Chanting Spells 101

There are various types and styles of spells a witch can use.  I use chanting when I want to change negative habits and behaviors.  I also use chanting when I want to send out a specific stream of energy into the universe on a regular basis.  I might use a chant on my way to work in the morning to build a wall of protection around me, if I know I am going to be exposed to any kind of negativity.  And chanting is a quick effective way to give my vibration a boost.

Consider the spells on this site as a starting point

  • Ultimately you will want to have a grimoire that is for your eyes only and contains spells that you have tailored specifically to you.
I prefer dead languages for spells
  • Using a language your ego mind doesn’t understand, creates instant and effortless detachment, which is crucial for any kind of manifesting.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, therefore, you will find some of my spells written in English.
I chant or sing my spells from my heart center
  • Whatever mode you use for casting spells needs to feel completely comfortable, relaxed, and effortless.  Your spell is going to carry the vibration you are feeling while you are casting it.
  • Engaging the heart supercharges a spell.  The heart contains powerful amounts of cells and neurotransmitters that we once thought were solely delegated to the brain center.  HeartMath Institute is doing amazing research this area if you want to study it further.  
Don't participate in any kind of spell work if your vibration isn't clean!
There is no wrong way to do spell work
  • UNLESS you are performing spell work when your vibration isn’t clean!
If your spell is a chant, practice your spell for 40 days and 40 nights
  •  Just about anywhere in the Bible that you see the number 40, you can replace the number with the words “for as long as it takes”, and the passage will make sense.  There are a lot of different interpretations and meanings to the numbers of the Bible in various religious traditions, but for me, the purest most concise meaning of the number 40 is “for as long as it takes”.
  • Commit to your spell work “for as long as it takes”.  This is a huge gesture of self-love to the Force of the universe, and the Force will respond in a powerful way.  Some spells will only require one session.  Every spring I clean the porch while chanting a spell to keep the insects in the yard and off the porch.  With confidence, one session a season is all it takes to be effective.  But if I am doing major shadow work, and banishing deeply rooted negative behaviors, I might commit to the chant for as long as a year.
If you are part of a coven or have access to a family spellbook that has been passed down through the generations, kudos to you
  • Those spells carry the vibration and collective power of all who practiced them before you.

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