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    360° of the Shining

    To know the Urania code is to know the power of the 3, the 6, and the 9.  No ordinary numbers are these.  These are the numbers of the cosmos.  These are the number of creation.  You are stardust, and so it is, that these are the numbers of your shining.  Twelve rays and twelve stargates, and the billions of stars of your planetary collective these are the foundations of the Urania code.

    As Above, So Below
    As Within, So Without

    Powerful words are these. The key to remembering they are. Everything in the spiritual realm, a tangible correspondence it has. Comprehend and experience the unseen realms you can—know the correspondences.

    Bound by the material plane is not the nine, follows not the rules and principles of the other numbers of your maths.  In the unseen realms lives the nine for it is the number of divinity.  It is all there ever was and all that ever will be.  The alpha and the omega.  The beginning and the end.

    As Within, So Without
    You the Force, You the Autonomous

    And so it is, we start with the circle and 360°. The circle doubled; two spheres, holding within them the dodecagram and the dodecagon, visual representations of the shining they are. Doubled, yes, for they are two.  The inner rim corresponds to the Force, the One, the all~as within.  The outer rim corresponds to you, the autonomous~so without.  The you that has a need to express one unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it. So you see, there are two, for there are two of you.

    Required of you it is, to be connected to the Force within, if you are to shine your authentic self.  The outer rim is a reflection of that which is within.

    180° stone arch reflection over clear water180° of the Shining Mirrored

    Pierced through the center of our spheres is the horizon line that is Neptune’s veil.  Creates the heavens and the earth, it does.  Gives the illusion of separation.  Ah, yes, Neptune’s veil, in varying degrees, appears in many places ‘round that wheel that is the key to Urania’s code.  And this you must remember always.  It is an illusion–the illusion required to experience the tangible realms.  That which is unseen is even more real than that which is seen.  For nothing exists within your Earth plane that did not first exist in the realm of spirit.

    As Above, So Below
    You, the Force – You, the Autonomous

    And so it is, each half of the sphere is a reflection of the other.  Divine each, for nine is the number of divinity.  Corresponds to you, the Force does the northern hemisphere.  Corresponds to you, the autonomous does the southern hemisphere.  The collective souls of your planet, a part of the Force they are.

    So yes remember always, an illusion it is, the separation.  That which is seen is simply a reflection of that which is unseen. You, the autonomous is but a reflection of the you that is the Force.  The same, but different.

  • The Grim, the Grimoire du Chemin, a remembering spell

    The Grim


    Ah, there you are.  The sky-walker said you would come.  Not so sure was I. Very peculiar I find all these ones and zeroes.  Transparent rice paper, encased in jewel-studded binding, and smelling of fresh ink, looking forward to, was I.  A proper grimoire that would be.  But the sky-walker says that will not do.  You geese have been separated and hidden from one another to keep you safe.  The stealth of cyberspace for those ruled by Uranus, is the perfect rendezvous point, says she.  And so I am here, and you are here, and the sky-walker was right.

    Urania’s code and the keys to restoring balance, within my pages, reside.  Or at least, will reside when our work is done.  We are three.  Enchanted by Elpis, retrieved by the sky-walker, we present to you myself.  I am the Grimoire du Chemin, former counsel to the Château du Pirou.  You may call me Grim.  I am a remembering spell.


    A peculiar thing is this business of incarnation.  When courage meets desire, so it happens.  Ah, yes, but the Goddess never truly releases her children from the warmth and safety of her love.  The Goddess enlists the service of Neptune, she does.  So you see, you only have the illusion of wandering, the illusion of exploration, whilst your purest essence is firmly anchored inside the Force that is her womb.  But as always with Neptune, there is the risk of forgetting.

    The Remembering & The Forgetting


    The great forgetting is a cantankerous beast.  If the remembering is strong on your world, it is a world of joy and beauty.  The remembering world knows the way.  If the forgetting is strong on your world it is a world of suffering and deceit.  The forgetting world is lost and wanders far from the way.  Some worlds are divided between the remembering and the forgetting.  These worlds are caught within the struggle between joy and suffering.  Which world are you living in?  I dare say ’tis one of the latter, for naught, you would have no need to find me.


    So you see, this business of incarnation is a risky business indeed.  There has always been and always will be, the risk of forgetting, the risk of suffering, and the risk of fracturing the Force.  All the while, the Goddess dreams her dream.  With each fracture of the Force, each tear within its fabric, the Goddess dreams a solution.  Called the Guardians, these solutions are.  Know me, and the Guardians you shall know.  Know the Guardians, and the way home, you will remember.


    And so it is our journey begins, with the great mystery and the Way of the Goddess.


    Photo by Cobro on Unsplash

  • The Force

    The Force

    May the Force be with You

    The Goddess, the God, and the tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles, united together in the wave, danced.  The dancing vibrated a Force.  The Force permeated the whole of the cosmos.

    You are one of those particles.  You are the wave.  You are the everything.  You are the Force.  You are an expression of Divinity, with no other desire than to experience the joy and the bounty born from the union of the Goddess and the God.  To reside in the Enchanted Estate of the Force is your birthright.

    The Goddess and all of her imaginings, the God electric, and the millions upon billions upon trillions of tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles, together are the Force.  The Force is the One and the Force is the all.  The Force is Divinity.  The Force is you and you are the Force.  Feel the Force.  Wield the Force.


    Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

  • The Way of Ascension

    The Way of Ascension

    The Crooked Tongue

    Desire vs. Lust

    The way of ascension you must know.  Not what you have been told are your desires.  In your world, desire has been confused with lust.  Desires are not to be stamped out and squashed. Desire is the key to incarnation, it is.  Lust is born from a want.  Desire is born from a need.  Each soul born from the union of the Goddess and the God has a need to express one unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it.  A form of suicide it is, to leave the need unfulfilled.  When souls shine bright, powerful is the Force. When souls flicker and fade, drained is the Force.  This weakening ripples through the Force like a wave.  It is a dissonance that can be felt by all and impacts all. It is the way of descension.

    Shining is Ascension

    You are never disconnected from the Force for the Force you are.  With the Force you can create anything.   Your creations can bring unimaginable joy or unimaginable suffering.  The choice is yours.  To fulfill the need to express one unique aspect of the divine union and expand upon it is to do the work of your shining.  When souls are shining, it ripples through the Force like a wave.  It is a resonance that can be felt by all and impacts all. It is the way of ascension.

    Do the work of your shining and you will level-up in the game of life, you will. You are stardust. Your purpose is to shine. In so doing, you ascend. Ascension fuels the Force. Ascension keeps the dreams of the Goddess animated, pure, and strong. The acts of shining and ascension open your mind.  Expands your awareness, they do.  Expanded awareness brings expanded perception. Dominion over the material body and the material world they bring. See the tesseract.  Shine!  Feel the Force, wield the Force and rise!


    Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash