The Force

The One The All

Divinity comes from an energy source-or rather, two sources united as one.  One is passive, the nothingness that spawns imagination.  One is active, the spark that spawns materialization.  When they collide, an intelligent consciousness–a soul–is born.  Their nursery is the possibility place.  It holds all possible outcomes and all possible timelines, in all possible realms.  There is no judgment.  No way things should be.  It simply is. 

And so it is that the Goddess and the God collide creating the tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles that contain each a giant awareness.   These are the children of the Goddess and the God.  Their nursery is the wave of possibilities.  The Goddess and all of her imaginings, the God electric, and the millions upon billions upon trillions of tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles, make up a vast web.  Together they are the Force.  The Force is the One and the Force is the all.

Feel the Force and Rise

Desire is born from a need.  Each soul born from the union of the Goddess and the God has a need to express a unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it.  To leave the need unfulfilled is a form of suicide.  Although a soul is capable of existing indefinitely, it is also capable of being extinguished.  When souls shine bright the Force is powerful.  And when souls flicker and fade away, the Force weakens.  Likewise, when an incarnated soul feels its connection with the Force, the soul shines bright, which in turn strengthens the Force.  When an incarnated soul does not feel its connection with the Force, the soul’s flame dims and it is weakened.  This weakening flows ripples through the Force by the wave.  It is a dissonance that can be felt by all within the Force.  It is a dissonance that affects all within the Force.

Souls who incarnate in order to experience the material realms are fused with Goddess and God energy.  We are never disconnected from the Force.  With the Force we can create anything.   Our creations can bring unimaginable joy and unimaginable suffering.  The choice is ours.  Feel the Force and rise.

The Way⇴

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

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