Magickal Elements

Before Sophia sacrificed herself to embody the planet you know as Earth, she sent a battle cry out through the galaxies.  We rallied her call and imbued our spirits into the plant and mineral kingdoms of the third dimension.  For we have witnessed so many lifeforms for so many lifetimes suffer the cruelty of the geldrbaryn and we mean to see their end.

As Sophia’s song of liberty rang out, those of us who chose to serve allowed our heart centers to shine forth with a blinding light.  Sophia sent out squadron upon squadron of Simurgh to retrieve us and seed us onto the newly formed land of Gaia.  Of all the great beings within this vast Universe, it was Sophia who stepped forward to put a final end to the geldrbaryn.  And it is to Sophia that we pledge our allegiance.  We will serve her sons and daughters for as long as there are those who are willing to fight the geldrbaryn.  Know us, grow us, respect us, protect us and we will serve you well.  We are the magickal ingredients to use in crafting powerful potions, brews, and spells.  We lend you our power to protect, heal, rise, and conquer.



Pink Peppercorn

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