Seeds of dharma blowing on the wind


My intention is to plant the seeds of dharma.  To have those seeds take root and grow with the vigor of the dandelion.  Walk with me and watch the seeds of suffering wither away.  May all your days be enchanted. D.A

Welcome warrior.  I am Dharma Archambault, sky-walker, galactic witch, and warrior of the Way.  As a volunteer in this revolution, the mission I am charged with is the retrieval of the Grim.  Much of my time is spent piecing together, deciphering, and organizing the fragments of this ancient tome.  The fragments are not found in a linear fashion. This tends to pose a bit of a challenge in presenting the material in a logical manner.  Waiting until the Grim is in a completed and polished state, is not an option.


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We are a people out of time.  There are many paths to the shining. The path presented by the Grim is the most direct and expedient.  We need the Grim now.  That being so, I present the Grim, as I find him, one painstaking piece at a time.  Frequently, it may appear out of order, incomplete, and nonsensical to the reader.  I implore you to check back often, as the Grim is in a random state of flux.  What appeared nonsensical one day, can make perfect sense, in light of newly transcribed information.

You may subscribe in order to be made aware of updates in real-time.  Do not worry.  No spam or advertisements will be sent.  The last thing you need is another distraction.  The geldrbaryn have provided us with plenty of those.  Alerts can be deleted upon receipt because they are just that, alerts to remind you of the project,  and a means of providing ease of access.  There is no need to keep them or refer back to them.  I am investigating a self-destruct mode, for these e-mails, in order to free you of the task.


Grim is far from the editing stage.  There are sure to be a few grammatical errors, if not many.  Being that the Grim has a rare cadence and structure to his speech, and the concepts he describes lie somewhere beyond the modern vernacular, I have struggled with adhering to the constraints of grammar.  Due to the urgency of the situation, I hereby resolve to relax the rules of grammar for this project, relying on the comma to convey a pause to the reader, and for clarity in sequences.  Perhaps, in the leisure of a post geldrbaryn world, I will see the Grim, lovingly edited, polished, and bound for posterity, as is his wish.

Tip Jar & Premium Services

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Retrieving the Grim has proven to be a long and tedious task.  The geldrbaryn have been relentless in their barrage of attacks.  Their attempts to destroy this project only serve to strengthen my resolve and commitment.  As with most of the volunteers, they have hit me hardest in the area of finances, resources, and time.  If your cup be full, and you find the work I am doing valuable, a contribution to the tip jar is greatly appreciated.

The year of 2023, I will launch the Outer Rim basic training program for new volunteers, in exchange for a limited-time, monthly fee.  The program is designed to speed the process of the shining as presented by the Grim.  I am also considering offering private astrology services.  My intent, in charging for these services, is to release myself from the constraints of muggle employment.  This is required if I am to be fully invested in this mission.  It is required of us all.  To that end, the material presented here, the Outer Rim basic training, and the private readings, all serve to guide you to the path of liberation, as well.  Very few of us can do the work of our shining while chained to the corporate machine, for the corporate structure does not serve the Force.  Right employment within the corporate machine is reserved for those who have volunteered to infiltrate and restructure these institutions.  If you are interested in the premium services, drop me a line.

The Debt Eaters

Thus far, the geldrbaryn’s most effective tactic against the revolution has been the monopolization of our time combined with debt entrapment.  The two employed together, create a cycle that is nearly impossible to extricate ourselves from.  With each successful counter-spell, I find myself faced with another strike.  I envision the Debt Eaters to change our trajectory to the offensive.  The Debt Eaters mission is to:

  1. Attract wealth to our troops
  2. Protect the wealth of our troops
  3. Employ a balance of high magic and sound fiscal practices to achieve the mission

The Grim, and adherence to Urania’s code, will eradicate the practice of debt altogether.  Until then, may the Debt Eaters prevail.  If you feel called to serve with this unit, notify me of your interest and qualifications.


desert community decorated with brightly colored textiles
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To retrieve the Grim and present him to the world, is not enough.  In order to defeat the geldrbaryn, we must live the wisdom of the Way, together as communities.  The Urania Code shows us that self-sufficiency is not the path to the shining.  We can only obtain our full shining through our commitment to ourselves in conjunction with our commitment to the collective.  Both needs must be served in order to shine.

We can no longer stand in the trenches alone.  We must find each other and unite.  If you are seeking community, contact me.  If you have land for a community, reach out.  If you have built a community and want to join forces, send an invitation.

For you warrior, I am grateful.  We will have victory, and this war will be over when 144,000 human souls rise into their full shining.  May you be one of them. Know the words of the Grim, remember why you came, and shine!  Resurgemus!

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