Note from the Author

My intention is to plant the seeds of dharma and to have those seeds take root and grow with the vigor of the dandelion until there is no longer room for the seeds of suffering to take hold.  May all your days be enchanted.

I have struggled with just how much of my truth to divulge on this site as I have a keen awareness that much of it will cast me in the light of delusion.  (Just identifying as a “witch” is enough to raise more than a few eyebrows, identifying as a “galactic witch” is even a bit much for me to get my head wrapped around.  But it is the scenario my guides, aka the voices in my head, gave me.)  I have rewritten this “About” page more times than I can remember in an attempt to make the truth more palatable.  Sometimes I bypassed the truth altogether and presented the site as pure fiction.  I have also struggled with the concept of the geldrbaryn, which literally translates to “the castrated ones”.  I have tried editing them out with no success.

For many years I believed that the Earth experience was a school, contrast necessary to learn right from wrong, suffering a necessary and valuable part of life, and the idea of spiritual warfare simply a fable constructed to provide the necessary “suffering”.  In 2016, a very real and undeniable encounter with the other side shattered all of those beliefs and cast the idea of “truth” in a new light.  Here is the thing about “truth”, it is highly subjective.  Take a table for example.  I ask you is the table solid?  Well, yes and no.  Yes, you can not walk through it, if you bump into it, it will hurt, and you can use its surface as a solid object to sit things on.  But from an atomic perspective, there is nothing solid about the table.  The table is merely millions of particles jumping around as if in a giant mosh pit.  Their closeness in proximity and bumping into one another, give the appearance of solidity, but it IS an illusion.  Despite this illusion and the fact that we are aware of the illusion, in common daily usage, we refer to the table as a solid and interact with the table as a solid, because that is the only perspective from which we are able to experience it.

So for those of you who find yourself questioning the information I present here, and for those who are sure this is the work of someone who has clearly “gone ’round the bend”, I only ask that you open yourself up to the possibility of another perception, none more or less true, than the perception of your own belief systems.  In the end, I have found that I most enjoy a blending of fantasy and great truths–a reworking of our mythology and creation stories that is more empowering and no less true than the original tales.  The information herein is presented with integrity and for the common good.  If you find something here that you just can’t accept, I hope that you can delegate it to fantasy, and enjoy the story regardless.  Whether or not you find the information presented here to be fact or fiction, does not deter from its ability to empower you.  This is my remembering.

Dharma Archambault

Earth 2019

This site is dedicated to the little Raven that pulled my lost and wandering soul from the abyss and nurtured the ancient yew back to life.  You are the love of my life and I am eternally grateful.

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