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Guardians of the Garden Series

We are the Guardians, keepers of Sophia’s garden and watchers of humanity.  Know our stories.  Carry them within your hearts and they will lead you to the King’s estate.

“A culture’s mythology is a powerful tool for psychology, casting light on the culture’s shared unconscious. There is no better way to understand a culture deeply than to know and appreciate its mythos, its stories, its dreams. Indeed, many of the symbols in our dreams are universal (Jung’s archetypes), or at least culture-wide, symbols whose meaning is invested in the mythic stories that they inhabit. And there are those who believe that these symbols and these stories are encoded in the very cells of our species’ DNA. ” –David K. Abraham

Oddly enough, all of our known mythologies are stories of unspeakable acts against humanity. We have embraced the belief that we need this extreme contrast to teach us right and wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the belief that we are born evil that keeps us limited and enslaved. If we are to be the change that we want to see in the world, we must change our story.

The Guardians of the Garden series is a beautiful re-writing of the story of human nature and the potential of what we can become. Written with all the magic and enchantment of a Grimm Brothers fairytale without the violence and carnage, these books will entertain all ages.

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