Dharma's Gift
  • Hummingbird on wire, sitting next to a dangling skeleton key.


    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a tiny, minuscule, barely-there particle sprang from the Force into a world of suffering and chaos.  Saw the dissonance in the Force, it did.  Desired to attune the dissonance with the frequency of the Goddess, it did.  Refused to follow the forgetting, it resolved to lead.  The it was a she—a misunderstood she, a ridiculed she, an incarnate she.  Suffering was imminent, and yet, she was happy.  Suffering was all around her and yet, she was joyous.  Suffering prevailed and yet, she shined.  Indeed, misunderstood, was she.  “Oblivious to the suffering all ‘round us”, they would say.  Oblivious she was…