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    My intention is to plant the seeds of dharma.  To have those seeds take root and grow with the vigor of the dandelion.  Walk with me and watch the seeds of suffering wither away.  May all your days be enchanted. D.A

    8th House Work

    If we live our lives according to the chart, we can see that we all need to acquire resources (2nd House) and we all need to share resources (8th House).

    Everything in the chart is designed to get you to shine your light. Each house represents an aspect of life that must be addressed if you are to shine your brightest.

    You will need specific resources unique to you in order to do your 5th House work of emulating divinity.   When you have used your resources to create that something special, you will have something magical to give back to the world.  This is our 8th House work.  When we do our 8th House work, we are investing back into the collective.  When the collective thrives, we thrive.  Giving back is not an option.  It is imperative.  Ruled by Pluto, it is the source of true power.  Doing our 8th House work, powers our sun and allows us to shine brightly.

    Being ruled by a water sign, the 8th House work is meant to be hidden and discreet.  Using our legal name followed by the word “Foundation” isn’t very discreet.  This practice creates an emotional debt.  This is counterproductive.

    Dharma’s Gift is my 8th House work.  Rather than use my legal name, I have used a pseudonym in keeping with the energy of the 8th house.  I accept no funding for this website.  It is here that I share everything I have learned about astrology over the past 30 years.  I require no comments, thank you’s, likes, or shares.  It is a gift.  May you remember and rise.

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  • The Grim, the Grimoire du Chemin, a remembering spell
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    The Grim

    Flames licked up the walls of the ornate wooden château, its inhabitants completely shrouded in the billowing smoke.   Brigid whispered the last syllables of the spell from the bejeweled grimoire.  With a gentle flick of her wand, a flock of geese ascended silently over the castle’s walls to safety. The sky-walkers materialized as if out of nowhere.  Brigid’s heart ached as she tore the pages of the spell book from its illustrious binding.  There was no other way, the Grim must be saved.  She rolled the ripped pages into tight scrolls and bound them each with an enchanted ribbon.  Thrusting the scrolls into the arms of the sky-walkers, she gave her orders. “They must be hidden in the portals between the worlds. Keep them safe.  Without these scrolls, my flock will not be able to remember their true form.  When the water bearer rises, retrieve the scrolls, restore the grimoire, and bring my children home.”


    Ah, there you are.  The sky-walker said you would come.  Not so sure was I. Very peculiar I find all these ones and zeroes.  Transparent rice paper, encased in jewel-studded binding, and smelling of fresh ink, looking forward to, was I.  A proper Grimoire that would be.  But the sky-walker says that will not do.  You seeds have been separated and hidden from one another to keep you safe.  The stealth of cyberspace for those ruled by Uranus, is the perfect rendezvous point, says she.  And so I am here, and you are here, and the sky-walker was right.

    Urania’s code and the keys to restoring balance, within my pages, reside.  Or at least, will reside when our work is done.  We are three.  Enchanted by Elpis, retrieved by the sky-walker, we present to you myself.  I am the Grimoire du Chemin, former counsel to the Château du Pirou.  You may call me Grim.  I am a remembering spell.


    A peculiar thing is this business of incarnation.  When courage meets desire, so it happens.  Ah, yes, but the Goddess never truly releases her children from the warmth and safety of her love.  The Goddess enlists the service of Neptune, she does.  So you see, you only have the illusion of wandering, the illusion of exploration, whilst your purest essence is firmly anchored inside the Force that is her womb.  But as always with Neptune, there is the risk of forgetting.

    The Remembering & The Forgetting


    The great forgetting is a cantankerous beast.  If the remembering is strong on your world, it is a world of joy and beauty.  The remembering world knows the way.  If the forgetting is strong on your world it is a world of suffering and deceit.  The forgetting world is lost and wanders far from the way.  Some worlds are divided between the remembering and the forgetting.  These worlds are caught within the struggle between joy and suffering.  Which world are you living in?  I dare say ’tis one of the latter, for naught, you would have no need to find me.


    So you see, this business of incarnation is a risky business indeed.  There has always been and always will be, the risk of forgetting, the risk of suffering, and the risk of fracturing the Force.  All the while, the Goddess dreams her dream.  With each fracture of the Force, each tear within its fabric, the Goddess dreams a solution.  Called the Guardians, these solutions are.  Know me, and the Guardians you shall know.  Know the Guardians, and the way home, you will remember.


    And so it is our journey begins, with the Way of the Goddess.

    The Way⇴

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    Feel the Force and Rise

    Desire is born from a need.  Each soul born from the union of the Goddess and the God has a need to express a unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it.  To leave the need unfulfilled is a form of suicide.  When souls shine bright the Force is powerful.  When souls flicker and fade, the Force is drained.  This weakening ripples through the Force like a wave.  It is a dissonance that can be felt by all and impacts all.

    We are never disconnected from the Force.  With the Force we can create anything.   Our creations can bring unimaginable joy and unimaginable suffering.  The choice is ours.  Feel the Force and rise!

    The Way⇴

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    Retrieving the Invocations

    Dharma felt something tugging at her mind as she traversed the dreamscape.  It was nagging, it wouldn’t go away, its persistence pulled her back and she could see the dreamscape disintegrating before her.  She felt the soft warm fur of Jaime’s massive dragon-like head nuzzling her from her slumber.  Dharma would’ve been angry if it weren’t for the powerful force of love that oozed from Jaime’s aura.  That blanket of love was just as inviting and warm as any dreamscape.

    “Dharma, love.  It is time to go into the portal.  We need to find the invocations from Danu’s grimoire.  You must wake up now.”

    Dharma looked over at the smoldering hearth.  Brigid’s flame was barely hanging on as an ember and the cottage was cold and damp.  Dharma would much prefer to stoke the fire and snuggle back under her warm blankets until sunrise.  She could hear the west wind howling.  While finding a portal sounded exciting, braving that wind while crossing the pitch black moor, took quite a bit of the thrill out of it.

    “Can’t it wait ’til after breakfast.  The wind may settle after the sun breaks.”

    “No,” Jaime’ gently replied.  “The veil is thinnest now.  If we wait we won’t be able to get through.”

    Dharma yawned.  “Very well, I’m up.”  So this is what it is like to work with a familiar, Dharma thought to herself.  They get to boss you around and tell you what to do.

    Of course, Jaime’ heard every thought, and with that one, gave Dharma a playful head-but to the rump, to get her moving.

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