Here is where I am supposed to tell you how accomplished and credible I am.  Truth be told, I have no fancy diplomas or impressive work history, just a simple Gen Ed Associates Degree for which I had to fight like a lion.  Like so many others, I listened to my elders and toed the line, burying my aspirations, dreams and heart’s desires ’til I could scarcely remember ever having them in the first place.  In November of 2016, I woke up.  The realization hit that everything we have been told about prosperity and success, and sacrifice and selfishness has been a lie.  Toeing the line, doing the selfless “right” thing and pursuing practical pursuits had got me nothing but exhaustion, debilitating pain, and suffocating debt.  And it wasn’t because I hadn’t worked hard or because I hadn’t applied myself.  I have Capricorn on the Midheaven.  No one works harder than Capricorn on the MC.

I’ve been secretly studying astrology my entire life.  It is my nerdy way of unwinding after a hard day’s work. But I could never quite figure out my own chart.  The traditional interpretations resulted in a very negative story for me.  And in fact, the traditional interpretations, up until just the past few years, didn’t even address the aspects in my chart.  I have a very complicated interception containing my sun and three power-house, slow-moving planets.  Those three planets are also retrograde.   It was from me a conundrum.  That fateful day, November 11, 2016, triggered an unfolding of spiritual experiences.  I had a profound series of dreams that revealed a new way of reading my chart.  And it led me to the people who have devoted their lives to studying these complex interceptions.  Armed with this new knowledge, I cast my chart again.   All the long forgotten desires and dreams I had been talked out of in my youth were laid out before me in extreme clarity and detail.  At that waking moment, I promised myself that I would spend the remainder of my days “living” my chart with no regard to the judgment of others.  In short, I committed to my own dharma.

So there you have it.  By no means do I consider myself a writer.  I’m just an awakened witch with a whole lot to say.  As real as my struggles have been, I am also keenly aware that my own suffering has been but a mere shadow of the suffering endured by the overwhelming majority of human souls currently alive on this planet.   My intention is to plant the seeds of dharma and to have those seeds take root and grow with the vigor of the dandelion until there is no longer room for the seeds of suffering to take hold.  May all your days be enchanted.