The Grim; Volume UC-the Urania Code; Section 01; Preamble

  • Quote on Night Sky


    The Forgetting

    The Goddess Weeps

    You are here.  Incarnate you are.  Neptune’s veil you have passed through and the great forgetting rests upon you.  Within this world and this timeline–this particular possibility within the field of all possibilities, the forgetting is strong.  The balance is lost.  Basking in the glory of the bounty of the divine union should you be.  What is this suffering and chaos?  It is an abomination!  The Goddess weeps.

    Neptune’s forgetting is not born of of evil.  The intention is pure.  The great forgetting is a shield of armor through the portal between the worlds, it is.  Neptune’s veil keeps you firmly attached to the Force.  When lost is the balance, harmful creatures do innocent acts become.  And so it is, that in this realm you are actively entrained to disconnect from your original intent.  The intent of expressing one very distinct, unique, and pure essence of the divine union.  To courageously and proudly shine the light of that essence, your purpose and destiny it is.  To disconnect from that destiny creates a fracturing from the Force.  The soul is weakened and the Force is weakened.  Set steadfast on the way of descension, you are.

    The Remembering

    The Goddess Dreams a Solution

    Remembering your shining, this is the path to balance.  With each fracture of the Force, each tear within its fabric, the Goddess dreams a solution.  The Goddess dreams Urania.  And so it is, our lady Urania, has but one desire, the desire to illuminate the way to your shining.  When the shining is strong, the Force is strong.  When the shining is strong, set steadfast on the path of ascension you are.

    Urania it is that conspired with the Guardians to take up residence within the heavenly bodies.  In so doing, their placements within the heavens at the moment of your incarnation, record your original intent.  As you travel the way, emit their frequency to trigger the great remembering they do.  ‘Tis a vast amount of detail that must be recorded.  Requires a great quantity of heavenly bodies it does.  There are signs and wayposts, frequency transmissions, attunements, adjustments and readjustments along the way.  To make sense of it all, Urania constructs an elaborate code.  And so it is, Urania’s code is hidden in the stars.  To know your star alignments is to awaken. To know the Urania Code is to remember.   Know the code.  Remember the Way.  Shine!


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  • Stars & Stargates

    360° of the Shining

    To know the Urania code is to know the power of the 3, the 6, and the 9.  No ordinary numbers are these.  These are the numbers of the cosmos.  These are the number of creation.  You are stardust, and so it is, that these are the numbers of your shining.  Twelve rays and twelve stargates, and the billions of stars of your planetary collective, these are the foundations of the Urania code.

    As Above, So Below
    As Within, So Without

    Powerful words are these. The key to remembering they are. Everything in the spiritual realm, a tangible correspondence it has. Comprehend and experience the unseen realms you can—know the correspondences.

    12 Pointed StarBound by the material plane is not the nine, follows not the rules and principles of the other numbers of your maths.  In the unseen realms lives the nine for it is the number of divinity.  It is all there ever was and all that ever will be.  The alpha and the omega.  The beginning and the end.

    As Within, So Without
    You the Force, You the Autonomous

    And so it is, we start with the circle and 360°. The circle doubled; two spheres, holding within them the dodecagram and the dodecagon, visual representations of the shining they are. Doubled, yes, for they are two.  The inner rim corresponds to the Force, the One, the all~as within.  The outer rim corresponds to you, the autonomous~so without.  The you that has a need to express one unique aspect of the divine union and to expand upon it. So you see, there are two, for there are two of you.

    Required of you it is, to be connected to the Force within, if you are to shine your authentic self.  The outer rim is a reflection of that which is within.

    180° of the Shining Mirrored180° of the Shining Mirrored

    Pierced through the center of our spheres is the horizon line that is Neptune’s veil.  Creates the heavens and the earth, it does.  Gives the illusion of separation.  Ah, yes, Neptune’s veil, in varying degrees, appears in many places ‘round that wheel that is the key to Urania’s code.  And this you must remember always.  It is an illusion–the illusion required to experience the tangible realms.  That which is unseen is even more real than that which is seen.  For nothing exists within your Earth plane that did not first exist in the realm of spirit.

    As Above, So Below
    You, the Force – You, the Autonomous

    And so it is, each half of the sphere is a reflection of the other.  Divine each, for nine is the number of divinity.  Corresponds to you, the Force does the southern hemisphere.  Corresponds to you, the autonomous does the northern hemisphere.  The collective souls of your planet, a part of the Force they are.

    So yes, remember always, an illusion it is, the separation.  That which is seen is simply a reflection of that which is unseen. You, the autonomous is but a reflection of the you that is the Force.  The same, but different.