Banishing Blocks

Powerful Manifesting Spell

Many of us are aware of our blocks to manifesting.  The tricky part is getting rid of them.  If we drill down to the core, all of these blocks arise from some kind of self-hate.  All of our fears and anxieties ultimately stem from a feeling of not believing in ourselves and trusting in our own capabilities.  Being in a perpetual state of ungratefulness stems from not being able to connect with our own worth, first.  Excessive pride, elitist feelings of entitlement, and envy are at the root of ungratefulness.  Excessive pride and elitist feelings are the results of an ego out of control.  The only time the ego goes to this extreme is when it feels threatened.  It’s not good enough on its own, it has to show the world that it is “better than” the other.  But the enlightened soul knows there is no “other”.  The one sure fire way to overcome all of these obstacles at once is to bombard your spirit with self-love.  This spell is designed to do just that.

  • Pour yourself a full glass of water.
  • Sit in a comfortable place.
  • Repeat this incantation for as long as is comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Drink the entire glass of water.

you are enchanted

you bring our world to life

you are enchanted

with you my soul takes flight

This is a spell, in which you do want to use your native tongue because you do want a strong sense of attachment with this spell.  The goal is to infuse the water with loving kindness and gratitude.  You want to place the focus and intent on the water, rather than focusing on yourself.  This is a detachment trick.  You are putting the attachment into the water while being completely detached from yourself or any outcome to yourself.  The human body contains roughly 60% water.  Masaru Emoto’s research on water shows us that water is greatly affected by our emotions.  Working with this spell overtime, allows you to replace all of the water within your bodies cells, that is infused with negativity, with water that is infused with positivity, love, and gratitude.  It will completely change the way you feel about yourself.

When I do this spell, I sit in my special rocking chair.  This is a chair that I cast an enchantment on–it is my special manifesting chair.  Then I sing the spell over and over conjuring as much love and gratitude into my heart as possible, keeping that love and gratitude focused on the water itself.

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