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    Call for Co-Conspirators

    Usher in the Rebellion

    Dharma’s Gift is an investment in humanity. We each have something, somewhere to invest back into humanity. We agree to it before we incarnate. When we make this investment, the rough and rocky road to abundance becomes smooth and flat. An investment is different than charity, its more empowering. Investments benefit the investor and the receiver. And investments place the receiver in a more powerful position than before. Whereas a gift benefits the giver greatly but for the receiver is oftentimes, more akin to a band-aid with salt on it.

    Readings at Dharma’s Gift start at $15.00 because they are an investment that is intended to be within everyone’s reach, even those living below the poverty line.

    Call for Clients

    If you know someone who is struggling to find their life purpose, or knows their life purpose but doesn’t know how to start living it, then I can help.
    My goal is to have my December and January schedules fully booked by November 15th.

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    Call for Collaborators

    Based on my astrological chart, my path to abundance comes through partnerships and collaborations. I am seeking a financial astrologer and a co-writer/editor who would be willing to share in the profits of any of our endeavors.

    Financial Astrologer

    Each astrologer has a unique way of working with the information contained within the astrological chart. I am seeking the astrologer with financial savvy, who can help me to write my financial plan; discern the best partners and collaborators; and determine the best times to act.


    As Dharma’s Gift is an investment and an act of integrity, I do not allow any advertising or gimmicky SEO practices on my site. My desire is to have a site full a valuable well-written content. I am seeking an editor for my blog posts to achieve the most polished site possible.
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    The re-writing our mythology is an important part of my work. However, I released the first story in this series too soon. What I have accomplished so far is really just a rough draft. I am working on the second draft now and realize that a co-writer may be just what I need to materialize this series in a timely manner. “Arachne” is a great story and it needs to be told. I am seeking a co-writer to help me craft just the right words to bring her story to life, as well as all of the other stories I have rambling around in my head trying so desperately to get onto the written page.

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    If you are one of these people join me. If you know one of these people, refer them to me. Together we will co-conspire a new earth. When enough people on this planet are living their dharma we will reach the tipping point. We will no longer struggle with how to overcome an unjust system because we will have bypassed it.

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    Retrieving the Invocations

    Dharma felt something tugging at her mind as she traversed the dreamscape.  It was nagging, it wouldn’t go away, its persistence pulled her back and she could see the dreamscape disintegrating before her.  She felt the soft warm fur of Jaime’s massive dragon-like head nuzzling her from her slumber.  Dharma would’ve been angry if it weren’t for the powerful force of love that oozed from Jaime’s aura.  That blanket of love was just as inviting and warm as any dreamscape.

    “Dharma, love.  It is time to go into the portal.  We need to find the invocations from Danu’s grimoire.  You must wake up now.”

    Dharma looked over at the smoldering hearth.  Brigid’s flame was barely hanging on as an ember and the cottage was cold and damp.  Dharma would much prefer to stoke the fire and snuggle back under her warm blankets until sunrise.  She could hear the west wind howling.  While finding a portal sounded exciting, braving that wind while crossing the pitch black moor, took quite a bit of the thrill out of it.

    “Can’t it wait ’til after breakfast.  The wind may settle after the sun breaks.”

    “No,” Jaime’ gently replied.  “The veil is thinnest now.  If we wait we won’t be able to get through.”

    Dharma yawned.  “Very well, I’m up.”  So this is what it is like to work with a familiar, Dharma thought to herself.  They get to boss you around and tell you what to do.

    Of course, Jaime’ heard every thought, and with that one, gave Dharma a playful head-but to the rump, to get her moving.