• Asteroids



    • Main Belt Asteroid
    • JPL Data
    • JPL Orbit Diagram
    • Latin for plentiful
    • Roman goddess Abundantia was believed to be the personification of abundance.  She is often depicted with a cornucopia.
    • The planet or point it touches can help to define what you need an abundance of to thrive.
    • May signify a talent, skill, specific item, or personality trait.
    • The house and sign position can tell you what area of life you need to utilize it or cultivate it.
    • Could also point to a skill or talent that you have an abundance of.
    • The house and sign position can show you how to share this skill or talent.

    Do you have Asteroid 151 prominent in your chart?  Please share your stories!

  • Press Release

    A Fresh, Pioneering Approach to Astrology


    When life is a crazy, never-ending cycle of work, rush-rush-rush, and more work, we all wish we had a roadmap to navigate to peace, abundance, and serenity.  We do have a roadmap!  It’s our astrological natal chart.

    Astrologers have been telling us this for years, but the sad truth is more often than not, we astrologers fail to deliver that roadmap.  This is what astrologers don’t want to tell the general public–to work the astrological wheel in the order it was designed takes TIME and COURAGE!  And unless you commit to working the astrological wheel, astrology will NEVER deliver the keys it promises.  It is a time commitment from the client.  Is the client willing to spend time each week reviewing, contemplating, and responding to the hidden treasures discovered within the chart?  Do they have the courage to break free from societal restrictions and claim their sovereignty?  It requires a time commitment from the Astrologer.  All of the secrets cannot be revealed in one sitting.  It is not possible.  And without uncovering ALL of the secrets, the complete picture of what an individual’s life is supposed to look like cannot be revealed.  It requires courage from the astrologer.  The astrologer must have the courage to read the chart with raw honesty, even if it is not what the client wants to hear.

    Dharma Archambault commits to her clients for a full 52 weeks.  She breaks down each chart into 52 unique, easy to comprehend components.  She considers aspects often overlooked, such as significant small bodied asteroids, retrogrades, interceptions, and astrocartography.  Her interpretation of the planets and the gifts they impart is truly groundbreaking!

    Dharma sees the astrological chart as the literal pre-birth contract each soul agrees to before incarnation.  Every aspect and detail of the life a soul agrees to is in that pre-birth contract—the natal chart.  When a soul successfully fulfills the contract it achieves dharma—the “not holding” of suffering.  And every time a soul achieves dharma, the vibration of humanity rises–a ripple that can be felt throughout the Universe.

    Traditional astrology teaches us that certain planets can cause negative personality traits.  They say Mars causes impulsiveness, anger, rage and is the god of war.  They say Neptune is spacey, ungrounded, and prone to drug addiction and escapism.  These interpretations are NOT TRUE!  Planets only impart gifts, gifts that we can embrace or deny.  It is denying our gifts that cause negative traits to emerge within the personality.  Dharma identifies your gifts and interprets how your soul wants to use them.

    To accomplish this she has devised the 13 Moon Dharma Chart Course.  Clients can enroll in the course by visiting the “Order” page of her website at www.dharmasgift.com. Each chart is lovingly cast, composed, and interpreted by Dharma alone.  SPACE IS LIMITED!  It is an incredible act of self-love and a truly transcendental experience.  It will transform the client from what appears to be an average, ordinary human being into the bright and shining star they truly are!

  • Updates

    Minerva Magick – 13 Moon Dharma Course

    Update to the Update (6/3/2018)
    • The first draft of Minerva and Arachne’s story is complete.  The finished product should be complete and uploaded to Amazon Kindle, as a short story, by August 31, 2018.  The story ended up being much longer than I originally anticipated and is far too large to put into a blog post. The story will be free to all who subscribe to my e-mail list.
    • My notes on the Asteroids are far too vast to post in a timely manner.  I have decided to post what I have transcribed so far as a “work in progress”.  This first draft should be available by July 1, 2018.  To be honest, this material will be forever a work in progress since this area of astrology is in its infancy. My personal notes on the Asteroids will be forever free to all subscribers of my e-mail list.
    • The samples of the Dharma Asteroid Inventory are complete and available here. Click on the report name to see the sample.
    • The 13 Moon Dharma Chart Course is open for subscription.  Sign-up for the course on the Order page.
    Original Update Post

    Just a quick post to let everyone know what good things are to come.  I have been working with Minerva on getting the true story about Minerva and Arachne.  Her telling of the story is much different than what has been passed down through the ages.  I hope to be sharing that within the next couple of weeks.  I am also fine tuning my notes on the Asteroids so that I can make them available.  I will be posting a sample “Dharma Asteroid Inventory” so everyone who orders will know exactly what to expect.  And I am working with Minerva on some aromatherapy magick and hope to be sharing that within the next month.  Lastly, I have started work on a 13 Moon Dharma Course that will facilitate in working the astrological wheel with the Placidus House System through a starseed perspective.  The course will include the Dharma Asteroid Inventory, how those asteroids play into your chart, an in-depth review of any interceptions found within a chart, and a review of your personal astrocartography.  I am super excited to be able to share all of this.  Check back in to see what’s new.

  • Starcraft

    Dharma Chart – Working the Astrological Wheel

    Typically people call on an astrologer when they want help with their income or relationships.  Oftentimes the astrologer will look into a specific sector (house) in your chart to determine where and how to focus your energy and attention to achieve the desired outcome.  They may look at second house transits and activity for income, and fifth and seventh house transits and activity for romance and relationships.  This makes sense and can offer a certain level of success for individuals who are already living in alignment with their charts, for the most part.  But the cold hard truth of the matter is, if you haven’t taken care of business in your first house of identity, nothing else in your chart is ever going to work properly.  It doesn’t matter how much love and attention you shower on your income and relationship sectors, if you didn’t take care of business in the first house, your income and relationships are going to be a mess.

    The second factor that can derail an individual is astrocartography.  Each location on the planet has its own frequency and resonance.  If you are living in a location that is in dissonance with your personal energy signature and resonance, everything can feel like a struggle and the only real option is to MOVE!  This can be especially important if there are complicated interceptions within a chart.  Even though we may have needed to be in a particular place and moment in time, to get just the right frequency to slide into consciousness (to be born), oftentimes the place that was ideal for us at the time of our birth is not suitable for sustaining us over the long term.  If we ignore this factor within our charts, we are not getting the full picture.  We must work the wheel in the proper order and in a place that supports us energetically.

    The astrological wheel, of the Placidus House system, is designed for each house to build upon itself.  The lower houses, one through six, need to be fully developed in childhood, in order to create a strong foundation for one’s adult life.  So here’s the breakdown of the houses:

    1. Identity – How you choose to present yourself to the world
    2. Basic Survival Needs – This house is often associated with income.  And it is literally the easiest way for you to make income, which in turn provides for your basic needs, shelter, food, water, etc.  And yes!  This can be developed in one’s childhood.  In my opinion, Kindergarten should be devoted to developing the persona and the identity of the first house.  First grade through high school is best used to learn the basics of the core subjects AND developing the skills that are in alignment with one’s income sector and building on those skills with each successive year.  As one does this, one’s identity becomes more firmly rooted, developed, and solidified.
    3. Communication and interaction with your immediate environment – This house governs the core subjects studied in primary school as mentioned above.  The people you share your childhood home with as in siblings.  The short daily trips you make.  And the back and forth exchange of ideas needed to establish yourself as a valuable contributor within your immediate community.
    4. Your home – The environment and atmosphere you need in order to feel nurtured and supported.
    5. Play – The activities, atmosphere, and environment you need in order to feel rested and rejuvenated.  How you best re-charge your own batteries and facilitate the natural flow of creativity.
    6. The daily grind – The daily activities and routines that you need to support you; body, mind, and soul.
    7. Relationships – The partnerships, business and marital, that support you best in this lifetime.  What you naturally bring to the table and what you need from those partnerships.  The environment you need to thrive in contractual relationships.
    8. Investments – What and how to invest in to create a stable, secure future for yourself.  This can be investments in stocks, insurance, etc. or of a more spiritual nature as in investing in occult practices.  This also can refer to inheritances.  We typically choose to leave are fortunes to the people who invested the most time and energy into us while we were living.  Therefore, inheritance is the result of our investments.
    9. Expansion – This is what one needs to expand one’s awareness to one’s highest state of consciousness through higher education and foreign travel.  Exposing oneself to foreign cultures and philosophies.
    10. Career – This is the culmination of all the prior houses.  This is where we find the type of career where we can be most effective and thrive.  This house is our world stage.  And it tells us what we need to thrive on that stage.
    11. Associations – This is typically referred to the house of friends and it does say something about the friends we choose.  But the ultimate goal of this house is to connect with galactic consciousness.  This is where we find the groups and associations that enable us to have the greatest impact on humanity.  Again, it is the culmination of all the prior houses.
    12. Spirit – This house tells us how we can have the strongest and most powerful connection with the spirit realm.  When we have honored all of the previous houses the culmination in this house results in the self-actualized human being.  Once this occurs our energy becomes like a figure eight.  We can dive down into the depths of the spirit realm and commune with the Divine gaining knowledge and insights that can be brought back to the surface and shared with humanity, then we draw from the collective, take what we learn and dive back down into the realms of spirit, birthing again something new to send out into the collective; and on and on for infinite.

    The houses refer to a particular sector of your life.  The zodiacal signs refer to the environment and atmosphere we need to focus on creating within each sector.  The planets point to our special gifts and where and how to put those gifts into action.  The asteroids point to highly specialized skills and talents.  Interceptions can show where we have psychic and latent skills that need to be unearthed and developed.  Astrocartography sheds light on the places that provide us the most energetic support.

    This is just one way of using the zodiacal chart.  I call it the Dharma Chart because I feel it is the single most powerful tool in the achieving of “not holding” suffering.  It is not to say that all of the other forms of astrology are not helpful and valuable.  The zodiac is “like an onion, Donkey”.  There are many, many layers and just as many ways to tap into its secrets.

  • Minerva's Magick

    Minerva’s Magick – Essential Oils for Ascension

    I use essential oils because they make me feel good.  I feel I have an intimate connection with the plant world and love it when they lend themselves to my practice.  For the past 17 years, I have not had the luxury of having health insurance.  Lavender and tea tree oil came to my rescue when I severely scalded a very large portion of my leg.  Tea tree oil has come to my rescue time and time again.  In the past, I bought the highest level of quality I could afford at the time.  My current income levels allow me a bit more flexibility.  So I have been looking to align myself with an essential oil company.

    Each company resonates with its own energy based on its own astrological chart.  But we can’t really know the birth time and place of any particular business.  And trying to use science to choose your essential oil company isn’t really going to work either since the industry is not regulated and governed the same way we would see in the medical industry.  I was raised in a multi-level marketing family and the experience was not a good one for me.  So you would think that I would rule out any essential oil companies based on an MLM business model.  However, I did not.  I have learned from experience when the goddesses talk, good things happen.  During these times, I pay attention and take the messages I receive, very, very seriously.  Minerva made her presence known to me the day I was invited to a doTERRA meeting and gave me a big thumbs-up on using this brand.  It will not be the only brand I use because they don’t carry every kind of oil I need.  But, with Minerva’s nudge, I have chosen to align myself with this brand.  I do not advocate that you choose this brand based on my actions.  I recommend going through the decision-making process for yourself and choose the brand that is right for you.  If you are drawn to doTERRA and want to be a part of my team, I am happy to welcome you. If you want to try out doTERRA products and support this site as well, you may order from my doTERRA store.  If you are already spending $100+ a month on essential oils, you stand to gain the most financially by becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.  All of my team members receive the Personal Asteroid Inventory and 13 Moon Dharma Course at no cost.  We examine your astrological chart to identify how the world of essential oils can support you in fulfilling your pre-birth contract.  If you have any trouble with the links contact me.  My doTERRA ID number is 5963305.  

    I use essential oils because they enchant my world.  I love the way they smell and the sense of connection they bring me.  They give me a feeling of connection to the plant kingdom, the spiritual realm, and Venus.  They bring beauty and sensuality to one’s immediate environment.  They enchant our world.  And that is the very best reason to use any product.

    If you do choose to use essential oils in your practice, do so simply because it brings you joy.  One needs no other reason.  Choose a brand that works for your specific circumstances.  If one cannot afford the very highest quality, choose a brand you can afford with a grateful heart.  Regardless of brand, set your intention when using the oil, communicate with it.  Ask it to bring its best out for you, offer your gratitude and loving kindness in return.  Then have faith in yourself and faith in the oil.  Infusing these positive emotions with willful intent is more powerful than anything in the physical realm.  Do this, and any oil you choose will work for you.

    If you need help deciding if doTERRA is the right money making opportunity for you, head on over to my Team Member Blog for more information.

    Minerva tells me that essential oils can play a powerful role in the ascension process.  I am so excited about sharing her special blend of magick!

  • A Witch's Way

    Energy Clearing Ritual

    This ritual won’t be anything new to anyone with even the most basic training in the craft.  As an empath, I have instinctively been taking saltwater baths since I was a pre-teen.  This seems to be the only thing that really gives me immediate relief after an emotionally draining situation.  I haven’t found any data to support the claim that salt removes negative energy, but it works for me like a charm every time.  And it seems to work for a lot of other people as well.  If you do know of any studies supporting the claim that salt removes negativity, please let me know in the comments section.

    I run a hot bath with about ¼ cup of Epsom, sea salt, or whatever specialty salt I have on hand.  I buy salt in bulk, cast an enchantment on it to show my appreciation and to amp up its energy clearing vibe.   Then I put it in pretty containers to have on hand.

    I add 3-4 drops of essential oil.  I prefer Elemi because chemically and energetically it is very similar to Frankincense but at a fraction of the cost.  And I love the way it smells.  Of course, I love Frankincense and use it at times.  Traditionally both have been used to clear negative energy, re-calibrate the chakras, and open connections with the spirit realms.  Sandalwood also works well.  You can use any oil you have on hand that speaks to you and lifts your spirit.

    I turn off all the lights then light some candles that I have enchanted with energy clearing spells.

    I play a chakra balancing meditation.

    I focus on totally emptying my mind of negative thoughts and my heart of painful emotions.  This process usually takes me about 20-30 minutes.  But it is all up to you and what you need at the moment.  If it has been an especially difficult week, it might take 2-3 days of repeating before I feel totally cleansed.  To be honest, you can omit this step and still achieve very good results.  If you are emotionally feeling like you just got hit by a Mack truck, it may be all you can do to just pour some salt in a bath and breathe.  The salt will do the trick without the oils, candles, and meditation.  Do what feels good.

    I do this the night before I want to practice any kind of spell work, and when I simply need to detox.

  • A Witch's Way

    The Decision Making Process

    Navigating Day to Day Decisions in the Way of the Witch

    How many times have you made, what appeared to be a most logical and reasonable decision, which resulted in a “sick to your stomach” feeling?  How many times did that “sick to your stomach” feeling result in a positive outcome?  And this is the problem with science.  Science is simply our best guess based on the data we can see and record.  It is not all-knowing.  The heart is linked with Spirit and Spirit is linked with the Force, God, the Zero Point Field, the force of creation, whatever you choose to call it.  This force IS all knowing.  Do I have empirical evidence for this?  No.  Looking back on my own experiences, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, my heart-based decisions have never resulted in a negative outcome, even when they appeared to be quite illogical.  I cannot say the same for the decisions I have made based solely on practical purposes and scientific logic.  Many, many times these decisions have steered me to an unfavorable, inconvenient outcome.  Therefore, I choose to relegate scientific data as a secondary factor in my decision-making process.

    But even this practice can steer one wrong, without intimate knowledge of the North Node and how it is operating in your own personal astrological birth chart.  The North Node is unfamiliar territory to our soul.  It is our highest purpose within this incarnation but an area where we have not tread before.  Therefore, it can feel foreign and uncomfortable, especially in the early stages of all life.  And if placed with a stellium, it can be quite uncomfortable even into the later stages of life.  Therefore, in my opinion, it is quite necessary to factor in the North Node to the decision making process.  For instance, my daughter’s North Node is in the sign of Cancer in the fourth house of home and security.  The act of nurturing does not come easy for her.  It is not one of her natural talents, however, it is her highest calling.  When she has taken on nurturing roles, it has not been because it felt good, quite the opposite.  She had to force herself into uncomfortable situations and she did so because she felt “compelled”.  That feeling of being compelled is often linked to North Node energy.  Knowing how the North Node is operating in one’s own chart allows one to discern when an uncomfortable feeling in one’s gut or heart, might actually result in a positive outcome.

    ~The “Witch’s Way” is to~

    1)        Know thyself.  Know your North Node and how it is functioning in your life.

    2)        Consider and assess the logical scientific data available.

    3)        Take a moment to meditate on these facts.  Breathe.  How does it feel?  Take just a moment to breathe and check-in with your heart center and your gut.  Take a moment to communicate with your higher self and your guides.  When time allows, ask for assistance from your higher self and your guides, if in doubt.

    4)        Practice self-love.  Forgive yourself when you get it wrong.

    Sometimes we get it wrong.  Some decisions we have ample time to contemplate, reflect, and communicate with our guides.  But sometimes we must make very, very important decisions in the heat of the moment.  Sometimes, we are not able to take even a moment to ground and center ourselves.  I am reminded of my first trip to Paris.  I was taking my teenage daughter on our first ever, real vacation.  We were going to Paris so my daughter could tour a University that she wanted to attend.  The stakes were high.  I had the pressure of making this, our first real vacation, a pleasant and memorable experience.  I did not speak French.  I had never traveled to a foreign country.  I had not flown for many years, so I didn’t even really know what to expect in the US airports, let alone the foreign airports.  We landed in Paris tired, foggy, and completely disoriented from an overnight flight.  It took me literally hours to find my way out of Terminal 1.  Border patrol in Paris operated in an entirely different way than in the United States, so I was basically looking for something that didn’t exist.  And I was too disoriented to understand the instructions I was receiving in broken English from airport personnel.  By this time, it was about 8:00 in the morning.  The hotel in the City Center was not available for check-in until 3:00 that afternoon.  I had booked a hotel in Terminal 2E, to allow us to rest before heading on to Paris.  Not knowing at the time of booking that this hotel is only accessible to those passengers “departing from Terminal 2E”.  Therefore one had to pass through Terminal 2E security, which required a boarding pass for an outbound flight, to even gain access to this hotel.  Something that may have been mentioned on their website, but the website was in French, so I was navigating as best I could with Google Translate.  A major, major flaw in my travel plans.  And anyone traveling to Paris knows, it is quite impossible to get an early check-in without a reservation, even during the off-season.  Therefore, we were stuck.  There was no time to center myself and check-in with my guides.  I was too tired, too disoriented, and feeling too pressured to produce a positive result for my agitated, exhausted daughter.  That day was a bad day.  There is no way to get around it.  If I had it to do over, I would probably do things differently.  But I did the best that I was capable of at that moment.  I didn’t lose my cool and to my surprise, neither did my daughter.  And we did manage to arrive at our Paris hotel safe and sound.  That was pretty much the best that I could hope for on that day.  Despite the very rough start, the remainder of our vacation and the University tour were both a great success.

    There is no such thing as perfection in this world.  It is not possible to get it right at all times.  That first day in Paris, I was too tired and disoriented to even be able to make a heart-based decision.  At that moment, I chose self-love, I forgave myself for booking the wrong hotel and I surrendered to being a victim of circumstance, knowing tomorrow would be a new day.  The truth be told, I never did completely center myself during that first stay in Paris.  That trip was firmly rooted in my North Node energy.  Even though I never felt my powerful, witchy self while there, I felt totally empowered upon the completion of the trip.  And during the planning of the trip, while wrought with anxiety, I was “compelled” to move forward with it.  My guides have shown me that the country of France is an integral part of my destiny.  Astrologically speaking, this location is in positive and powerful alignment with my Aries stellium.  My North Node is a part of this stellium, hence making my initial travels to this region a tad more than uncomfortable.

    The bottom line,  trust your gut, go with your hearts desires.  If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable, but still feel compelled, that feeling could be your North Node urging you forward to your destiny.  If an action makes you feel sick to your stomach, it’s probably not the direction you want to go.  Knowing your North Node energy will help you to discern whether or not that is the case.

  • Conversations with Circe,  Starcraft

    The Asteroids

    Lasers of Precision in the Natal Chart

    One of the first things Circe impressed on me is the importance of the study and understanding of the asteroids in astrology—and how they relate to dharma.  She did this by showing me where she appeared in my own chart.  And she used the opportunity to introduce herself and my other spirit guides, as well.  The day after one of the most detailed and powerful communications I have received from my guides so far, Circe followed up in her usual way, with a message all her own.  This particular morning, I awoke with the image of the glyph for the Part of Fortune emblazoned on my brain.  It was hand painted and the color of crimson.  It was brilliant and beautiful.

    My Part of Fortune was a part of my chart that I had never understood.  It seemed to be hanging out all by itself and not linked to any of the major planets.  I knew there must be something that I had missed.  At this point, I had no idea of who my spirit guides were.  I just knew that finally, after many years of practice, I was starting to receive solid, easy to understand, information from the spirit realm.  As I was contemplating my Part of Fortune, I began to question if goddesses can show up in the birth chart somehow.  A quick google search found that there are indeed asteroids named after goddesses.  Then I went to reference Kim Falconer’s book, “Astrology and Aptitude” remembering that she had a section on asteroids.  I had at first just skimmed over this section.  The reasoning was; there is no empirical evidence that asteroids play a significant role in the natal chart (hello—this is astrology, we are getting there, but we still have a ways to go before we have free access to empirical data), and the gods and goddesses were deemed satanic by the religion of my upbringing so why would I study them.  A side note on that is my experience with my guides has been about as far away from satanic as one can get.  They have made it clear that their only goal and intention is to nurture, care for, and protect humanity.  If you believe in a one true living God, then our gods and goddesses are in service to that God, just as we are.  They also have given me no indication that they wish to be worshipped.  Their message is, “we are in service to the Divine, and will work to assist you in your relationship with the Divine if you allow us to.”

    The fourth asteroid listed in Kim’s book is asteroid number 34, Circe, named after the goddess of magic.  I had just completed Jeannette Maw’s “Core Values Uncovered”.  I could sum up all of my core values into one word—magic!”  I had no idea there was a goddess representing my core values!  I pulled up my chart on Astrodienst, and plugged in number 34, to see where she fell in my chart—2 degrees Taurus, almost exactly conjunct, within just a few minutes, of my own Part of Fortune.  The goddess Circe is sharing my first house of identity with a huge stellium of planets conjunct my north node in Aries.  So yes, being in Taurus, she was too far away from the stellium to be a part of it, but, residing in the first house, she is still very much a part of my true identity.  And it is in the claiming of that identity that I am going to “feel abundant”, which is what the Part of Fortune gives us–what it takes for us to feel fortunate, abundant, and wealthy.  My evangelical upbringing had forbidden me to embrace the one and only thing that could make me feel abundant.

    It took an entire year for me to get the courage, to make peace with the conditioning of my evangelical roots, and to present myself to the world as a witch.  I have always been very good at “conjuring” joy, but what I found when I owned the fact that I was a witch, I no longer had to “conjure” joy.  It’s just there.  When I am working on this website, or thinking about it, and planning my posts (which is all the time), I feel fortunate, grateful, abundant, and relaxed.  It is a whole new way of living for me.

    For those of us who have forgotten who we are, knowing these asteroids can be vitally important.  The asteroids hone in on our needs and skills with laser-like precision.  The dharma details are in the asteroids.  Visit the order page to get your personal Dharma Asteroid Inventory.

  • Spellcraft

    Banishing Blocks

    Powerful Manifesting Spell

    Many of us are aware of our blocks to manifesting.  The tricky part is getting rid of them.  If we drill down to the core, all of these blocks arise from some kind of self-hate.  All of our fears and anxieties ultimately stem from a feeling of not believing in ourselves and trusting in our own capabilities.  Being in a perpetual state of ungratefulness stems from not being able to connect with our own worth, first.  Excessive pride, elitist feelings of entitlement, and envy are at the root of ungratefulness.  Excessive pride and elitist feelings are the results of an ego out of control.  The only time the ego goes to this extreme is when it feels threatened.  It’s not good enough on its own, it has to show the world that it is “better than” the other.  But the enlightened soul knows there is no “other”.  The one sure fire way to overcome all of these obstacles at once is to bombard your spirit with self-love.  This spell is designed to do just that.

    • Pour yourself a full glass of water.
    • Sit in a comfortable place.
    • Repeat this incantation for as long as is comfortable and enjoyable.
    • Drink the entire glass of water.

    you are enchanted

    you bring our world to life

    you are enchanted

    with you my soul takes flight

    This is a spell, in which you do want to use your native tongue because you do want a strong sense of attachment with this spell.  The goal is to infuse the water with loving kindness and gratitude.  You want to place the focus and intent on the water, rather than focusing on yourself.  This is a detachment trick.  You are putting the attachment into the water while being completely detached from yourself or any outcome to yourself.  The human body contains roughly 60% water.  Masaru Emoto’s research on water shows us that water is greatly affected by our emotions.  Working with this spell overtime, allows you to replace all of the water within your bodies cells, that is infused with negativity, with water that is infused with positivity, love, and gratitude.  It will completely change the way you feel about yourself.

    When I do this spell, I sit in my special rocking chair.  This is a chair that I cast an enchantment on–it is my special manifesting chair.  Then I sing the spell over and over conjuring as much love and gratitude into my heart as possible, keeping that love and gratitude focused on the water itself.

    If you haven’t already, check out my post on spellcraft basics.

  • Spellcraft

    Chanting Spells 101

    There are various types and styles of spells a witch can use.  I use chanting when I want to change negative habits and behaviors.  I also use chanting when I want to send out a specific stream of energy into the universe on a regular basis.  I might use a chant on my way to work in the morning to build a wall of protection around me, if I know I am going to be exposed to any kind of negativity.  And chanting is a quick effective way to give my vibration a boost.

    Consider the spells on this site as a starting point

    • Ultimately you will want to have a grimoire that is for your eyes only and contains spells that you have tailored specifically to you.
    I prefer dead languages for spells
    • Using a language your ego mind doesn’t understand, creates instant and effortless detachment, which is crucial for any kind of manifesting.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, therefore, you will find some of my spells written in English.
    I chant or sing my spells from my heart center
    • Whatever mode you use for casting spells needs to feel completely comfortable, relaxed, and effortless.  Your spell is going to carry the vibration you are feeling while you are casting it.
    • Engaging the heart supercharges a spell.  The heart contains powerful amounts of cells and neurotransmitters that we once thought were solely delegated to the brain center.  HeartMath Institute is doing amazing research this area if you want to study it further.  
    Don't participate in any kind of spell work if your vibration isn't clean!
    There is no wrong way to do spell work
    • UNLESS you are performing spell work when your vibration isn’t clean!
    If your spell is a chant, practice your spell for 40 days and 40 nights
    •  Just about anywhere in the Bible that you see the number 40, you can replace the number with the words “for as long as it takes”, and the passage will make sense.  There are a lot of different interpretations and meanings to the numbers of the Bible in various religious traditions, but for me, the purest most concise meaning of the number 40 is “for as long as it takes”.
    • Commit to your spell work “for as long as it takes”.  This is a huge gesture of self-love to the Force of the universe, and the Force will respond in a powerful way.  Some spells will only require one session.  Every spring I clean the porch while chanting a spell to keep the insects in the yard and off the porch.  With confidence, one session a season is all it takes to be effective.  But if I am doing major shadow work, and banishing deeply rooted negative behaviors, I might commit to the chant for as long as a year.
    If you are part of a coven or have access to a family spellbook that has been passed down through the generations, kudos to you
    • Those spells carry the vibration and collective power of all who practiced them before you.