The Decision Making Process

Navigating Day to Day Decisions in the Way of the Witch

How many times have you made, what appeared to be a most logical and reasonable decision, which resulted in a “sick to your stomach” feeling?  How many times did that “sick to your stomach” feeling result in a positive outcome?  And this is the problem with science.  Science is simply our best guess based on the data we can see and record.  It is not all-knowing.  The heart is linked with Spirit and Spirit is linked with the Force, God, the Zero Point Field, the force of creation, whatever you choose to call it.  This force IS all knowing.  Do I have empirical evidence for this?  No.  Looking back on my own experiences, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, my heart-based decisions have never resulted in a negative outcome, even when they appeared to be quite illogical.  I cannot say the same for the decisions I have made based solely on practical purposes and scientific logic.  Many, many times these decisions have steered me to an unfavorable, inconvenient outcome.  Therefore, I choose to relegate scientific data as a secondary factor in my decision-making process.

But even this practice can steer one wrong, without intimate knowledge of the North Node and how it is operating in your own personal astrological birth chart.  The North Node is unfamiliar territory to our soul.  It is our highest purpose within this incarnation but an area where we have not tread before.  Therefore, it can feel foreign and uncomfortable, especially in the early stages of all life.  And if placed with a stellium, it can be quite uncomfortable even into the later stages of life.  Therefore, in my opinion, it is quite necessary to factor in the North Node to the decision making process.  For instance, my daughter’s North Node is in the sign of Cancer in the fourth house of home and security.  The act of nurturing does not come easy for her.  It is not one of her natural talents, however, it is her highest calling.  When she has taken on nurturing roles, it has not been because it felt good, quite the opposite.  She had to force herself into uncomfortable situations and she did so because she felt “compelled”.  That feeling of being compelled is often linked to North Node energy.  Knowing how the North Node is operating in one’s own chart allows one to discern when an uncomfortable feeling in one’s gut or heart, might actually result in a positive outcome.

~The “Witch’s Way” is to~

1)        Know thyself.  Know your North Node and how it is functioning in your life.

2)        Consider and assess the logical scientific data available.

3)        Take a moment to meditate on these facts.  Breathe.  How does it feel?  Take just a moment to breathe and check-in with your heart center and your gut.  Take a moment to communicate with your higher self and your guides.  When time allows, ask for assistance from your higher self and your guides, if in doubt.

4)        Practice self-love.  Forgive yourself when you get it wrong.

Sometimes we get it wrong.  Some decisions we have ample time to contemplate, reflect, and communicate with our guides.  But sometimes we must make very, very important decisions in the heat of the moment.  Sometimes, we are not able to take even a moment to ground and center ourselves.  I am reminded of my first trip to Paris.  I was taking my teenage daughter on our first ever, real vacation.  We were going to Paris so my daughter could tour a University that she wanted to attend.  The stakes were high.  I had the pressure of making this, our first real vacation, a pleasant and memorable experience.  I did not speak French.  I had never traveled to a foreign country.  I had not flown for many years, so I didn’t even really know what to expect in the US airports, let alone the foreign airports.  We landed in Paris tired, foggy, and completely disoriented from an overnight flight.  It took me literally hours to find my way out of Terminal 1.  Border patrol in Paris operated in an entirely different way than in the United States, so I was basically looking for something that didn’t exist.  And I was too disoriented to understand the instructions I was receiving in broken English from airport personnel.  By this time, it was about 8:00 in the morning.  The hotel in the City Center was not available for check-in until 3:00 that afternoon.  I had booked a hotel in Terminal 2E, to allow us to rest before heading on to Paris.  Not knowing at the time of booking that this hotel is only accessible to those passengers “departing from Terminal 2E”.  Therefore one had to pass through Terminal 2E security, which required a boarding pass for an outbound flight, to even gain access to this hotel.  Something that may have been mentioned on their website, but the website was in French, so I was navigating as best I could with Google Translate.  A major, major flaw in my travel plans.  And anyone traveling to Paris knows, it is quite impossible to get an early check-in without a reservation, even during the off-season.  Therefore, we were stuck.  There was no time to center myself and check-in with my guides.  I was too tired, too disoriented, and feeling too pressured to produce a positive result for my agitated, exhausted daughter.  That day was a bad day.  There is no way to get around it.  If I had it to do over, I would probably do things differently.  But I did the best that I was capable of at that moment.  I didn’t lose my cool and to my surprise, neither did my daughter.  And we did manage to arrive at our Paris hotel safe and sound.  That was pretty much the best that I could hope for on that day.  Despite the very rough start, the remainder of our vacation and the University tour were both a great success.

There is no such thing as perfection in this world.  It is not possible to get it right at all times.  That first day in Paris, I was too tired and disoriented to even be able to make a heart-based decision.  At that moment, I chose self-love, I forgave myself for booking the wrong hotel and I surrendered to being a victim of circumstance, knowing tomorrow would be a new day.  The truth be told, I never did completely center myself during that first stay in Paris.  That trip was firmly rooted in my North Node energy.  Even though I never felt my powerful, witchy self while there, I felt totally empowered upon the completion of the trip.  And during the planning of the trip, while wrought with anxiety, I was “compelled” to move forward with it.  My guides have shown me that the country of France is an integral part of my destiny.  Astrologically speaking, this location is in positive and powerful alignment with my Aries stellium.  My North Node is a part of this stellium, hence making my initial travels to this region a tad more than uncomfortable.

The bottom line,  trust your gut, go with your hearts desires.  If you are feeling a bit uncomfortable, but still feel compelled, that feeling could be your North Node urging you forward to your destiny.  If an action makes you feel sick to your stomach, it’s probably not the direction you want to go.  Knowing your North Node energy will help you to discern whether or not that is the case.

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