Sample Report

On the day Dharma was born, there was great rejoicing in the heavens.  In the moments prior to birth, all of the celestial rulers gathered round, followed by the angels, the stars, all manner of heavenly deities, muses, and sages who achieved mastery during their incarnations.  Each came bearing a gift to assist Dharma on the journey.

The Mighty Mars ruled over the celebration and spoke to Dharma.  “Today we come bearing gifts, these gifts may come with a dark side if they are not honored.  Know child, this is not to scare you and is not a bad thing.  During the course of your life, you will make many choices that serve you well and many choices that do not.  The wise soul will examine their choices and cut away what is harmful.  Knowing the shadow side of your gifts, will help you to identify what needs to be cut away.”  Mighty Mars voice boomed across the congregation, “All who wish to assist this child on her Earth mission, come forward now.”

Chapter 1

The First House

First came all of those that would help Dharma establish an identity in the world.  A strong sense of self would give the child the confidence and self-esteem needed to have the courage to pursue the soul’s work.

The gentle, nurturing Moon came forward, “I bestow the gift of forceful rush of free flowing energy.  This energy requires that you feel a strong autonomy and that you feel you are leading humanity along new paths and new ways of doing things.  Honor this gift by nurturing the pioneering and entrepreneurial qualities within you.  Do not conform to the paths of others, but instead, be comfortable standing alone, independently, blazing new trails.  If my gift is not honored a deep rage will well up within you.”

Mars came forward.  “I bestow to you a massive and powerful raw energy that will give you the identity of a strong and tireless survivor.  If my gift is not honored, anger will well up within you.”

Saturn came forward.  “I give to you the gift of self-respect and the right to live on your own terms.  If my gift is not honored you may be limited by a fear of death and bodily harm.  Learning self-defense and assertiveness will bring you under my protection.”

Demeter, the goddess of agriculture came forward.  “I give to you the secrets of the golden harvest.  By accepting this gift, you agree to accept the identity of a leader and a pioneer in preserving and reviving the ancient grains.”

Urania, the Muse of astronomy and astrology came forward.  “I give to you the secrets of the stars.  By accepting this gift, you agree to accept the identity of a leader and a pioneer in the study of the stars, sharing your knowledge of the wisdom contained within the celestial bodies.”

Circe, the goddess of magic, came forward.  “I come to you surrounded by the energy center of the Part of Fortune.  I give to you the gift of magic.  By accepting this gift, you agree to accept the identity of a wise woman and builder of the craft.  If you honor this gift you will be blessed with a feeling of abundance and prosperity.  If the gift is not honored, you will feel unlucky and impoverished.”

Together, in unison, all who presented themselves spoke.  “Honor all of these gifts and their power will be magnified.  Embrace the identity we bestow and you will survive this world long enough to complete your mission.”



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