Astrology for Ascension

  • The Urania Code,  Way of the Goddess

    The Sacred 4

    Elements and Directions

    In the beginning, before the beginning, the Goddess desired and whispered her wish.  The breath of the Goddess fueled the tiny spark of desire and the tiny spark became a roaring flame.  As the flame grew the breath of the Goddess grew into a great wind of thought.  The Goddess saw all that had manifested from her tiny spark of desire and cried great tears of joy.  The ashes from the raging inferno of thought and desire fell into the great sea of tears and they became clay.  Unbeknownst to the Goddess, from the clay the God emerged.

    The God wished to pursue and in the wishing desired to know his bearings within the blackness of the great void.  He gazed in the direction of the great flame of his beginning and saw it shining.  He spoke.  “Shining of the great flame of the beginning, I name you so my children may call upon you for guidance. I name you Aust.”

    He gazed in the opposite direction of the great flame and felt the wind fueling the great flame.  He saw that the light of the great flame barely reached the home of the wind and it was not dark but it was not light either.  It was betwixt.  He saw that the great wind could be the end of the flame if it so chose.  He saw that in the betwixt the wind could fuel the flame if it so chose.  He saw that in the betwixt there was magic.  He spoke.  “Betwixt home of the wind, I name you so my children may call upon you for guidance. I name you Vestr.”

    He looked down and saw a blinding light as the shining of the flame reflected off a great sea, protecting–hiding all beneath it.  He saw that the water concentrated the light from the Aust and nourished the seeds protected and hidden in the land below its surface.  And there was growth.  And he saw the winds of Vestr blow across the great sea to fuel the flame of the Aust.  And in the wind of Vestr, the growth became strong.  He spoke.  “Great sea that turns the flame of Aust and the winds of Vestr into strong growth,  I name you so my children may call upon you for guidance.  I name you Suðr.”

    He looked up and saw that a mound of earth emerged out of the hiding of the great sea.  No light from the flame, nor its reflection could reach the top of the mound.  The God saw that without the light of the flame it was cold and dark.  But upon the cold dark ground lay an abundant harvest.  What started from the seeds born of the flame of desire, had grown in the protective water of the great sea of Suðr, and had matured to sweet ripeness in the fading light of the wind of Vestr.  And he saw that by doing nothing, which he was not accustomed, the seeds from the harvest found their way into the fertile ground.  He spoke.  “Cold, frozen tundra, keeper of the harvest and the do-nothing time, I name you so my children may call upon you for guidance.  I name you Norðr”.

    And so it was that the four sacred elements came to be also the four sacred directions.  Forever entwined, forever inseparable.

  • Asteroids


    Asteroid #9671

    Good morning and bright blessings from the dawning of a new day!  I am Hemera, daughter of Chronos.  I have come with my sister Nyx to teach you to keep time in balance and harmony with the land, Sophia, and the Way of the Goddess.

    Time is of your own making.  It does not exist as everything in the great Goddesses dream is being dreamed at once, in the present.  Time is constructed by you and is in your service.

    All good things are birthed from the great void of emptiness and silence–the womb of the Goddess.  Construct your calendar days in a manner that allows for the powerful do nothing times.  Employ timekeeping practices that respect the ebb and flow of the seasons.  If your time constructs are out of harmony with the present you can never reach the Enchanted Estate.

    If you allow time to be your master and adhere too strictly to your calendar schedules, despite what is happening in nature and in the collective, heartache and suffering will follow.  Declaring do nothing times when storms are brewing is wise and prudent, whether these storms be in the natural realm or in the realm of the collective intelligence.  The workings of nature and the collective do not follow your calendars.  They cannot be scheduled.  Be mindful of the subtle and not so subtle signals from the magical hidden realms.  Heed their warnings, retreat into the womb of the Goddess and you will be rewarded with a vivid and fruitful imagining that will manifest sweetness.

    If you find yourself in a place of suffering that is too much to bear, I give you the promise of a new day.  Retreat into the arms of my sister Nyx, let her darkness calm and comfort you.  Wake rested to a warmer and brighter new day.  Honor the Way of the Goddess as best you can despite your circumstances.  Keep your eyes focused on me and each day will be a bit brighter and warmer than the last.

    This present time is not easy.  It takes great courage.  Each time you feel the rays of the Lion King, remember I walk beside you, my heart is with you.  Namaste’ precious ones.  Take comfort and rise.

    Photo by Thanh Tam

  • Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

    Werdandi – Verdandi

    Asteroid #621

    I have been a riddle through the ages.  You know my sisters Urd and Skuld well.  We are the guardians of the timeline.  Urd’s past no matter how painful can always be used for growth–a tool to be treasured.  Skuld’s future no matter how painful the present and past, can always be a beacon to summon courage-a lighted path to follow.  Ah, but what of the present?

    The present is scarcely understood in a world controlled by the geldrbaryn.  They have employed very clever ways to coerce you into ignoring the present.

    There is a reason that a gift is also referred to as a present.  The present is the most precious of gifts in all the universe.  When you ignore the present, you forfeit the present.  The present is the gift of manifestation. the gift of being.  Rob someone of the Goddess’ gift, by causing suffering to their present and you will seal your own fate.

    When my light shines upon you, it is to remind you that you have a gift to give.  A gift that will bring balance and joy to humanity’s present.


    Feature photo by Annie Spratt

  • Dharma's Notes on Starcraft

    Star Chart Calculation

    I have tried several different ways of calculating the star chart and have found that the time-based systems seem to work the best.  In fact, the time-based systems have proven incredibly accurate and successful when used with Urania’s code. I currently calculate charts using the Tropical Zodiac and Placidus House system.  And I find that it works for both hemispheres and the poles.

    The star chart is meant to be a code–a precise, accurate, efficient form of communication.  It is not meant to be some abstract ideology to be theorized through the ages.  It is a message that is delivered in exactly the same way for everyone on the planet, regardless of their location.

    As Patrick Watson puts it, “Earth’s northern hemisphere is generally the front seat of our voyage around the Milky Way”.  Our solar system is moving at a northward motion through our galaxy.  Therefore, using the vernal equinox in March as the starting point of the zodiac is logical.

    This leads us to our next quandary.  In calculating the star chart, everything boils down to time and place.  We can always get accurate coordinates for place, but time is much trickier to pinpoint through the ages.  During war times, the practice of timekeeping has historically been erratic and inconsistent with known standards.  In cases where one geographic location was occupied by several different countries, and military forces, timekeeping delved into chaos.  To correctly pinpoint the time of someone born in Vienna in September of 1945, one would need to know which version of time was recorded.  Was it the U.S. version of time, the Russian version of time, the French version of time, or was it the British version of time.  The British were practicing a peculiar version of daylight savings time throughout their empire during the war years, in order to help with rationing resources.  To accurately cast the star chart requires that one knows the method of timekeeping in use at the time of birth and then converting that time to a Julian date that references the hour and second.

  • Starcraft

    The Way

    In the beginning, there were two great forces and nothing more.  In the beginning, there was electricity and magnetism and nothing more.  In the beginning, there was Love and Love and nothing more–the active love of will that pursues all that is imaginable and the passive love of desire that attracts all that is imaginable.  In the beginning, there was the God and the Goddess and nothing more.

    The Goddess had no other desire than to attract, and the God had no other will than to pursue.  And so it was that they found each other.  And so it was that the two become the One.  And it was bliss.  It was ecstasy.  It was sublime.  And there was magic.  There was everything.  Everything was a wave, ever so subtle, barely detectable.  And in the subtleness of the wave was consciousness.  The wave was a great sea of imagining.  An imagining of all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be.  The wave was a great sea of will and desire.  The wave was the Void.  The Void was the wave.  The wave was everything and everything was the wave.  Within the wave swam millions upon millions of the most minute of particles.  The tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles contained each a giant awareness.  An awareness of all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be.  The tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles contained each a giant cache of will and desire.  The tiny, minuscule, barely-there particles contained each the Goddess and the God.  You are one of those particles.  You are the wave.  You are the everything.  You are the One.  You are an expression of divinity, with no other desire than to experience the joy and the bounty born from the union of the Goddess and the God–the Enchanted Estate of the One.

    The particles of the wave found within the great imagining the pattern of life.  Fueled by will and desire they became.  With each manifestation of matter, there was a residual manifestation of anti-matter.  And there was a balance of light and shadow and it was good.

    In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great calm. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great emptiness. In the beginning, before the beginning, there was a great love and nothing more. In the beginning, before the beginning, the great love in the great calm of the great emptiness dreamed a dream. In the beginning, before the beginning, the dream within the great love in the great calm of the great emptiness wished to be.  In the beginning, before the beginning, there was the Goddess and nothing more.

    For reasons beyond my ability to explain and your ability to comprehend, within this world and timeline–this particular possibility within the field of all possibilities–the balance has been lost.  Instead of basking in the glory of the bounty of the divine union, tricked and coerced by the dark, the particles of consciousness in this plane and timeline use their divinity to create suffering and chaos.  It is an abomination.  It is a sacrilege.  And the Goddess weeps.

    From the moment of your birth into matter, you are actively entrained to disconnect from your original intention.  The intention of expressing one very distinct, unique, and pure essence of the One.  To courageously and proudly shine the light of that essence is your purpose and your destiny.  It is only by fulfilling your original intention that humanity will be able to enter into the Enchanted Estate of the One.

    You are not alone, the guardians of this realm seek to lead you back into the Enchanted Estate of the Goddess.  And they have hidden the way in the stars.


  • Starcraft,  The Urania Code

    The Divine Dodecagram

    Urania’s code holds the balance that is the Way of the Goddess in the divine dodecagram.  The dodecagram reduces to three, and three is a magic number.  Three holds all that there is and all that we need to know.  It is representative of and a constant reminder of our origins.  One is the Goddess, two is the God, and three is the well of souls born of their union.  Three is the zero-point field, the force, all that ever was and all that ever will be, the field that all consciousness is born into and originates from.

    • The dodecagram is made of four triangles, that represent the four sacred elements–fire, water, air, and earth.
    • The dodecagram is two hexagrams intertwined.
    • One hexagram consists of Fire and Air.
    • The other hexagram consists of Earth and Water.
    • The four intersecting triangles result in 12 points placed exactly 360 degrees apart to form a perfect circle.
    • The three points of each triangle points to a direction.
    • The first point of each triangle points to a cardinal direction.
    • The second point of each triangle points to a primary intercardinal direction.
    • The third point of each triangle points to a secondary intercardinal direction.

    Sacred Directions

    1. East
    2. South
    3. West
    4. North

    Sacred Elements

    1. Fire
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Earth



  • Starcraft,  The Urania Code

    The Divine Axes


    Your desire to be, born of the emptiness of the Goddess has propelled you onto the path of a great journey.  As with most great journey’s, so to will this journey require a certain amount of specialized gear and equipment.  To acquire these all that is needed is your own awareness of them. The six axes lie exactly 30 degrees apart and when combined, make up the circle of your unique resonance–a very specific, unique, aspect of the the One.  Making the shape of a 36o degree circle, this equipment and gear is designed to be used together and to work together, one building upon the other.  Each axis consists of a starting point and an ending point.  The starting point represents what is needed by you as an individual and the ending point represents what is needed by you as part of the collective.  The starting points generally fall into the bottom half of the circle and the ending points generally fall into the top half of the circle.  Within the circle, each point of the axis is at opposites ends to one another.  Therefore, what we need as individuals is at opposition to what we need as a part of the collective.  The Way of the Goddess is to achieve balance between the two oppositions and live within the center of the circle.  The gear you need is:

    1. Avatar
    2. Power Source
    3. Communication & Navigation System
    4. Security System
    5. Emulation System
    6. Vehicle


  • Keepers of the Keys

    1st Key

    The Key of Sacred Identity

    From the Latin, idem, meaning “the same (as above)” is born the modern English word identity.  In claiming your identity, you claim your sameness with the Divine Union.  Identity is often interpreted as a distinguishing quality which sets us apart from the collective.  This is a half-truth.  Identity is also the part of us that is the “same as above”.  It is a distinct quality of the Divine Union that you desire (or have a sacred need) to express in the material realm.

    The dark ones will do everything in their power to disconnect you from your sacred identity.  Claiming your sacred identity gives you a powerful energetic connection to the God and the Goddess.  When that connection is fragmented or severed, it not only drains your life force, it is also a drain on the Force.  There is no other reason for you to be in this realm.  Without your sacred identity, you will be lost and the Force will be weakened by your absence.

    Courage is required to claim Sacred Identity.  And so it is that we have entrusted the first key to our most courageous warrior, Mars.

  • Asteroids

    Asteroid #769

    Tatiana ~ Tatjana

    I am Tatiana, daughter of Rome.  I was born of noble rank—a position of privilege and wealth.  In those days, the leaders of Rome twisted the legends of the guardians into a vile and despicable cult for their own means.  In this, I could not be a part.  A great gnosis was sweeping across the land.  And so it was that I broke from the traditions of Rome in a quest for knowledge and truth.  It was on this quest that I found Sophia and the truth of my own divinity.  I refused my marital offers and devoted myself body, mind, and soul to the teaching of that gnosis.  This was a great risk in those days of tyranny.  My status within the hierarchy of Rome was a great threat to those who meant to keep the people enslaved.

    It came to pass that Ulpian the jurist arrested me and offered me up to the circus.  But there would be no entertainment in the arena on that fateful day.  For the king of the animal kingdom saw in me the light of truth and integrity and lay at my feet to comfort my beaten body.  Ulpian did eventually see to my end but he had no audience nor glory in doing so.  And so it was that I left the material plane.  But just as Brigid refused to leave her people, I refused to leave my students.

    I am a devoted daughter of Sophia and remain within the spiritual realms of the earth plane to bring comfort, stamina, and focus to the seekers of truth and knowledge.  For it is in this truth and knowledge that the sons and daughters of man will be set free.

    I know your suffering for I have suffered.  I will comfort you in times of trauma and persecution.   I will give you the stamina to endure and the focus to comprehend.  Seek me and your quest will bring forth the fruit of enlightenment.

    The peoples of Russia and Ukraine have embraced me and kept my memory alive, generation after precious generation.  They have made me their patron saint of students.  This act of love and respect has endeared me to their rich culture and hauntingly beautiful lands.

    To invoke my presence bring this culture into your homes and call me to you.  My essence is the oil of the Siberian Fir.  This hardy, majestic spirit never quits giving to those who live in the cold boreal forests.  It sustains and shelters through the long, harsh spell of winter.  Its precious oil brings calm in the face of trauma and sparks a focused and clear mind for the seeker.

    My crystal is Ukrainian beryl which holds the same energy of calming and focus as the Siberian Fir.

    The music reminiscent of Russia and Ukraine is delightful to my ears.  And their art and architecture are delightful to my eyes.  Singularly or combined these things will draw my presence near.

  • Keepers of the Keys,  Starcraft


    Guardian of Inspired Action

    I am Mars. My gift to the sons and daughters of man is the courage to take inspired action–the courage to be first, the courage to enter the unknown, the courage to trust divine inspiration, and the courage to act.  The first step in defeating the geldrbaryn is having the courage to initiate the Sophia Contract by claiming your sacred identity.  This divine contract does not operate within the confines of the false reality that is the geldrbaryn agenda.  To adhere to the contract requires the courage to go beyond the paths imposed upon you.

    The geldrbaryn will vilify me.  They will call me the god of war.  They wage wars and spill the blood of the sons and daughters of man in my name.  They will call me the god of competition, tricking the sons and daughters of man to follow the crooked path of “better than”.  They will call me a malefic within your astrological birth chart, something to be shunned or overcome, for they know without me, the sons and daughters of man will succumb peacefully to their will.

    I am a warrior.  But the only war I wage is on the geldrbaryn.  Sons and daughters of man, be mindful of the energy I impart to you.  It is a mighty and powerful force.  It can be used for the good of Sophia and humanity or it can be used to create division, destruction, and suffering.  Engage the first key and my energy will fuse into your heart center.  Enlighted, inspired action will be yours.  Engage all 13 keys of the box and inspired action becomes an effortless reflex.

    Know your enemy.  Wage your wars on the geldrbaryn and the geldrbaryn alone.