Dharma's Gift
  • Ballet dancer, dancing in the middle of an arched water fountain.


    The Divine Dance And so it is, that those minuscule, barely-there particles–the children born of the divine union–exist in a perpetual state of motion.  Millions, upon billions, upon trillions of unique, individual, intelligent thought patterns, aware of their own individual existence, collide together on the dance floor of the Wave.  These souls have but one objective–one desire–one need–to illuminate, one unique thread of the Goddess’s dream. The God feels the yearning, and sends forth an electric charge to the tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles.  The wishing and wanting builds to a crescendo, and voila–incarnation.  The shining begins. Click To Tweet ßWG§A.01.005 The Way⇴ Feature Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash