Grimoire of Pirou

A long time ago, the sons and daughters of Brigid braved the great Northern Sea and settled along the high limestone cliffs of the country we now know as France.  The cliffs were windy and exhilarating but a bit too inhospitable to inhabit for long periods of time.  A bit farther south along the Plage de Pirou was found a shelter from the wind.  The children of Brigid crafted for themselves a  beautiful fortress and dwelled many peaceful generations there.

Brigid found the little kingdom enchanting and often visited.  Amongst many things Brigid was a powerful sorceress.  During her visits she helped her people to craft a book of spells.  The spells were designed to maintain and protect the beauty and balance her children had worked so diligently to craft.

At the dawning of the age of Aries, the feared men and women of the North arrived in their long boats to claim the wooden castle for their own.  They lay siege around the castle for many nights.  When it was apparent that they would not be able to outlast the Norsemen, the people of Pirou turned to Brigid’s sacred book.  Therein, they found a spell with the power to transform their human forms into geese.  As the Norsemen lay sleeping the geese silently flew from the castle to safety, leaving their precious spellbook behind.

Upon noticing that there was no activity inside the castle walls, the Norsemen became suspicious.  They decided to burn the castle down as the smoke would force the inhabitants out.  Much to their surprise, no people emerged from behind the castle walls, and no trace of a person was found once the flames subsided.

The Norsemen claimed the land of Pirou for themselves and rebuilt a towering castle of stone which remains to this day.  Legend claims that the geese returned to Pirou each year to look for the spell book which cannot be found for it perished in the flames of the Norsemen.

Brigid’s commitment to her people is implacable.  The Grimoire of Pirou is to be restored here and now.

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