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    Banishing Blocks

    Powerful Manifesting Spell

    Many of us are aware of our blocks to manifesting.  The tricky part is getting rid of them.  If we drill down to the core, all of these blocks arise from some kind of self-hate.  All of our fears and anxieties ultimately stem from a feeling of not believing in ourselves and trusting in our own capabilities.  Being in a perpetual state of ungratefulness stems from not being able to connect with our own worth, first.  Excessive pride, elitist feelings of entitlement, and envy are at the root of ungratefulness.  Excessive pride and elitist feelings are the results of an ego out of control.  The only time the ego goes to this extreme is when it feels threatened.  It’s not good enough on its own, it has to show the world that it is “better than” the other.  But the enlightened soul knows there is no “other”.  The one sure fire way to overcome all of these obstacles at once is to bombard your spirit with self-love.  This spell is designed to do just that.

    • Pour yourself a full glass of water.
    • Sit in a comfortable place.
    • Repeat this incantation for as long as is comfortable and enjoyable.
    • Drink the entire glass of water.

    you are enchanted

    you bring our world to life

    you are enchanted

    with you my soul takes flight

    This is a spell, in which you do want to use your native tongue because you do want a strong sense of attachment with this spell.  The goal is to infuse the water with loving kindness and gratitude.  You want to place the focus and intent on the water, rather than focusing on yourself.  This is a detachment trick.  You are putting the attachment into the water while being completely detached from yourself or any outcome to yourself.  The human body contains roughly 60% water.  Masaru Emoto’s research on water shows us that water is greatly affected by our emotions.  Working with this spell overtime, allows you to replace all of the water within your bodies cells, that is infused with negativity, with water that is infused with positivity, love, and gratitude.  It will completely change the way you feel about yourself.

    When I do this spell, I sit in my special rocking chair.  This is a chair that I cast an enchantment on–it is my special manifesting chair.  Then I sing the spell over and over conjuring as much love and gratitude into my heart as possible, keeping that love and gratitude focused on the water itself.

    If you haven’t already, check out my post on spellcraft basics.

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    Chanting Spells 101

    There are various types and styles of spells a witch can use.  I use chanting when I want to change negative habits and behaviors.  I also use chanting when I want to send out a specific stream of energy into the universe on a regular basis.  I might use a chant on my way to work in the morning to build a wall of protection around me, if I know I am going to be exposed to any kind of negativity.  And chanting is a quick effective way to give my vibration a boost.

    Consider the spells on this site as a starting point

    • Ultimately you will want to have a grimoire that is for your eyes only and contains spells that you have tailored specifically to you.
    I prefer dead languages for spells
    • Using a language your ego mind doesn’t understand, creates instant and effortless detachment, which is crucial for any kind of manifesting.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, therefore, you will find some of my spells written in English.
    I chant or sing my spells from my heart center
    • Whatever mode you use for casting spells needs to feel completely comfortable, relaxed, and effortless.  Your spell is going to carry the vibration you are feeling while you are casting it.
    • Engaging the heart supercharges a spell.  The heart contains powerful amounts of cells and neurotransmitters that we once thought were solely delegated to the brain center.  HeartMath Institute is doing amazing research this area if you want to study it further.  
    Don't participate in any kind of spell work if your vibration isn't clean!
    There is no wrong way to do spell work
    • UNLESS you are performing spell work when your vibration isn’t clean!
    If your spell is a chant, practice your spell for 40 days and 40 nights
    •  Just about anywhere in the Bible that you see the number 40, you can replace the number with the words “for as long as it takes”, and the passage will make sense.  There are a lot of different interpretations and meanings to the numbers of the Bible in various religious traditions, but for me, the purest most concise meaning of the number 40 is “for as long as it takes”.
    • Commit to your spell work “for as long as it takes”.  This is a huge gesture of self-love to the Force of the universe, and the Force will respond in a powerful way.  Some spells will only require one session.  Every spring I clean the porch while chanting a spell to keep the insects in the yard and off the porch.  With confidence, one session a season is all it takes to be effective.  But if I am doing major shadow work, and banishing deeply rooted negative behaviors, I might commit to the chant for as long as a year.
    If you are part of a coven or have access to a family spellbook that has been passed down through the generations, kudos to you
    • Those spells carry the vibration and collective power of all who practiced them before you.
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    Super Charged Spells

    I believe any dead language is powerful for spell work.  I use Latin, simply because it is the easiest for me to pronounce, but as my understanding of dead languages increases, I am sure I will add others to my practice.  I have had far more success with my Latin spell work than when using English.

    When we are doing spell work, we need to tap into the sub-conscious.  It is our sub-conscious mind that goes about the work of materializing our desires.  So I keep my spells limited to a few power words or thoughts.  I don’t work with complex sentence structures.  This allows the sub-conscious to hone in on the power word/thought with ease.  By using a language we don’t use in day to day speech, we are disengaging our ego mind and “letting go”.  This detachment is absolutely necessary for any manifestation.  When we are attached, we are blocking.

    My formula, for a super charged spell, is to keep it short, simple, and in a language my ego mind doesn’t understand.

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    The Gift of Time

    When my guides appeared to me, I started an in-depth study and research of them.  I wasn’t really familiar with any of them.  I found stories of Brigid, Minerva, and Circe, that told of how they would chant their spells while performing the mundane tasks of the day.  Most of the stories refer to weaving since that was a requirement of women in ancient times.  As they chanted, the spells were woven into the very fabric they fashioned.  This struck a chord with me.  I had since I can remember, been chanting positive affirmations or things I wanted to materialize, quietly to myself, as I would go about my day.   When I decided to embrace my inner witch, at the urging of my guides, this seemed to be the natural form of spell work for my practice.  I’ve simply stepped it up a notch.

    When I work with a spell, I like to work with it for a long time.  As I was doing my shadow work, I realized that despite years of practicing self-love, I still had significant and powerful amounts of self-loathing and worthiness issues.  I started to contemplate how this came to be.  How did such a sweet-natured, all-loving child, turn into an adult who couldn’t live herself?  In a rush, I was transported back to my childhood and heard the onslaught of verbal abuse that was directed at me, every day, from dawn to dusk.  I had my “aha” moment.  I was simply like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  I was conditioned.  Years of verbal abuse had woven those words into the fiber of my DNA.  So as an act of self-love, I made the decision to give each spell I work with lots of time, to weave its bonds deeply into my DNA, and I will continue to do so until there is no room for any negative residue from the past.

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    Consciousness Raising Spell

    I started working with this spell on New Year’s 2018.  I have had incredible success with it.  Much of the inspiration for this website came to me as I was working with the spell.  That, with a little nudge from Ming Chee’s dragon, manifested this site in a span of about 9 days.  It all came about quite magically!

    Ego Resurgamus

    Ego Autem

    Cum Divina

    I Rise

    I am One

    With the Divine