Minerva’s Magick – Essential Oils for Ascension

I use essential oils because they make me feel good.  I feel I have an intimate connection with the plant world and love it when they lend themselves to my practice.  For the past 17 years, I have not had the luxury of having health insurance.  Lavender and tea tree oil came to my rescue when I severely scalded a very large portion of my leg.  Tea tree oil has come to my rescue time and time again.  In the past, I bought the highest level of quality I could afford at the time.  My current income levels allow me a bit more flexibility.  So I have been looking to align myself with an essential oil company.

Each company resonates with its own energy based on its own astrological chart.  But we can’t really know the birth time and place of any particular business.  And trying to use science to choose your essential oil company isn’t really going to work either since the industry is not regulated and governed the same way we would see in the medical industry.  I was raised in a multi-level marketing family and the experience was not a good one for me.  So you would think that I would rule out any essential oil companies based on an MLM business model.  However, I did not.  I have learned from experience when the goddesses talk, good things happen.  During these times, I pay attention and take the messages I receive, very, very seriously.  Minerva made her presence known to me the day I was invited to a doTERRA meeting and gave me a big thumbs-up on using this brand.  It will not be the only brand I use because they don’t carry every kind of oil I need.  But, with Minerva’s nudge, I have chosen to align myself with this brand.  I do not advocate that you choose this brand based on my actions.  I recommend going through the decision-making process for yourself and choosing the brand that is right for you.  If you are drawn to doTERRA and want to be a part of my team, I am happy to welcome you. If you want to try out doTERRA products and support this site as well, you may order from my doTERRA store.  If you are already spending $100+ a month on essential oils, you stand to gain the most financially by becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

I use essential oils because they enchant my world.  I love the way they smell and the sense of connection they bring me.  They give me a feeling of connection to the plant kingdom, the spiritual realm, and Venus.  They bring beauty and sensuality to one’s immediate environment.  They enchant our world.  And that is the very best reason to use any product.

If you do choose to use essential oils in your practice, do so simply because it brings you joy.  One needs no other reason.  Choose a brand that works for your specific circumstances.  If one cannot afford the very highest quality, choose a brand you can afford with a grateful heart.  Remember that quality in the world of essential oils is a very hard thing to maintain and control.  Random testing shows that on any given day, quality of a brand can fluctuate greatly.  Inexpensive, rarely advertised brands can test out just as well as the most expensive and widely advertised brand.  Regardless of brand, set your intention when using the oil, communicate with it.  Ask it to bring its best out for you, offer your gratitude and loving kindness in return.  Then have faith in yourself and faith in the oil.  Infusing these positive emotions with willful intent is more powerful than anything in the physical realm.  Do this, and any oil you choose will work for you.

Minerva tells me that essential oils can play a powerful role in the ascension process.  I am so excited about sharing her special blend of magick.  Check back often to see what gifts Minerva and the plant kingdom are offering!

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