Urania’s code is written in the stars.  Know the code, find the way.

The Way

The Urania Code

The Divine Dodecagram

The Divine Axes

Dharma’s Notes



Keepers of the Keys

Mars – Keeper of the First Key

Venus – Keeper of the Second Key

Mercury – Keeper of the Third Key

Moon – Keeper of the Fourth Key

Sun – Keeper of the Fifth Key

Mercury – Keeper of the Sixth Key

Venus – Keeper of the Seventh Key

Pluto – Keeper of the Eighth Key

Jupiter – Keeper of the Ninth Key

Saturn – Keeper of the Tenth Key

Uranus – Keeper of the Eleventh Key

Neptune – Keeper of the Twelfth Key

The Asteroids

We the asteroids play a vital part in the Urania code.  We fine-tune your skills and gifts to a precise definitive purpose.  We also provide comfort and guidance. We are your spirit guides.  Know us.

Abundantia – #151

Arachne – #407

Tatiana ~ Tatjana – #769

There are over 200 asteroids to be added here.  Check back often.  I am getting them posted as quickly as I can. 

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