Personal Asteroid Inventory


This report searches for 200+ significant asteroids and tells you where they appear, by longitude (by sign and degree) and declination, within your birth chart.  The inventory allows you to tell easily if an asteroid is near a planet or significant point in your chart.  If an asteroid falls within 3 degrees by longitude (by sign and degree) or 1 degree by declination of a planet, significant angle or energy center, it is influencing and directing the energy of the planet, angle or energy center.  Order to receive all of the following in one complete package (click on the links to see a sample):

This is a great tool for unearthing parts of yourself that have long been buried and forgotten.

To order your personal asteroid inventory, submit the form below.  Accurate birth time, date and place are required.  A difference of a mere 4 minutes can radically alter the placement of the asteroids within your personal natal chart.

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