doTERRA Enrollment

Sign up as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate to receive FREE your Personal Asteroid Inventory (Complete Set) and 13 Moon Dharma Course. IMPORTANT!!  You will need to know your birth time, birth date, and birthplace to receive the free gifts.  I cannot cast your chart without complete and accurate birth data. 

Have questions before taking the plunge? Visit my member blog to find out if joining my team is right for you.

Ready to Join doTERRA? It’s super easy! Follow these step-by-step instructions. 

Step 1: Click on this link – doTERRA Wholesale Enrollment (By using this link you are becoming a member of my enchanted team.)

Step 2a: Select your Language & Country of Residence

Step 2b: Make sure that the option “Wholesale Prices” is selected. This membership will give you the deepest discount (25% on all products) but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy. (Select “doTERRA Wellness Advocate” if you want to build your own doTerra Team).

Step 3: Fill out the top of the application with your personal information…address, birthday, etc…

Step 4: Enter your password for your Virtual Office. This is where you will be able to place future orders and track past orders.

Step 5: Read Terms and Conditions and Check Box

Step 7: Select how you want to enroll. Most people choose an enrollment kit because they give you a good foundation, they are priced lower than wholesale, and the enrollment fee is included. Click to view the ENROLLMENT KITS.

You can also just pay the enrollment fee of $35 and then pick and choose what products you want to start out with. One recommendation I like to make is to not forget the Fractionated Coconut Oil. It makes for easier dilution. If you want to pick your own starter products follow these two steps.

  • Select the Introductory Packet from the enrollment kit list.
  • Select the item(s) you want from the drop-down menu and enter a quantity.

Step 8: Loyalty Rewards Offer –  This is doTERRA’s monthly Loyalty Rewards Program. If you’d like to set up an order for next month, feel free to do so! You can view the benefits of the program here: Loyalty Rewards Program. If you choose to not set it up now, you can always do it later if you decide you want to.

Step 9: Select continue and on the next page you will see an overview of your order and enter your payment information. If you are trying to qualify for a special promotion please make sure to double check your PV amount. Most promotions are setup with a qualifying pv amount.

Step 10: Welcome to the team! Upon successful submission of your application doTERRA will send you an email with your distributor ID and instructions on how to enter your Virtual Office.  IMPORTANT!! Use the contact form to let me know you’ve enrolled.  Include your birth time, birth date, and birthplace.  I will add you to my team’s mailing list AND get to work on your FREE gifts! 

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