraced the knowing, I followed him and became a teacher of it.  Rome, in its quest for power, had made many enemy’s.  The men, women and children whose suffering supplied our marble, silks, fresh water, cornucopias of wine and food, and fine art.  Enemy’s that now surrounded us.  We had borrowed from the devil for the glory of Rome.  In extolling the unbearable price, our traditions, religions, ceremonies, and rituals became distorted, ugly, vile, and despicable.  We were a people who knew only the opulence created of suffering.  While are bodies grew fat on cakes and wine, our spirits were starving just as the beggars outside our gates.  As I recall, the time was about 230 years, after the Nazarene walked the Earth. Little did we know at the time, his words were echoes of an ancestral remembering.  A remembering of the Guardian’s quest to protect and elevate humanity.  It was his words that were carried in the whispering of the halls.  And it was his words that I taught.  And it was for his words, that I died.  We had no care for tradition, pomp, or ritual.  Our souls’ were much too hungry for that.  With our enemies surrounding us, ready to make us pay our due for the unbearable price, we were desperate for salvation.  Salvation came in the words of the Nazarene.  The gnosis allowed me to meet my death with joy, grace, and peace.

    I am a devoted daughter of Sophia and remain within the spiritual realms of the earth plane to bring comfort, stamina, and focus to seekers.  Salvation is in the seeking.  And now I will tell you one of the greatest secrets of all.  What we think we know today can turn into something quite different after the shadows of the storm have passed.  There is no end to the knowing.  It grows, evolves and changes.  It is born as an infant, helpless, grows strong and independent in its playing, mellows into aged wisdom, turns into the eagle ascending on the thermals, seeing the world from an entirely new perspective.  And from the new perspective, nothing is known and the knowing is an infant once more.  To hold too tight to our religious beliefs and dogma is to know regret.  Not until we make the ascension can we see all that there is to see and know all that there is to know.  The seeing and knowing does not come all at once, but instead unfolds in layers with each plateau along the ascent.


    I know your suffering for I have suffered.  I will comfort you in times of trauma and persecution.   I will give you the stamina to endure and the focus to comprehend.  Seek me and your quest will bring forth the fruit of enlightenment.

    The peoples of Russia and Ukraine have embraced me and kept my memory alive, generation after precious generation.  They have made me their patron saint of students.  This act of love and respect has endeared me to their rich culture and hauntingly beautiful lands.

    To invoke my presence bring this culture into your homes and call me to you.  My essence is the oil of the Siberian Fir.  This hardy, majestic spirit never quits giving to those who live in the cold boreal forests.  It sustains and shelters through the long, harsh spell of winter.  Its precious oil brings calm in the face of trauma and sparks a focused and clear mind for the seeker.

    My crystal is Ukrainian beryl which holds the same energy of calming and focus as the Siberian Fir.

    The music reminiscent of Russia and Ukraine is delightful to my ears.  And their art and architecture are delightful to my eyes.  Singularly or combined these things will draw my presence near.

    Seek. Rise. Know.

    Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

  • Arachne

    Asteroid #407

    Arachne weaves the way of the Goddess into our DNA.  She teaches us to wield our divine gifts with courage, confidence, and pride.  If she shows prominent in the birth chart, she may be showing the native where and how to use their divine gifts to create something enchanting for humanity.  Those who walk strong in Arachne’s energy may be destined to create a new Earth.  These natives are wise to track the orbit of Arachne to leverage her energy to the fullest.

  • Asteroid #151


    Roman Guardian of overflowing riches.  Our Lady Abundantia ensures that Gaia is able to provide for all of her children.  Her cornucopia is always overflowing with Earth’s bounty.  If she shows prominent in the birth chart, she may be showing the native the smoothest path to the plentiful harvest. Those who walk strong in Abundantia’s energy may be destined to show the children of Gaia how to maintain the flow of abundance in their own lives.  These natives are wise to track the orbit of Abundantia to leverage her energy to the fullest.