Energy Clearing Ritual

This ritual won’t be anything new to anyone with even the most basic training in the craft.  As an empath, I have instinctively been taking saltwater baths since I was a pre-teen.  This seems to be the only thing that really gives me immediate relief after an emotionally draining situation.  I haven’t found any data to support the claim that salt removes negative energy, but it works for me like a charm every time.  And it seems to work for a lot of other people as well.  If you do know of any studies supporting the claim that salt removes negativity, please let me know in the comments section.

I run a hot bath with about ¼ cup of Epsom, sea salt, or whatever specialty salt I have on hand.  I buy salt in bulk, cast an enchantment on it to show my appreciation and to amp up its energy clearing vibe.   Then I put it in pretty containers to have on hand.

I add 3-4 drops of essential oil.  I prefer Elemi because chemically and energetically it is very similar to Frankincense but at a fraction of the cost.  And I love the way it smells.  Of course, I love Frankincense and use it at times.  Traditionally both have been used to clear negative energy, re-calibrate the chakras, and open connections with the spirit realms.  Sandalwood also works well.  You can use any oil you have on hand that speaks to you and lifts your spirit.

I turn off all the lights then light some candles that I have enchanted with energy clearing spells.

I play a chakra balancing meditation.

I focus on totally emptying my mind of negative thoughts and my heart of painful emotions.  This process usually takes me about 20-30 minutes.  But it is all up to you and what you need at the moment.  If it has been an especially difficult week, it might take 2-3 days of repeating before I feel totally cleansed.  To be honest, you can omit this step and still achieve very good results.  If you are emotionally feeling like you just got hit by a Mack truck, it may be all you can do to just pour some salt in a bath and breathe.  The salt will do the trick without the oils, candles, and meditation.  Do what feels good.

I do this the night before I want to practice any kind of spell work, and when I simply need to detox.

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