Dharma's Gift

Pink Peppercorn

Schinus molle

Rulership:  Venus & Mars, united as one

Number:  11

Magickal Properties:  Protection through Coyote Medicine, Positivity, Sustained Action, Attraction of Complimentary Energies, Guidance to Divine Purpose

As the flocks of Simurgh flew over the arid slopes of the Peruvian Andes, my seeds lit upon the ground and took root.  I flourished in these majestic highlands.  Venus blessed me with her beauty and grace and it was my beauty that initially attracted the sons and daughters of man to taste of my fruit.  My limbs, flowers, and berries are delicate and graceful.  And my aroma is quite intoxicating.  Venus was not content to keep me to herself and she called Mars to me, enticing him to lend me his powers.  For in me she saw a great will to live in a place that despite its haunting beauty was fraught with all manner of calamity.  What appears as delicate and fragile is actually, bold, strong, courageous, and active.

And so it was that I became to have a dual purpose and nature.  This duality allows me to be a great trickster and coyote walks beside me.  Man uses me as black pepper, the piper nigrum, which truly is ruled by Mars and Mars alone.  But I fooled man, for I am not even remotely related to the piper nigrum.  Man is not the only species to be tricked by me.  The moths that love to feed upon nigrum’s branches, relish mine as well.

Respect me and I will show you how to trick and outwit your opponents, overcome hardship, and lead you to your true calling.  My energy works by attracting, initiating and sustaining action.  I am evergreen and never rest.  I can attract to you, your most complimentary mate and inspire you to initiate contact.  Ask, and I will attract to you the memories of a time before the veil—the memories of your pre-birth desires.  And I will give you a most powerful urge to initiate down the path of their manifestation.  I will soothe your nerves, allow you to fixate on a focused goal, and give you the energy to pursue it, all at the same time.

For mundane purposes, I can be useful as an insecticide diluted and sprayed around plants and the home.  My resins have been used to heal small ulcer-like wounds and to set bones.  My essential oil, mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the affected area can comfort those with sore muscles and menstrual cramps. My aroma can brighten the mood and energize those who suffer melancholy.  Sprinkle my crushed berries onto food for a uniquely floral, peppery kick.

My essential oils contain limonene which can be quite toxic to your four-legged friends and small children. Keep me far out of reach.  Never diffuse me or bring me into direct contact with household pets, infants, sensitive children, and pregnant or nursing mothers.

Respect my strength, use me wisely and I will serve you well.

Aromatic Description: The smell of black pepper with citrus and a hint of floral undertones.

Warnings:  Potentially toxic to dogs, cats, children, and unborn children.  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.  When using any new essential oils it is wise to conduct a skin patch test on the inner forearm before extended use.  Monitor the use of all essential oils. Allergies and sensitivities can develop at any time.

Active Compounds:

RIa compound %

918 α-thujene 0.1

923 α-pinene 0.2

931 camphene 0.3

953 sabinene 0.2

959 1-octen-3-ol 0.1

968 myrcene 4.1

976 3-octanol 0.1

984 α-phellandrene 26.5

997 p-cymene 3.8

1007 limonene 8.6

1011 β-phellandrene 12.4

1048 terpinolene 0.1

1091 linalool 0.5

1132 α-campholenal 0.1

1154 camphor 2.1

1168 borneol 1.8

1180 terpinen-4-ol 0.1

1197 α-terpineol 0.1

1238 nerol 0.2

1286 bornyl acetate 0.4

1282 thymol 0.5

1329 benzyl butyrate 0.3

1343 α-terpinyl acetate 0.8

1371 hexyl hexanoate 0.2

1384 1-tetradecene 0.6

1396 β-elemene 0.3

1443 γ-cadinene 0.4

1452 bicyclogermacrene 4.1

1467 germacrene A 0.3

1475 δ-cadinene 1.9

1497 elemol 10.8

1509 germacrene B 0.8

1528 spathulenol 1.4

1547 caryophyllene oxide 0.1

1593 1,10-di-epi-cubenol 3.8

1611 α-eudesmol 6.1

1648 β-eudesmol 4.2

1656 α-cadinol 0.1