About Dharma

I am a Starseed witch, dakini,  and a warrior of the light, here as a volunteer to assist the children of Gaia with the Ascension event that is now underway.  My awakening began at the 11:11 portal in 2016.  I love a good story–a good fairy tale.  Even fictional stories can contain great wisdom.  My starseed story is fictional but does contain many of the truths my guides have shared with me.  And that story may change and evolve as I gain more clarity into myself, my origins, and my purpose.

I reside on the majestic headlands of Normandy, with my beloved familiar, Jaime, a beautiful and gracious Persian Senmurv.  My spirit guides are Circe, Bridgid, Minerva, Tara, and Demeter.  I am here to use all the branches of my “Craft”, to assist you on your journey.  I hope the whimsical, fairy-tale nature of this site, transports you from the mundane to the higher realms.  May all your days be enchanted.