13 Moon Dharma Course

€48.88 per month

Working the Wheel through a Starseed Perspective

In this course we take 52 weeks to work through your personal astrological wheel.  Each week I will send an e-mail addressing one aspect of your chart.  The first week we discuss the ascendant and the sign on the cusp of the first house, the next e-mail will address the next item that appears on your wheel, whether it is a planet, powerful point such as the North Node or Part of Fortune, or the cusp of the next house.  As I go around the wheel, one week will be devoted to each of the main planets.  AND we will devote a week to each of the asteroids, Chiron, Vesta, Ceres, Juno, Pallas.  The North Node, South Node, and Part of Fortune will also each be discussed within their own week.  The Dharma Asteroid Inventory is included with this course so that we can examine your personal asteroids on a house by house basis.  Interceptions and astrocartography will be discussed in the final weeks of the course.  Working the wheel in this manner is one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve dharma.

Dharma Asteroid Inventory


Your personal Dharma Asteroid Inventory searches your chart for 200+ significant asteroids and tells you where they stand, by longitude (by sign and degree) and declination, within your birth chart.  The inventory allows you to tell easily if an asteroid is near a planet or significant point in your chart.  If an asteroid falls within 3 degrees by longitude (by sign and degree) or 1 degree by declination of a planet or power point, it is directly affecting how that planet (or power point) wants to operate in your life.  Order to receive all of the following in one complete package (click on the links to see a sample):

This is a great tool for unearthing parts of yourself that have long been buried and forgotten.

To order your personal asteroid inventory, submit the form below.  Accurate birth time, date and place are required.  A difference of a mere 4 minutes can radically alter the placement of the asteroids within your personal natal chart.